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Line Between Tough Love and Child Abuse Essay

Poets and authors deliver tried to define whap for centuries, whereas scientists suck only belatedly started. Many of us recognize intuitively that making love is a major(ip) purpose for living (Blueprint, 2013) that connection is inherent in in all that we do, and without love, we coffin nailnot give-up the ghost as a species. But what is love, and how do we know when were in it? First , lets start off with what love isnt. If somebody asks you to do or asseverate something that isnt in your nature, that isnt lawful love. Smith, 2002) Although love does involve compromises between partners, someone who is in love with you translate never ask you to change who you atomic number 18 in order to be loved. legitimate hunch forward is caring. The ancient Greeks had many an(prenominal) unalike names for different forms of love passion, virtuous, affection for the family, in intrust, and general affection. But no matter how love is defined, they all hold a common trait car ing. (Blueprint, 2013) True Love is attractive. Attraction and chemistry form the bond that allows people to mate.Without this romantic desire for an new(prenominal)(a) individual, a relationship is nothing more than lust or infatuation. True Love is attached. Like the m some otherwise- babe bond, attachment comes after the initial attraction. fixing is the long term love that appears anywhere from one to three historic period into a romantic relationship (sometimes sooner and very r arely after), and youll know youve found it when you can honestly say, (Smith, 2002) Ive seen the worst and the best you have to offer, and I still love you, while your partner feels the same way. True Love is move.When it comes to true love, cargo is more than vertical monogamy. Its the become that your partner cares for you and has your back, no matter what the circumstances. People who are strongly committed to one another will, when faced with seemingly negative information nearly their pa rtner, see only the positive. For ex international amperele, a friend comments that your partner doesnt say a lot. Ah yes, hes the strong, silent sheath, you reply. People with less commitment to their partner would instead say something like, Yeah, I can never have conversation with him.Its annoying. True Love is Intimate. inter-group communication is a of import component of all relationships, regardless of their nature. In order to know another, you request to share parts of yourself. This self-revealing way, when reciprocated, (Teicher, 2000) forms an emotional bond. Over time this bond streng consequentlys and until now evolves, so that two people merge closer and closer together. Intimacy by itself if is a great friendship, but compiled with the other things in this list, it forms an comparison for true love.Within the minimum meetards set by CAPTA, each introduce is responsible for providing its own definitions of electric razor scream and neglect. Most States re cognize quatern major types of maltreatment strong-arm ab manipulation, neglect, sexual cry out, and emotional jest at. Although any of the forms of youngster maltreatment may be found separately, (Blueprint, 2013) they practically occur in combination. In many States, aban shamment and parental substance step are excessively defined as forms of tyke abuse or neglect. The examples provided to a lower place are for general informational purposes only.Not all States definitions will let in all of the examples listed below, and individual States definitions may cover additional situations not mentioned here. Physical abuse is no accidental somatogenic injury (ranging from minor bruises to severe fractures or death) as a result of punching, beating, kicking, biting, shaking, throwing, stabbing, choking, hitting (with a hand, stick, strap, or other object), burning, or otherwise defileing a child, that is inflicted by a parent, primary care provider, or other person who has r esponsibility for the child. Perry, 2002) Such injury is considered abuse regardless of whether the caregiver intended to hurt the child. Physical discipline, such as spanking or paddling, is not considered abuse as long as it is reasonable and causes no bodily injury to the child. omit is the unsuccessful person of a parent, guardian, or other caregiver to provide for a childs basic needs. (Perry, 2002) Neglect may be physical (failure to provide undeniable food or shelter, or lack of appropriate supervision), medical (e. g. failure to provide necessary medical or mental health treatment), educational (e. g. , failure to drill a child or attend to special education needs), or emotional (e. g. , inattention to a childs emotional needs, failure to provide psychological care, or permitting the child to use alcohol or other drugs). These situations do not perpetually mean a child is neglected. Sometimes cultural values, the standards of care in the community, and poverty may be co ntributing factors, indicating the family is in need of information or assistance. Teicher, 2000) When a family fails to use information and resources, and the childs health or safety is at risk, then child welfare intervention may be required. In addition, many States provide an exception to the definition of neglect for parents who choose not to seek medical care for their children due to religious beliefs that may abrogate medical intervention. Sexual abuse includes activities by a parent or caregiver such as fondling a childs genitals, penetration, incest, rape, sodomy, indecent exposure, and exploitation through prostitution or the production of grown materials.Sexual abuse is defined by CAPTA as the employment, use, persuasion, inducement, enticement, or coercion of any child to engage in, or assist any other person to engage in, any sexually explicit conduct or simulation of such conduct for the purpose of producing a visual word picture of such conduct or the rape, and i n cases of caretaker or inter-familial relationships, statutory rape, molestation, prostitution, or other form of sexual exploitation of children, or incest with children. horny abuse (or psychological abuse) is a pattern of behavior that impairs a childs emotional development or sense of self-worth. This may include ageless criticism, threats, or rejection, as well as withholding love, support, or guidance. Emotional abuse is often difficult to prove and, therefore, (Teicher, 2000) child protective function may not be able to intervene without evidence of harm or mental injury to the child. Emotional abuse is al to the highest degree always present when other forms are identify.Abandonment is now defined in many States as a form of neglect. (Perry, 2002) In general, a child is considered to be abandoned when the parents identity or whereabouts are unknown, the child has been left alone in circumstances where the child suffers right harm, or the parent has failed to maintain con tact with the child or provide reasonable support for a specified period of time. Tough love simply means that if your child decides to do anything that can harm him/her or others that you have to love your child enough to take a stand against that behavior.If this means that you have to report your child to the authorities, whether the law or teachers, then you need to do it. It also means that if you find that you need cooperate with your child for whatever reason that you should ask for it. There is nothing dark about having a child who is out of control. It happens to the best of parents. What would be ignominious is not to do anything. The fastest and best way to implement big love techniques with your child is to simply start making them fully responsible for their own actions. (Blueprint, 2013) Dont pay or legal representation, dont bail them out with teachers, and dont interfere in the natural consequences that may happen. Sometimes, you may even need to go promote in t he case of a child putting others in risk via drinking or drugging and driving. Take the car, take the money, take the phone, involve all privileges, and if that doesnt work, you may have to call the police on your child who is practicing illegal behaviors. Dont give multiple warnings and threats. (Teicher, 2000) Teenagers just stop believing you, if you dont back up your talking to with actions.Giving natural consequences a push in the right direction can go far in helping your child, while youre still there for emotional support as long as theyre doing the right thing, can help a child crystallise their life out before they are on their own. Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. While physical abuse might be the most visible, other types of abuse, such as emotional abuse and neglect, also leave deep, lasting scars. The earlier do by children get help, the greater guess they have to heal and break the cyclerather than perpetuate it.By learning about common signs of abuse and what you can do to intervene, you can make a huge difference in a childs life. While physical abuse is shocking due to the scars it leaves, not all child abuse is as obvious. Ignoring childrens needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations, or making a child feel meritless or stupid are also child abuse. Regardless of the type of child abuse, the result is serious emotional harm. An estimated 905,000 children were victims of child abuse or neglect in 2006 (U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008).While physical injuries may or may not be immediately visible, abuse and neglect can have consequences for children, families, and society that last lifetimes, if not generations. The mend of child abuse and neglect is often discussed in terms of physical, psychological, behavioral, and social consequences. In reality, however, it is impossible to separate them completely. Physical consequences, such as disability to a childs growing brain, can have psychological implications such as cognitive delays or emotional difficulties.Psychological problems often manifest as high-risk behaviors. Depression and anxiety, for example, may make a person more likely to smoke, abuse alcohol or unlawful drugs, or overeat. High-risk behaviors, in turn, can principal sum to long-term physical health problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and obesity. This factsheet provides an overview of some of the most common physical, psychological, behavioral, and societal consequences of child abuse and neglect, while acknowledging that much interbreeding among categories exists.The immediate emotional effects of abuse and neglectisolation, fear, and an inability to trustcan translate into lifelong consequences including low self-esteem, depression, and relationship difficulties. (Teicher, 2000) Researchers have identified links between child abuse and neglect and the succeeding(a) In one long-term study, as many as 80 part of young adults who had been abused met the diagnostic criteria for at least one psychiatrical disorder at age 21. These young adults exhibited many problems, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide attempts (Silverman, Reinherz, & Giaconia, 1996).Other psychological and emotional conditions associated with abuse and neglect include panic disorder, dissociative disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and reactive attachment disorder (Teicher, 2000). The national Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being recently found children primed(p) in out-of-home care due to abuse or neglect tended to tot up lower than the general population on measures of cognitive capacity, language development, and donnish achievement (2003). Children who are abused and neglected by caretakers often do not form secure attachments to them.These early attachment difficulties can lead to later difficulties in relationships with other adults as we ll as with peers (Morrison, Frank, Holland, & Kates, 1999). Not all victims of child abuse and neglect will look behavioral consequences however, child abuse and neglect appear to make the following more likely Studies have found abused and neglected children to be at least 25 percent more likely to experience problems such as delinquency, teen pregnancy, low academic achievement, drug use, and mental health problems (Kelley et al. , 1997).A National Institute of Justice study indicated cosmos abused or neglected as a child increase the likelihood of arrest as a juvenile by 59 percent. Abuse and neglect increased the likelihood of adult criminal behavior by 28 percent and violent crime by 30 percent (Widom & Maxfield, 2001). Research consistently reflects an increased likelihood that abused and neglected children will smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, or take adulterous drugs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as many as two-thirds of people in drug treatmen t programs reported cosmos abused as children (2000).

Dominozz Pizza Research Paper Essay

Founded In 1960 by Thomas S. Monaghan in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Ownership In December 1998, investors, including funds managed by Bain Capital Inc. , a leading private equity investment firm, unitedly with direction and others, acquired a 93% s government issue in the companionship, which was formerly owned by founder, Thomas Monaghan and his family. Description half masks pizza pie pie has been dedicate and committed to quality service, product and rake excellence for much than 40 divisions, making it the world loss leader in pizza delivery. eye masks is the largest privately held restaurant chain, and the eighth largest of each(prenominal) restaurant chains in the world. Products half masks pizza pie offers Crunchy Thin archness, Ultimate Deep ravisher and Classic Hand Tossed pizzas with a material body of regional toppings. Side items intromit dominos Bread Sticks, Double Cheesy Bread, CinnaStix and Buffalo Wings. Beverages consist of icy cold Coca-Cola products . Stores dominos pizza pie operates a electronic vane of 6,977 owned and licenced w arehousings in the joined States and 64 international markets.Employees Over 120,000 associates be employed by half masks around the globe, 15,000 of those are corporeal employees, of which 550 work at the worldwide headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. each(prenominal) dominos store employs 15-30 classify- snip and full-time individuals Officers David Brandon, lead and chief executive director officer Jim Stansik, particular(a) dishant to the CEO blight Silverman, chief financial officer and executive vice president, finance/ giving medication Tim Monteith, chief information officerHoyt Jones, executive vice president, flawless execution-franchise stores Patrick Knotts, executive vice president, flawless execution- bodied stores Patrick Doyle, executive vice president, dominos Pizza planetary and acting executive vice president, build the brand mike Soignet, executive vice president , maintain senior high school standards Tim McIntyre, vice president, embodied communication theory Elisa D. Garcia C. , executive vice president and general counsel Patti Wilmot, executive vice president, sight start-off.National Charity In August 1998, half masks Pizza began a coarse-term relationship with Easter Seals, which has capture the corporations first national charity of choice. Through this completelyiance, half masks is dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities and their families. dissemination Through its network of 18 domestic distri only whenion centers, eye masks Pizza Distribution regularly supplies more than 4,600 pizza stores with more than 150 products, ranging from dough to pizza boxes. The number of products offered by DPD continues to expand.Similarly, the ongoing demand for new technology and basic equipment is provided by DPDs Equipment & Supply division, which offers items such as make lines, crew uniforms and ovens as well as mer c kick inise support for national promotional programs. attention Pizza is a $30 billion per year industry. Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U. S. annually through with(predicate) 61,269 pizzerias. Each man, woman and child in America eats an average of 46 slices (23 pounds) of pizza a year. Pepperoni is Americas favorite topping (36% of all pizza fiats) approximately 251,770,000 pounds are consumed each year.Inovations dominos HeatWave calorifacient bags were introduced in 1998. Each heated het bag contains a secure heating mechanism warmed via electricity. Once unplugged, this technology lifes the pizza oven-hot during a normal delivery. The outer material of the bag is do with water-repellent nylon quite a than the vinyl material previously used. Inside the bag is 3M Thinsulate insulation, which eliminates unwanted moisture, retentiveness the pizzas both hot and crisp. To allow eye masks stores to concentrate on making and delivering pizzas, half masks d eveloped a central commissary system.This relieves stores from long hours making dough, grating cheese and preparing toppings. Today, half masks Pizza Distribution provides high quality dough and ingredients nationwide, substantiateing the keep high societys pizza consistently delicious. Other pizza and fast nutrition companies in the U. S have adopted this same system. Fresh and delicious pizza has unceasingly been a priority at dominos Pizza. Dominos was the first to use a fiberglass tray for dough, which simplified dough manipulation and ensured better preservation.Dominos was the innovator behind the sturdy, corrugated pizza box, which keeps moisture from weakening the box, while preventing cheese from sticking to the top during delivery. A delicious, crisp crust is one of the most important parts of the pizza. In search of the perfect crust, Dominos developed the pizza screen, a mesh tray that helps cook pizza crust more evenly than a tray made of wood or stainless stee l. Today its concentrated to miss pizza delivery cars thanks to Dominos Pizza. Dominos invented the 3-D car-top sign, which is currently used by a categorisation of industries, including taxis and driving schools caller-up history.In 1960 Tom Monaghan and brother James purchase DomiNicks, a pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Monaghan borrowed $500 to buy the store. whence in 1961 brother James trades his half of the business to Tom for a Volkswagen Beetle. By 1965 Tom Monaghan is sole owner of alliance, and renames the business Dominos Pizza, Inc. Next Tom opens the first Dominos Pizza franchise store opens in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1967. Then in 1968 the community headquarters and commissary are destroyed by fire, also the first Dominos store outside of Michigan opens in Burlington, Vermont.Then in 1975 Amstar Corp., maker of Domino prize, files a trademark infringement lawsuit against Dominos Pizza and then in 1978 the 200th Dominos pizza store opens. Now it is 1980 and a Federal court rules Dominos Pizza did not infringe on the Domino Sugar trademark and Tom gets to keep his trademark. I n 1983 Dominos first international store opens in Winnipeg, Canada. The 1,000th Dominos store opens. By 1984 ground is broken for new headquarters, Dominos Farms, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Then in 1985 Dominos opens a remarkable 954 units, for a total of 2,841, making Dominos the fastest- suppuration pizza company in the searchry.Then Tom decides he requirements to try something new so in 1989 he decides to introduce the Pan Pizza, the companys first new product. Dominos opens its 5,000th store. In 1990 Dominos Pizza signs its 1,000th franchise. In 1992 Dominos rolls out bread sticks, the companys first national non-pizza menu item. In 1993 the new Crunchy Thin Crust pizza is turn out nation-wide. The Company discontinues the 30-minute guarantee and re-emphasizes the Total felicity Guarantee If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your Dominos Pizza dining get word, we will re-make your pizza or refund your money.In 1994 tom has a big because Buffalo Wings are rolled out in all U. S. stores, the first Dominos opens in Eastern Europe in Warsaw, Poland and the first agreement to develop Dominos Pizza in an African country was signed by Specialized Catering Services, Inc. In 1995 Dominos Pizza International division opens its 1000th store. First store opens on African continent, in Cairo, Egypt. Another big year for the company is 1996 when Dominos launches its network site on the Internet (www. dominos. com). Dominos rolls out flavored crusts, for modified time only promotions, nationally for the first time in company history.The company reaches record gross sales of $2. 8 billion system-wide in 1996. In 1997 Dominos Pizza opened its 1,500th store outside the united States, opening seven stores in 1 day on 5 continents consecutively. Dominos Pizza launched a campaign to update the company logo and store interior with brighter colors and a newer look. In 1998 Dominos launches another industry foot, Dominos HeatWave, a hot bag using patented technology that keeps pizza oven-hot to the customers door. Dominos Pizza opens 6000th store in San Francisco, California in April.Dominos Pizza founder, Tom Monaghan, announces retirement and sells 93% of Company to Bain Capital, Inc. In 1999 David Brandon is named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dominos Pizza. Dominos Pizza announces record results for 1999. Worldwide sales extend $3. 36 billion. Revenues increased 4. 4% over 1998. Now this brings us to the year 2000 where Dominos Pizza International opens its 2000th store outside the United States. Dominos Pizza celebrates 40 years of delivering pizza and innovation to homes around the world.During the past four decades, Dominos has paved the way for businesses involved in food delivery, employing practices that have set the standard in the industry. Dominos Pizza announces record results for 2000. Worldwide sal es exceed $3. 54 billion. Revenues increased 5. 3% over 1999. Mission Statement Since 1960, Dominos Pizza has been committed to providing our customers with the best-tasting, highest-quality pizza, using only the finest ingredients, and delivering it directly to their door. That is what made us the world leader in pizza delivery.We continue to sharpen on our Vision Exceptional People on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. (Dominos) Company Mission Good pizza. Its our mission. And while it may seem worry a simple one, the lengths well undertake to fulfill it are anything but. We hand-stretch our crust for maximum flavor. We pioneered the Dominos HeatWave? bag so our customers pizza is always delivered hot. And we use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. (Dominos) But at Dominos, were not only dedicated to quality service, product and delivery were dedicated to our supply.Nearly all Dominos Pizza franchise owners started out as Dominos store employees. With think vision, toughened work, and at least one years service as store manager, you can have the opportunity to make the jumping into franchising with one of the most innovative and exciting companies in the fast food industry Founded in 1960, Dominos makes and delivers nearly 6 one thousand thousand pizzas a week in over 60 countries around the world. Dominos has more than 6,000 stores (85% of which are owned by franchisees) with 1999 worldwide sales of more than $3.3 billion. As a franchisee, youll have a compulsive influence on people lives and the community you serve. But owning a Dominos Pizza store isnt for everyone. Its a hazard of hard work. It is for the strong, determined individual who understands our mission and k in a flashs what it takes to make it come true. (Dominos) societal Responsibility Dominos Pizza, founded in 1960, is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. Dominos Pizza operates a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the United States and international markets.But Dominos isnt just about delivering its also about giving backside to the community. Dominos Pizza believes that an essential component of its corporate obligation is to provide support to charitable organizations that benefit the communities where our employees and customers work and live. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dominos is committed to supporting initiatives and causes in its hometown while also dynamic in national programs that align with our vision, guiding principles and strategic focus.(Dominos) In February 2001, Dominos Pizza announced an exclusive national partnership with the Make-A-Wish metrical unit. Dominos Pizza has made a corporate decision to make up our philanthropic resources exclusively to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Dominos has made an ongoing dedication to Make-A-Wish to deliver wishes to children with life threatening illnesses and to assist Make-a-Wish with their benevolent volunteer efforts through heightened awareness and direct contributions.The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Make-A-Wish is the largest wish-granting organization in the world, with 81 chapters in the US and 22 international affiliates on five continents. Since its founding in 1980, Make-A-Wish has granted a wish to every qualified child referred more than 83,000 wishes to children around the world. Wishes are granted through private donors and more than 20,000 volunteers worldwide.(Dominos) In addition to being civic-minded, Dominos Pizza is also concerned about its squad members needs. In 1986, Dominos Pizza Partners Foundation was established to assist employees in time of special need or tragedy as a result of natural disasters, unexpected afflictions, on-the- cable accidents, and other emergencies. The Foundations primary support comes from voluntary employee payroll deductions, comp any functions and special events.Since its inception, Dominos Pizza Partners Foundations has helped thousands of Dominos Pizza employees and their families with financial, emotional, intercessor and advisory assistance. (Dominos) Centralization Dominos Pizza has a super centralized when it comes to what the franchises will sell and how they will sell it. All the decisions concerning food products and ingredients and what new products will be offered all come from top management and the stores have to follow this structure rigorously.Now on the other hand when it comes to bringing up of the employees things are quite different. At Dominos Pizza, 85 percent of a non-supervisory employees training occurs on the job and is be by the store manager or franchise owner. Each employee is ingenious to fill most of the shops five jobs, (order taker, pizza maker, oven tender, router and driver), which helps during locomote hours when a crewmember does not appear for work. Performance stan dards are demanding the order taker moldiness answer the call within three rings and take the order within 45 seconds.The pizza maker must(prenominal) make the pizza and place it in the oven within one minute. The oven tender must take one pizza out while putting another I within 5 seconds and cut and box the pizza by the count of 15. Although the bulk of training is on the job far away from corporate headquarters, Dominos corporate training staff maintains some hold over training by providing a variety of training aids. The staff makes available to shop management 14 videotapes on such tasks as delivery, dough management, image, and pizza making. Each shopalso displays corporate-produced training posters with job hints and reminders throughout the work place. Store managers are trained by a six-week operate, typically a six-month MIT program that includes coursework in pizza dough management, people management, cost management, and how to conduct on the job training of hourly em ployees. motorbus trainees progress through five levels of training with higher performance requirements and more responsibilities at each level. On the job training is an important part of the training program.Many franchise owned and all company owned stores send management trainees to the regional training center for classes taught by corporate trainers however management training often is decentralized, with franchise owners conducting the MIT courses themselves. Franchise owners must be certified to conduct the formal courses for their manager trainees. The certification demonstrate requires that the owner complete a Training Dynamics course on how to teach manger trainees observe certified teachers training the MIT series of course and then co-teach the series with a regional trainer, who must approve the franchisees performance.() The quality of training provided by the franchise is enhanced by the owners genuine in store management experience. With all of these different ways of training in the end it is still a decentralized structure. Activities Dominos pizza is having a little problem with their turnover rate, which is now in the vicinity of 300 t0 400 percent with employee but a throne less managers. Therefore managers do all they can do to keep there young employees happy, one of the reasons the turnover rate is so high is because of the age of the average employee is 18 to 21.The culture that surrounds Dominos is a young one with open minds for new ideas it also is one for caring and giving for and to the community. This culture was first started by Tom Monagham in 1960 and is now carried on by CEO David Brandon. Technology has played a major(ip) role in Dominos since the beginning, with help of computers so that your cross can be pulled by just the use of a surround number, the caller id system which is now linked to the computer so take aim is automatically pulled up when you call in and the heatwave bag which allows the pizza to be hot ter when it arrives at your door.All of these things have allowed Dominos to adapt to the times and keep it a strong running company. Also there new ideas on food products and menu items have also allowed them to stay head of the gage making them a top competitor in there market. The force with which Dominos run is remarkable in the aspect of time but if you look at there turnover rate it is something that might need some work, however dealing with people of that age group it is hard to get anyone to commit to delivering pizzas for life.In conclusion Dominos is a company that started in 1960 with a single store and went public and now has stores all over the world. This once little pizza shop is now globose and has met up to all the challenges that face a company when its growing stages. The culture is one that stood the test of time so far and has a great look for the future. With all of this in mind Dominos Pizza is a company that we will see for along time into the future.

A mom before the Prom Essay

Teen maternalism has been gravelly change magnitude in the last few years. Bad media influences (Many programs at TV programs or put forwardual content movies as well as other mediums) crumb be the factors that stripling little girls nowadays are getting a misuse advice that teen motherhood lot a common way to get it on.Partners and friendss bad influence is making them sound off that is right to hit sex at a two-year- sometime(a) sequence and will make them odour more(prenominal) popular. In that regards, this shew by Cristina page is restating the issue that more forms of bad media and wrong mountains influences are available like a shot than ever before and consequently teens girls are much more assailable to a lot of information and these sometimes switch teen girls mind to do something wrong when they think is totally customary and it also has made teen girls to believe that having children at a young age might be beneficial be father they think giving a chil d for adoption might improve their fortune giving them international for millions of dollars , so it undersidet ruin her adolescence as well as but in reality it can really affect them. Personally I can share the view of the author in this essay Teen pregnancy is in reality one of the most difficult experiences a teen girl might ever face when that can interrupt her reproduction or other plans such as getting a break-dance tutorshiper or maintain fathers with them, but most of the time it doesnt work and thats when the situation gets worse.Children usually start without a father figure when their put forwards hurl them at a very young age or sometimes they dont even live with twain parents because they cant take care of them or support them economically. So when this children start to live without a parental guide , they grow adopting a bad behavior and getting the wrong advices from other bad people and turned into criminals , stealers, or other people of bad reputation b ecause they live in a poor ambient without having a parent who can guide and help them to raise their levels of education. Most of the time, when teen moms decide to have a baby, teen girls dont really take care of their babies when they are still formatting inside their body as old mothers and because of their immaturity, sometimes they dont realize the huge damage they cause to their babies if they start smoking and drinking or working so tall(prenominal) because now they need to support themselves economically carrying heavy stuff when they have to rest the most during their pregnancy.Children are tending to born prematurely, with a disease, a mental retardation or even born death. Usually we think that theres not any difference of acquiring the selfsame(prenominal) standards of education or a good life when a pull the leg ofs parents are so young and the others parent are more mature. The children of teen parents can suffer more of aversion at home and at school or disregar d from their parents and grow more with farness or adopt a bad behavior, so that implies that they could not do so well at school, they could get let down grades and repeat their phratryes or drop out from High School without finish their education.This might increase the raise of poverty in families with young parents too and this leads society into decreasing its economy too. I really enjoyed reading this essay because it deals with a controversial issue and restates the causes of why teen pregnancy is bonny a worldwide problem, it must be thought in class so we can share our own viewpoints about it. 10-) I pass on people to consider more this issue because if we want a transgress life for our

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Joint Venture in China

- Topic Joint-Venture chinaw be Wall Panelling Once a extraneous investor is put into the mix, a wealth of legal, administrative or operational violations that a solely-owned Chinese firm may give been able to survive with, lead most likely not be tolerated by the local regimen (Devonshire-Ellise & Hoffman, 2010 Norris, 2011). Therefore an array of legal and stuffual issues may come up for which a external party should be prepared. Some of these are kayoedlined below.Environmentally prosperous Wall Panelling - As the product involved is classed as build materials the comp whatsoever should make note of Austrades guidelines on indus test standards for make materials in chinaware (Austrade, 2012). For this environmentally friendly besiege panelling the GB/T 50378-2006 regulations leave behind apply (GCiS, 2012). The Issue of Stabilisation - protective covering measures should as well as be stipulated through with(predicate) the creation of a Joint-Venture Contract.O ne of the biggest issues may be run aground through the variety in constabularyfulness between china and Australia chinaware having civil law and Australia having parking area law. Therefore in order to bedevil the Joint-Venture contract nurtureed from future changes in the Chinese civil law system a stabilisation clause is highly recommended (Coale, M. T. B, 2001-2002). Types of Joint-Ventures in china What makes the packion of a joint-venture so important is that even though chinas Choice of virtue groomings follow inter guinea pig practices this doesnt apply for Joint-Ventures.The only m a impertinent party indoors a Joint-Venture may have a choice of law is when subsidence battles (Gao, 1989, p. 560 Wei, 2000, p. 40 Sino Foreign Joint-Venture constabulary Article 2). Types of Sino-Foreign Joint-Ventures in mainland China meet to addition 1. Equity Joint-Venture (EJV) An equity Joint-Venture in China takes the form of a limited liability company (JVL Article 4 and Article 2 RICJVL Kluwer virtue worldwide, 2005 Nee, O. D, 1992, 83-101). In this symbol of Joint-Venture two parties contri bute to the registered capital and risks scratch and losses are all taken in regards to the proportion of that contribution.Four elementary attributes (Kluwer Law foreign, 2005 Wei, 2000, p. 74-75) 1. Established in accordance to the law of the Peoples Republic of China. 2. Necessary station or Capital 3. Possesses its own name, social organization and premises 4. Assumes civil liability independently. Cooperative (Contractual) Joint-Venture Creating Chinese legal individual (CJVCJP) Also a limited liability company which assumes responsibilities for the ventures total assets save crumb have a separate internal arrangement on debt liability of each party (Articles 11,12, 14 of RICJVL Wei, 2000, p. 5-76). The structure and status of this type of venture is a sens more flexible than for EJVs, with precise aspects existence able to be defined by contract (Kluwer Law International, 2005 Nee, O. D, 1992, 83-101). It besides has liberty of negotiation of product or profit distribution manner while hushed being a separate legal soul with the parties liability limited to their capital contributions (Article 14 of RICJVL China Business Law Guide, 2005 Cooperative Joint-Venture Law and Cooperative Joint-Venture giveing Law).Cooperative (Contractual) Joint-Venture Not Creating Chinese Juristic soulfulness (CJVWCJP) Does not create a Chinese juristic person (Article 52 of RICJVL) and parties take unlimited liabilities for the debts of the Joint-Venture jointly and severally. All investments are administered in a unified manner and consent is needed for the disposing of a partys investment (Nee, O. D, 1992, 83-101). - It has loose structure, high risk and low degree of check stunned and cooperation (Nee, O. D, 1992 Wei, 2000, p. 176). -As all Chinese JVs are controlled chthonic the P. R. C law (Article 5 of the Foreign sparing Contract Law (FECL) Lewis, 1996, p. 31 Wei, 2000, p. 73), the ability to create their own contractual clauses and have more exemption in the contractual intercourseship is necessary, especially in regards to topics such as sharp property that is why a Contractual Joint-Venture Creating Chinese Juristic Person is the best choice. Also, in relation to management and liability and the toil of manufactured secures this type of Joint-Venture is ideal (China Business Law Guide, 2005 Gomes-Casseres, 1990 Wei, 2000, p. 68). The Issue of apt Property From the 6th China International smart Wall-Building Materials, Equipment and technology show held in Beijing in May 2012, it target be seen that special K building is becoming increasingly popular in China (GCiS, 2012). In fact the 12th Five-Year Plan states that by 2015, at least wiz billion of these should be built with eco-friendly building materials, and by 2020, green buildings forget account for more than 30% of new co nstruction (ACBW, 2012 attachment 6 GCiS, 2012).However, with this novelty in green building rising and a pot more foreign producers developing products and engine room in China so comes the problem of protecting dexterous property. Intellectual property shelter is congenerly new in the Peoples Republic of China but its importance elapses to rise (Wheare, 1998, p. 1) and it is often cited as an issue of concern for foreign parties in China (Ding, 1997 Liesch & McGaughey, 2000, p. 1 Massey, J. , 2006-2007 Vanhonacker & Pan, 1997). Traditionally the concept of protecting intellectual property did not have a fortified hold in Chinese culture (Wei, 2000, p. 9), but Chinas reformation of its national IP system to comply with the international standards set out through the WTOs heap Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) transcription has been a leap for the development of Chinas view in regards to intellectual property (Wheare, 1998, p. 1). However, despite Ch inas accomplishments in IP bulwark and indications it will not become a haven of piracy it hushed considered one of the most risky places to do business (Folsom & Minan, 1989, p. 792 Liesch & McGaughey, 2000 p. 2).This is due to its relative novelty in the Peoples Republic making definite segments of the population have only a rather vague cause of the concept (Cohen et al. , 1996, p. 7). In the P. R. C the problem isnt that they dont have laws regulating IP protection. In fact they have laws for the protection of Patents, Copyright Infringement and Trademarks. However, the problem comes when trying to implement these laws (Yuan, 2004, p. 1) as Chinese civil enforcement procedures make it very difficult to protect high technology overts (Appendix 5 Kennedy and Clark, 2006 Zhang 2010 7).In addition an interesting fact to note is that Peoples court may accept oral designate but in practice they rarely accept or put weight on this type of evidence (Kennedy and Clark, 2006). There fore, when dealing with foreign parties it is important to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for protecting their technology interests (Greguras, 2007, p. 3 Norris, 2011, p. 58 Wheare, 1998, p. 159). If it is assumed this wall decorate company has already patented their product in Australia, under Australias Patent law the patent will last for 20 years (ALRC, 2012).As the product is already being produced in Australia it cant be patented in China. However, as China is part of WTO and is a signee on the TRIPS intellect, in that respectfore they are politically and virtuously bound to recognise the Australian patent (ALRC, 2012 Article 27. 1 of TRIPS Agreement WTO 2012). As the producers in China will need to have the work enjoy-how for the wall paneling, therefore there is risk of intellectual property theft. To try and protect the IP a licence promise for technology graft could be considered.When setting up a technology transfer agreement, the Technology Transfe r Regulations as stipulated in the China Laws for Foreign Business outlines in Article 2 six ways of technology acquisition (Appendix 2 Kluwer Law International, 2005). - If licensing is chosen for the transfer of the patent and its technology in the Joint-Venture the mutual licensing agreement is 10 years. However this is usually permitted to extend to the life of the Joint-Venture (Lewis, 1996, p. 67). The agreement involved will allow the Chinese producers to use the technological know-how with it go to the licensor (the Australian side) once the Joint-Venture is conditioninated. However it must be noted that the worldwide consensus in China is that technology and know-how belong to the licensee at the end of the term and the licensor should not be able to restrict the licensee in its use of this schooling (Jianhua & Williams, 1998, p. 167 Lewis, 1996, p. 167).Therefore despite many ways one can try and protect IP in China, the most important factor is to carry out due dilig ence and make sure that the knowhow has been protected as good as possible. The Issue of dissension Resolution Due to a difference in legal system, cultural values and business practices, China can be seen as a high risk business environment. In the flake of any disputes a comport and understandable dispute colony method and clause should be formed and include in the Joint-Venture contract (Wei, 2000, p. 154).It is crucial for JV parties to specify dispute effect methods, applicable law and venue for resolving disputes (Chan & Suen, 2005). Under the law of the P. R. C, Sino foreign Joint-Ventures are allowed to select applicable law and the venue for the dispute reply in their contractual clause and Chinese law is only an option in this case (Dobkin, 1988, 79-80 FECL 1985 Lewis J. 1996, p. 256 Wei, 2000. p. 156). However Article 25 of the Law on Sino-foreign Cooperative Joint-Ventures (2005) provides that if a dispute arises, the dispute should be in first instance colonized t hrough friendly acknowledgments to the extent possible.If such consultations fail and so the dispute may be settled by arbitrament or be referred to the Peoples Court (Lewis J. 1996, p. 255) Therefore it is recommended that in light of any breaches of contract or party disputes the first step should be negotiation. dialog is not legally binding and can preserve the guanxi between both parties, whilst being the cheapest ADR method (Cheung and Suen, 2002 Dimatteo, 2003 p. 109). Also given the law states that friendly consultation should be the first step it should be the first method tried.However if not successful a relevant arbitration can be included in the contract. The P. R. C has a flexible approach regarding dispute resolution and it can take place in China or afield according to Chinese rules or an international arbitration body (Lewis, 1996, p. 256). However, for this wall paneling company it is still recommended to have the arbitration carried out in China as cost is lo wer and it is more convenient and is enforceable (Dimatteo, 2003, 109). Many parties scared of using mainland Chinese arbitration rules have immovable on arbitrating in Hong Kong.This is a great option for the wall paneling company as Hong Kong has adopted the UNCITRAL model law on arbitration and is considered an international arbitration centre with highly developed infrastructure (Brandt & Tomson, 2012, p. 18 Dobkin, 1988, 79-80 HKIAC, 2004). In addition, Hong Kong will able to give better advice on foreign related matters in English making the process a lot smo another(prenominal) (Lewis, 1996, p. 257 Srivastava, 2002, 197). A possible dispute resolution clause that could be included in the contract can be viewed in Appendix 3. -If Arbitration still has not produced any results litigation can be considered (Wei, 2000, p. 154) but in China it is usually viewed a s a last resort due to possible bias present in the courts and due to court proceeding being very lengthy and pricy a nd its also difficult to find lawyers competent to advise on foreign matters in English. Usually foreign parties will endeavour to hold back their disputes are re resolved without Chinese courts as they are still unconfident because of the inform local protectionism (Bersani, 1994 Chan, 1997) The Issue of Language -Which language should be used in the Joint-Venture contract? When dealing with foreign parties there can sometimes be large language barriers. This problem can often be solved by having a clear language agreement stipulated in the contract. It is common practice to have the contract in both acting languages. Although this can be rather expensive, it may avoid some major problems that could arise in the future (Lewis, 1996, p. 31). The Issue of Termination Chinese parties may be averted to agreeing with the public and formal ending of a Joint-Venture, not wanting to talk over the end before even beginning (Xu, 2008).However, sometimes, as the Chinese verbal expression g oes, the foreign party might find themselves in the same hunch forward as the Chinese but with different dreams. This is why a exit clause is very important. Despite the conventionality of this clause, it is still a rusty area the general practice is that foreign investors buy their way in and then buy their way out if the situation turns bad. Chinese parties have been known to play corporate blackmail with foreign investors as to dummy up potential exit of the foreign party or to hold them credible for all losses (Xu, 2008).A Joint-Venture contract should have a detailed solvent clause which outlines the events allowing parties to terminate their involvement. It should also state the duration of the Joint-Venture. (Dimatteo 2003) Some railway yard for termination are as follows (Lewis, 1996, p. 257) 1. Expiration of the Joint-Venture term 2. inability to continue trading operations due to heavy losses 3. Inability to continue operations due to the failure of one of the con tracting parties to fulfill its contractual obligations 4. Inability to continue operations to heavy losses caused by force majeure or 5.Inability to attain the desired objectives of operations and the lack of future for development. Some other terms that may be included are set out in Appendix 4. *It is proposed that the tenure for this Joint-Venture should be set at an fascinate time so as to avoid the transfer of intellectual property. This time should be before the patent protection runs out and before the licensing agreement runs out. AppendicesAppendix 1 Business Structures in China (Yuwa Wei, 2000, Investing in China. p. 169) Appendix 2 China Business Law Guide 2005 a) The assignment of patent rights b) The assignment of the rights to apply for patents c) The licensing of patent exploitation d) The assignment of technical transcendentals e) The provision of technical services and f) Other forms of transfer of technology. Appendix 3 Dispute Resolution Clause In the event of any dispute arising under this contract, the parties shall first make all necessary efforts to settle the dispute through friendly consultation.If it is impossible to settle the dispute in this way then the matter shall be submitted to arbitration before the Hong Kong International Arbitration eye (Lewis, 1996, P. 255). Appendix 4 Grounds for Termination (Frenkel, 1998) 1. Failure of a instrumentalist to make require capital contribution 2. Failure of a participant to obtain necessary government approvals 3. Failure of the venture to reach a pre-agreed level of profitability 4. Management deadlock 5. Failure of one married person to purchase the shares of another. (Buy-Sell agreement) 6. An adverse and debilitating change in the law 7.Bankruptcy or insolvency of the Joint-Venture. In relation to IP even if there is a clear termination clause and licensing agreement relating to the breach for the use of IP and know how as mentioned before the general consensus in China is that l icensed IP will be able to be used once the license agreement has ended by the licensee. This means that despite efforts to protect IP, there is still a possibility of a breach and this should be tacit as Chinas cultural view is different and they still have a developing legal system in relation to this problem. Appendix 5 Key Issues in Enforcing IP Law (Kennedy, G. group A Clark. D, 2006) The key issues are 1. urbane procedure law puts a strong burden on plaintiffs to prove their case. There are no rules specifically shifting the burden of proof if a plaintiff makes out a prima facie case. This can make it very difficult to prove that a high technology patent has been infringed, or a trade secret has been misappropriated. (Article 125, Contracting Law) 2. There is no discovery in civil proceedings. Parties are only required to submit evidence that assists their case. Without discovery, it can be exceedingly difficult to prove a case. Article 125, Contracting Law) 3. Oral evidenc e is very rarely accepted in civil proceedings (63 and 72 of Civil Procedure Law) oral evidence of misbehaviour by an employee will thus be very hard to use. Appendix 6 pass judgment Growth of China super acid Buildings (MOHURD, GCiS). Reference List 1. Austrade, 2012, Building Materials to China, gettable at . Accessed on 22/10/2012. 2. Australian Business assemblage (ACBW), 2012, China to Boost construction of Green Building. May 7th. purchasable at . Accessed on 23/10/2012. 3. Australian Law Reform electric charge (ALRC), 2012, Duration of Patent Protection, Australian Government. Available at . Accessed on 25/09/2012. 4. 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Chinese Law on Sino-foreign Cooperative Joint-Ventures, 2005. Available at http//www. hecpb. gov. cn/english/news/display. php? id=1. Accessed on 15/10/2012. 10. Chinese Patent Law 1984 as amended on 1 July 2001 and its Implementing Rules. 11. Coale, M. T. B. , 2001-2002, Stabilisation clauses in International fossil oil Transactions. Denver daybook of International Legislation and Polic y, 222. 12. Cohen, M. A. , Bang, A. E. , Mitchell, S.J. ,1999, Chinese Intellectual Property Law and Practice. Kluwer Law International. The Hague, The Netherlands. 13. Dimatteo, L. A, 2003, The Law of International Business Transactions, Thomson Learning. USA. 14. Ding, D. Z. , 1997, Control, conflict and surgical process A study of US Chinese Joint-Ventures. journal of International Marketing, 5(3) 3145. 15. Dobkin, J. A. , 1988, International Technology Joint-Ventures in the Countries of the Pacific Rim, Butterworths, United States. 16. Frenkel, W. 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Tesco Case Analysis

Tests had an In remembering form _or_ system of g everyplacenment that a bargon-ass checkout concern would be opened If there was m re than 1 person waiting In line and they were pi unrivalleders In self service checkout terminal. Tests was give carewise innovative with its store formats. Tests stores ranges in size and service fro m Express, Metro, Superstore, Extra, and Homeless. Tests used consumer purchase selective information to tailor assortments to local customer needs. Tests also increased the amount of non f ar items they stocked to let in a clothing line.The Club card, which offered cash jeopardize rewards and redeemable vouchers, was successful In creating loyalty among Its consumer. Tests proved successful In International operations by throw a fiting Into emerging entries with minimal competition much(prenominal) as those in Eastern Europe and Asia. It AC aired smaller, open up retailers and kept local management in place. They were flexible in their outli ne and acted locally using multiple formats.Tests also leveraged its brand loyalty to expand in other service areas such as flan telecommunications, and grocery delivery. This by partnering or eventually acquiring recognized and trusted brands/organizations. 2. Which success factors are or are not transferable to the US? Transitioning to the United States presented a challenge for Tests considering that t Eire major factor of international success form been the lack of strong competition in the new areas to expand.Clearly not this case, because there were around 35,000 super grocery stores In t and in addition, almost every retailer from drugstores to home improvement centers sold some grocery items. There existed yearning price competition as the U. S. Was over stored, according to some effort analysts, and the average U. S. Supermarket realized an operating proof t of 2% to 3% of sales, presenting a much different landscape from what Tests was transitioning g from in the U. K. Nevertheless, Tests identify an increasing consumer interest in hygienicness, in health informed diet choices and a continuing trend towards on the go consumption, especially limpid in California as a result of greater go commuting times compared to the national average. Tests expectd to avoid the headed head competition for the each week family shop trim with the established grocery trains, a time out it dominated in the U. K. , and rather focus s on targeting an undeserved street corner in the marketplace. 3. Was Tests smart to enter the US market? In California, azimuth and Nevada?Although early analysis led decision makers to believe the US, especially the southwestern United States was a favorable market to enter actual performance leads one to think otherwise. Tests c inducted a great deal of due manufacture prior to entering the US market. They analyzed trends I indicated by market research, sent senior managers to live with Californian families, and conducted d a treat store tour with 200 focus groups. By targeting an undeserved niche in the marketplace ace, Tests hoped to avoid headed head competition for the weekly family shopping trip with established grocery chains.Several other factors demonstrated potential to allow in o marketplace retailing in the US embraced multiple formats (in safekeeping with Tests strategy No national grocery retailer in the US None of the principal supermarket chains (Kroger, Safely, Supernal) commanded more than 15% of US grocery sales Market size $600 billion Possible gap surrounded by convenience stores and supermarkets that might be filled by area markets o Increasing customer interest in thoroughlyness, in health conscious solid food choices, and a Tests specifically looked to the following benefits of California, azimuth and NevadaS Grocery retailing not dominated by any one chain S Lower penetration by Wall Mart than in other US regions S CA rapidly suppuration, ethnically several(a) populat ion of over 35 million, median house hold income well above national average S AZ, NV. Similarly diverse and growing rapidly Despite all of the potential benefits, Tests faced several challenges to include Competition (35,000 supermarkets) Almost every retailer from drugstores to home improvement centers also sold grocer y items (overstated) Intense price competition Economic brush upturn Low average operating profits of 23% of salesPrior attempts by British supermarket chains to expand into the US had proven nuns successful 4. What is the angelic & free value proposition? Is it likely to be appealing in California, Arizona and Nevada? C customers wanted great service, choice, and value (p. 4) offer white, wholesome food at affordable prices (p. 7) strong commitment to being a good neighbor and a great place to work (p. ) emphasis on everyday low pricing rather than weekly specials hoped to leverage disdain operating costs to deliver honest low prices on fresh wholesome food that should be lendable to everyone in a neighborhood market ( Employees from local community, carefully selected to fit Decos culture (p. 7) Nonfood items would account for and 5% of sales (p. 7) ready to dish out approach, whereby many products sent from dispersion center to store packaged, extending product freshness, protecting produce from damage, cutting down on spoilage, requiring less refrigeration, and reducing labor needed to stock shelves (p. ) leverage relationships with collaborators for distri plainlyion (p. 8) this centralized MO del was similar to Walters Smaller stores = easier permitting process winning over existing, vacant drugstores = cheaper than building from scratch New stores built from determine materials = quicker construction, lower overhead, streamlined supply chain Energy cost-effective stores (30% less energy than comparable, traditional stores some stores LED certified) Fresh & light(a) emphasized everyday low pricing rather than weekly speci als and hope d to on fresh wholesome food that should be available to everyone in a neighborhood market. Fresh & easy leveraged relationships with collaborators for distribution to fabricate value e by minimizing costs and emphasize fresh. Their ready to sell approach, whereby prepare caged products went directly from distributors to local stores, promotes that it extended pro duct freshness. The prepackaging protected produce from damage, cut down on spoilage, required less refrigeration, and trim back labor needed to stock shelves. Fresh & Eases appeal in new markets relied on various factors.California offered the rapidly growing, ethnically diverse population of over 35 million with a median house hold income well above the national average. The percentage of Caucasians had fallen to below 45 and 40% of people spoke a language other than English at home. Hispanic Americans accounted for 37% of the population, Seminarians for 12% and African Americans 6%. The populations of A rizona and Nevada were in like manner diverse and growing rapidly. Ethnically diverse pop populations are likely to appreciate Fresh & Eases value propositions.The emphasis on honest 10 w prices and a neighborhood marketappeal to various ethnicities. However, Fresh & Easy built many stores in suburban neighborhoods. The population n in these neighborhoods tend to shop less times per week but spend more at each visit. These habits clash with the Fresh & Easy concept of daily visits to grab a quick and inexpensive vive bite. It may have been a better idea to have targeted urban cities like New York or Chicago w here the populations buying habits are more compatible with Fresh & Eases intended target. 5.

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Desiree’s Baby Analysis Essay Essay

There used to be a time where white people thought having African American telephone line in your family was wrong. It was thought of as a shame to your family or a disgrace to the name. Kate Chopin tells a story close a wife and economize who have a new small fry. Desiree, a white orphan that was choose by the Valmonde family, is enthral guide ab come forth the arrival of her baby boy and her keep up Armand, a strict slave owner is also excited to assure his initiatory born son. However, the family begins to realize that something is mysteriously wrong with the newborn. They begin to card that he is acquiring the traits of an African American and soon the couple bread to narrow down the possibilities of the situation. In the story Desirees Baby, Kate Chopin uses symbol and foreshadowing to portray that there is something eccentric about the baby and creates a mysterious temporary hookup that keeps the audience looking out for these clues.With the use of galore(postnomin al) symbols in her story, Chopin gives the audience insight into the depths of her work. Examples of this symbolism include the stone pillar, La Blanches cabin, and the bonfire. The stone pillar that Desiree was found lying upon by Armand when he had first fallen in love with her(1) was used to show her emaciate background. Armand uses this symbol as a sense of safety because he knows he will be able to use Desirees unknown sightly to blame her for a future failure or to c over up his own mistakes. At the quit of the piece, we find out that the baby is merge and Armand blames Desiree. Neither of them knows who really has African American in their blood exactly he automatically assumes that it is her because no one knows who her real parents are macrocosm that she is adopted.And the way he cries, went on Desiree, is deafening. Armand heard him the other day as far away as La Blanches cabin(2), this is a strange line in the story and makes the endorser question why Armand was i n La Blanches cabin and what he was actually doing spot he was there. This might suppose that Armand is having relations with his slaves. If this is true then it is possible that the quadroon boys are his children because he is white and the mother is black. Oddly enough, the author does non make Desiree recognize Armands words and she never says anything to her husband about itwhich makes it difficult to recognize.There are some foreshadowing examples that help the reader figure out what is going on in the work. One of the first foreshadowing elements is from Madame Volmonde, Desirees orphan mother, This is not the baby she exclaimed, in blow out of the water tones.(1) This hints the reader that something is odd about the child and it also informs them to look out for other information regarding the baby. Madame Valmonde had never removed her eyes from the child. She lifted it and walked with it over to the window that was the lightest(1), the author uses these sentences to sh ow that the babys skin food colour was strange and the family had noticed it.Although they had not quite figured out what was awkward, many things started to change starting when Desiree compared her baby to the quadroon boys. She looked from her child to the boy who stood beside him, and back once again over and over.(3) She then knew that her baby was tangled and Desiree immediately goes to Armand and asks him what it means. It means, he answered lightly, that the child is not white it means that you are not white(3), this indicates that Armand believes she is mixed but she protest against him.In the end of Kate Chopins work Desiree and the baby leave on foot. She did not take the broad, beaten road which led to the far-off plantation of Volmonde. She walked across a deserted field, where the stubble bruised her sensitive feet, so delicately shod, and tore her thin gown to shreds(5), indicates that her and the baby did not make it. With Desiree and the baby already gone, the r eader finds the ending to be juiceless when Armand finds out his mother is Black and this gives a sense of closure to end the piece. Chopin uses the elements of symbolism and foreshadowing to create a more mysterious plot that keeps her readers interested throughout the entirety of the story but also so they can go deeper into the meaning and theme of it as a whole.

The Marketing Environment

1. The changing and uncertain foodstuffing surroundings deep refers the organization. Discuss this statement,explaining what is beggarlyt by the securities indus punctuateing environment and explaining how it might affect merchandiseing plans and activities with an example. The foodstuff Environment The selling environment refers to all of the national and external forces that affect a commercializeers ability to fix, communicate, give back and exchange offerings of value. The factors and forces within the merchandiseing environment can be sort as belonging to the internal environment, the micro-environment, and the macro-environment.The internal environment refers to the organization itself and the factors that argon now fakelable by the organization. The micro-environment comprises the forces and factors at play inside the constancy in which the marketer operates. Micro-environmental factors affect all parties in the exertion, including suppliers, distri entire lyors, clients and competitors. The macro-environment comprises the larger-scale forces that influence non only the industry in which the marketer operates, but all industries. Macro-environmental factors admit political forces, economic forces, sociocultural forces, technological forces and sub judice forces.This macro-environmental frame cogitation has been called the PESTL framework. Micro-environmental and macro-environmental forces ar outside of the organization and, while they can be influenced, they can non be straight off controlled. The internal environment refers to its parts, people and processes. An organization is able to directly control the factors in its internal environment. A thorough appreciation of the internal environment ensures that marketers understand the agreements strengths and weaknesses, which positively and negatively affect the organisations ability to compete in the marketplace.The micro-environment consists of customers, clients, partners, com petitors and other parties that make up the organisations industry. The organization cannot directly control its micro-environment and respond to the reliable and future needs and privations of their scrape market. They must understand how separately of their partners processes work and how their partnerships benefit each party. They must withal understand the risks involved in working with partners and the relative power balance between the organization and each partner.Suppliers be a particularly crucial partner. groceryers must identify, assess, monitor and roll in the hay risks to supplies and risks to the price of supplies. To succeed, marketers must ensure their offerings yield their orchestrate market with great value than their competitors offerings. Thus, marketers seek to understand their competitors marketing mix, sales volumes, sales trends, market sh be, staffing, sales per employee and employment trends. Marketers should analyse append budget competition, g eneric competition, increase competition and brand competition.The macro-environment encompasses uncontrollable factors outside of the industry political, economic, sociocultural, technological and legal forces. Political forces describe the influence of politics on marketing decisions. scotch forces affect how much money people and organizations can spend and how they guide to spend it. Sociocultural forces affect peoples attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, preferences, customs and lifestyles. scientific forces are those arising from the search for a break away way to do things.Technology changes the expectations and behaviors of customers and clients as well as how organisations work with their partners and within society. Laws and regulations are closely fix to politics and establish the rules under which organizations must conduct their activities. The most momentous laws and regulations for marketers are related to privacy, fair trading, consumer safety, prices, contract term s and intellectual property. selling metrics are used to measure current performance and the outcomes of ult activities. A SWOT analysis is used to identify strengths, weaknesses, opport unit of measurementies and threats.The example Wenzhou position 2004? 9? 17? , ,? 400 , , 800 September 17, 2004, European habilitates the eastern t proclaim of Elche, Spain, China Shoes City, about 400 Spaniards ga in that locationd unkn take street, destroyed a bus carrying Wenzhou habilitate container truck and a Wenzhou shoe warehouse, causing about 800 cardinal yuan of economic losses. This is the first always Spanish Chinese championship interests of serious violations of the violence. , ,? 2001 , ,In fact, data show that since 2001, Wenzhou situation incident overseas every year by resistance occurred, and there is an upward trend 2001? 8 2002? 1? , , August 2001 to January 2002, Russia had seized the incident occurred once, Wenzhou garment involved. , 3 , The longest that th e goods seized, the whole Zhejiang loss of about 3 meg yuan loss of individual opening moves million yuan or much. 2003 ,20 , The winter of 2003, more than 20 proceedss of Wenzhou footwear shoe was burned in Rome, Italy, the particularised loss is unknown. 004? 1? 8? , , January 8, 2004, the Nigerian Government issued list of forbidden imports, Wenzhou shoes one of them. 2004? 2? 12? , , 3000 February 12, 2004, the Russian Ministry of Internal affairs sent a large follow of police raids in Moscow, Aimila huge market goods, Chinese melodic linemen, including China, Wenzhou shoe manufacturers, including business loss of about $ 30,000,000 this , 2001 40%, 30%, 4. 6Relevant data and background information, Wenzhou shoe fruition for merchandise as early as in 2001, jumped 40%, close to 30% of total output, only from Wenzhou Customs exit of shoes to the value of $ 460,000,000. 10 ,? ? ? , , Wenzhou go on 10 in several shoe factories to produce shoes for exportation oriented, such(prenominal) as the East Art, Tema, etc. , including Tema, including several of Wenzhou shoe factory, and also Wal-Mart signed production agreement for the global retail industry hegemony of mass production for supermarkets sell cheap shoes. , , , 10 30 , 10 From the product level , at present, most of Chinas export of footwear is unruffled the middle and low variety, low prices, generally 10 dollars to 30 dollars, many even less than 10 dollars. 9 5 ? Took place in September this year, Spains burning shoes incident was burned average unit price of the shoes only 5 euros. , ( OEM ) Exports of high-end shoes and own-brand share are very small, and exports more products to OEM manner. ? , , , , , For example, most of the production of footwear sales in the U. S. low-end shoe store, while in the United States, the high-end shoe store also can procure the Chinese shoes of the shadow, but the price was overturn than Italy, Spain, Brazil and other countries produc ts, and all Chinese-made shoes are not their own brands, trademarks and brands are using overseas. ,Some of the same grade shoe prices in irrelevant markets and products to be scorn than the country of origin, and some even lower than Vietnam, and Thailands exports. , , , , 10 2200? , View from the export first steps, private enterprises accounted for most see from the export area, principally in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Fujian Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan and other regions, and has established a number of shoe manufacturing small from the export scale , the current export value of 10 million U.S. dollars more than 2,200 enterprises, accounting for nearly half of the total number of export enterprises. , , ? , , The Spanish case, we need to think about the brand. We do not generate world-renowned brand, which is the international competition of Chinese shoes in the greatest difficulty. administrator vice president of Cornell, said Zhou Jinmiao int erview.Members of Light Industry aftermath and Export Corporation Wenzhou Foreign Trade Wai seems to know China better than anyone in the international market brand shoes difficult. BATA , , 100 , long-familiar supermarket chains in Europe BATA , there are a destiny of shoes from around the world, but I never found more than 100 euros over Chinese shoes. Chinese shoe brands in the world, not only to low-end shoes to compete. Spain burning low-end shoes is the result of competition. 2. Describe in detail the five marketing perplexity orientation. Discuss the marketers argument for why an organization should embrace the market orientation. Marketing circumspection Orientation The Marketing Orientation and the Marketing Concept. An organization with a market orientation focuses its trends on 1)continuously collecting information about customers needs and competitors capabilities, 2) sharing this information across departments, and 3) using the information to create customer val ue.The market orientation simply defines an organization that understands the importance of customer needs, makes an endeavour to turn in products of high value to its customers, and markets its products and services in a coordinated holistic program across all departments. In what we call the Marketing Concept, the beau monde embraces a philosophy that the Customer is King. The Marketing Concept is an attitude. Its a philosophy that is driven down throughout the organization from the very top of the management structure. The Marketing Concept communicates that the customer is king. Everything that the go with does focuses on the customer. Via the Marketing Concept, a company makes every effort to best understand the wants and needs of its cigaret market and to create want-satisfying goods that best fulfill the needs of that target market and to do this better than the competition. It wasnt always that way. There were other orientations that companies embraced over the years. The action Concept has been around for years. That concept simply suggests that customers prefer inexpensive products that are readily available. In effect, if we make it, they will come. The Product Concept suggests that companies that ramp up the better mou heaprap will gain favor. The thinking here is that customers want products that have higher quality, that offer better performance or do something unique. The Selling Concept proceeded the Marketing Concept. From the 1920s until the 1950s, most firms had a sales orientation. aspiration had grown, and there was a need to pursue the scarce customer. Sales could mean everything from sales people to advertising to public relations, but little effort was made to coordinate any overall marketing function.What we often apothegm in the Selling Concept was the hard sell and the belief that consumers wouldnt procure unless they were sold. The Holistic Marketing Concept that is embraced in the 21st century results in companies looki ng at their overall marketing efforts. This includes how their marketing affects society, as a whole. Marketing is also done internally within the company. Without customers, a company will quickly flounder thus the importance of the relationship. Holistic marketing looks at the connectivity of the company, its people, its customers, and the society in which it operates.The Societal Marketing Concept focuses on. Market positioning in the 70s of last century by the American Marketing experts Iris and Jack Trouts, its meaning is an enterprise based on alive products on the market competitors, the location of the products for a customer These characteristics or attributes of the emphasis, create unique products for the enterprise, giving the impression of a distinctive image, and to pass such a vivid image to the customer, so that the products in the market to fix the appropriate location. Market positioning of a product itself is not what you do, but you do the eyes of potential co nsumers.The essence of market orientation to the enterprise and other enterprises strictly separated, so that customers clearly feel and recognize the difference, which the customer occupies a special place in mind. Another argument is the product positioning, target market positioning, competitive positioning. Market positioning is the key enterprises should try to find their products more competitive than the competitions features. Competitive proceeds is generally devil basic types one is price competitive, that is, under the same conditions set lower prices than the competition. This requires companies to take all efforts to reduce unit costs.Second, competitive preference, which can provide certain features to meet customer specific preferences. This requires companies to take every effort to work on the product features. Therefore, the whole process of the enterprise market positioning can be accomplished through three locomote 1) Analysis of the status of the target market to confirm the potential of this business a competitive advantage 2) The exact choice of competitive advantage, the sign positioning of the target market Competitive advantage that the ability of companies to pass by its competitors.This capability can be either existing, may also be potential. Select a competitive advantage is actually a business and competitor strength compared to all aspects of the process. Indicators should be a relatively finish up system, the only way to accurately select the relative competitive advantage. The prevalent method is to analyze, compare companies and competitors in business management, technology development, procurement, production, marketing, finance, and what kinds of products is the strength of septenary areas, which are weak.To select the most suitable for the business advantages of the project, initially set to target enterprise market position. 3) Shows a distinct competitive advantage and re-positioning The main task of this step is the enterprise through a serial publication of publicity and promotion activities, the competitive advantage of its unique and accurate conversation to potential customers and impress in the minds of customers. To this end, companies should first understand the target customer, know, know, identity, bask and preference of the companys market position, established in the minds of customers is consistent with the positioning of the image.Second, companies target customers through a variety of efforts to strengthen the image and maintain understanding of target customers, target customers attitude stability and deepening the feelings of the target customers to unify in line with the markets image. Finally, enterprises should pay attention to the target customers understand their market position or because of deviations propaganda enterprise market positioning errors caused by target customers fuzzy, chaos and misunderstanding, and promptly correct the inconsistencies in the image an d market positioning.Companys products in the market positioning even if it is appropriate, but in the following circumstances, should gestate re-positioning (1) Introduction of new competitors, product positioning in the vicinity of the enterprise products, enterprise products occupied part of the market, so that the decline in market share of enterprise products. 2) Consumer needs or preferences change, so that the enterprise product sales plummeted. To bar the strong positioning strategy trying to avoid is the most powerful business or other enterprise directly place a strong competition, while positioning their products in another(prenominal) market area, to make their products with certain characteristics or attributes the strongest or strong opponents are more significant differences.Head-positioning strategy is an enterprise based on its own strength, to occupy a better market position, at the market on the dominant, most powerful or compete head-strong competitors, leaving their own and compete products into the the same market position. Looking for new but not thus far occupied the position of the potential market demand to fill vacancies on the market, production market, not, with some characteristics of products. Such as Japans Sony Corporation Sony Walkman and a number of new

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Learning Team Assignment Production Essay

Business worldwide Business1. acquirement Team subsidisation intersection Plan for Riordan Manufacturing import a report card of at least 1,050 words discussing strategic cogency planning and feed production for the brisk serve design and add up chain process for the electric fans at Riordan. Format your paper unchanging with APA guidelines. whatever fiscal assistance package pays for your first- form year should not be position and then forgotten. Revisit your opportunities every semester. Picking up work-study va enkindlecies, irregular jobs on campus and beginting department scholarships can all supersede loans to slash your post-graduation obligations. Never take out a loan your first year and then run it out all through college if you can get better money.This file OPS 571 Learning Team Assignment business Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Part 4 4 includes overview of the following partsProduction Plan for Riordan ManufacturingNew Process DesignLean Production allow Chain ProcessConclusionBusiness General Business1. Learning Team Assignment Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Write a paper of at least 1,050 words discussing strategic capacity planning and lean production for the new process design and supply chain process for the electric fans at Riordan. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Whatever financial assistance package pays for your first year should not be set and then forgotten. Revisit your opportunities every semester. Picking up work-study vacancies, part-time jobs on campus and getting deparA+ tutorial you will find here https// financial assistance package pays for your first year should not be set and then forgotten. Revisit your opportunities every semester. Picking up work-study vacancies, part-time jobs on campus and getting department scholarships can all replace loans to reduce your post-graduation obligations. Never take out a loan your first year and then run it out all through college if you can get better money. Business General Business1. Learning Team Assignment Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Write a paper of at least 1,050 words discussing strategic capacity planning and lean production for the new process design and supply chain process for the electric fans at Riordan. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Coca-Cola Company

Strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next year or much than, how its going to get thither and how itll know if it got there or not. The focus of a strategic plan is unremarkably on the entire organization, while the focus of a billet plan is usu each(prenominal)y on a particular product, help or program. There atomic number 18 a variety of perspectives, models and approaches used in strategic planning. The way that a strategic plan is developed depends on the nature of the organizations courseership, culture of the organization, complexity of the organizations environment, size of the organization and expertise of planners.Coca-Cola Company My establishment is Coca-Cola and my organisation book strategic plans by their mission statement To refresh the world in mind, body and spirit, To inspire moments of optimism through our brands and actions, To create value and make a difference everywhere we engage, their value statement Our shared set that we are guided by are Leadership, Passion, Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation and Quality, their nominates and objectives The aim and objective of Coca-Cola Enterprises is to be the best beverage sales and customer assistance company.To them best means being the number one or second brand in every category in which they compete, being their customers or so valued supplier and establishing a winning and inclusive culture collective values and aims meeting stakeholders expectations. Their organisational body organise ensures that all the mickle of the same skills are grouped together the main advantage of this type of management is that it allows the members of the squad to share any information more freely a muff boundaries which would otherwise have existed.This type of organisational structure is called a matrix structure and it earlier helps Coca Cola company to achieve their aims and objectives because theyre able to cross section information from different departments of the company, so for example if theyre not selling their beverages so well then they can communicate with the managers to each take them off stock or reduce the price for a bit whilst more customers are attracted to it. This can be attained by their structure.Today, the capable organisation recognises that its own future well-being is, to a sure extent, dependent on the well-being of the communities inside which it operates at a local, field of study and global level. It is important that investments which take place in the community, in basis of education, the environment, training, art and cultural institutions and many other causes are carefully fancy through through unwrap the company. Decisions related to corporate citizenship are rather more difficult than the traditional business decisions which managers are used to making.Clear aims and objectives deficiency to be established which fit well with an organisations corporate values and aims. The intelligent organisation today takes these issues seriously and seeks to design careful, flexible, comprehensive strategies to guide their decisions. Organisations such(prenominal) as The Coca-Cola Company therefore have established strategies for corporate citizenship. Coca-Colas system recognises that the well-being of communities is inextricably linked to the well-being of the business environment.A healthful business temper cannot co-exist for long with an ailing social environment. Strengthening some(prenominal) is therefore a goal for Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is planning to increase international dissemination and target international consumers with Japanese customers by maintaining a consistent outline overseas, this structure helps the business to achieve their overall purpose and aims by making them more popular throughout more countries and promote them. This then makes more people aware of them and so a lot of their products are interchange out more recently.Their organisational structure also helps them to achieve their purpose and aims as the structure allows all the employees to communicate with each other and so allows them to take out with more ideas as a whole group. Marks and Spencers company Marks and Spencers is my other organisation and the structure of the organisation and the strategic planning helps each business including the Marks and Spencers business organisations achieve their overall purpose and aims. There are many ship canal in which the business organisations do to accomplish this their vision statement- Our Vision To be the standard against which all others are measured.Their mission statement- Our Mission To make aspirational bore accessible to all. Their values statement- Our Values Quality, value, service, innovation and trust. Whether were working at home or abroad, within our own stores or in alliance with our franchisees, our Vision, Mission and Values remain the same. Ensuring we meet our customers needs with a ppealing, superior tint products at attractive prices and their aims and objectives- Our aims and objectives To make money for the shareholders, and ameliorate lucre margins wherever possible.They do this by- Designing appealing products for its customers, innovating products and selling at prices that their customers are prepared to pay. The organisational structure for Marks and Spencers displays the hierarchy design, which shows how the people included rank from most important to least important. This type of structure is a functional structure and is useful for relatively large companies. Employees within the functional structure are differentiated to perform a vary set of tasks.This helps Marks and Spencers to achieve their aims and objectives as for instance the marketing department would only be staffed with marketers responsible for the marketing of the Masks and Spencers products. The structure also helps this company to achieve its aims and objectives because as a ro ot it does end up making money for the shareholders and can improve profit margins wherever possible by knowing whos in iron heel of who, and who are the most important people for the job, which can make the decisions if essential to either reduce stock or raise stock as theyd be experienced.They have a commitment called excogitation A which is all about environmental issues within the business. Things like, not sending waste to landfill and trim carbon emissions. Although this is a good thing, it is mainly to improve its image and again, shape up people to shop with them. We launched Plan A in January 2007, setting out 100 commitments to achieve in 5 years. Weve now extended Plan A to 180 commitments to achieve by 2015, with the ultimate goal of sightly the worlds most sustainable major retailer.This is Marks and Spencers strategic planning and they get out achieve this by working with their customers and suppliers to combat climate change, reduce waste, use sustainable raw materials, trade ethically, and help their customers to lead healthier lifestyles Marks and Spencers are currently providing their customers with food and material services and they are aiming to continue investing in and grow with providing service to their retail business. They are now introducing new clothing items for all ages and gender.This will help them meet their long term objective of growing and canvass within the UK retails. The cascading of goals and objectives should be motiving the entire workforce. The employees have to work together to implement the strategy and objectives and this also includes supporting organisations and to achieve a greater cascading of goals and objectives the organisations mustiness try to enforce balance among its customer relationship, financial aspect and having dampen objectives to focus on the growth outlook.

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Costs and Contract Terms Essay

Executive unofficialOver the span of 168 simulated old age, team Honeybadgers managed the Littlefield Technologies job shop. The teams objective was to maximize the firms gold position relation back to the rest of the class. Using 50 days of historical data, the team reviewed re-order points, re-order quantity, might, mode pass judgment clock times, and therefore wad terms. The team also weighed the be of new works against dandy for inventory and interest rates, evaluating the return on investment and the impact a new machine had on break times. Using this consideration set, team Honeybadgers bribed one tuning machine, one stuffing machine, and changed the contract terms on ten occasions. Ultimately, the team placed 5th.Actions & AnalysisChanging Contract termA 7 day stretch forth time generated higher(prenominal) revenue enhancement than the other contract terms during the runner 50 days. However, we observed that there was a stretch of 5-8 days when the superstar time was be misfortunate a 1 day lead time during the first 50 days. Evaluating the first 50 days more closely revealed that approximately every 15-20 days, the lead time dropped substantially. nonicing a pattern, and aware that a different contract time could generate more revenue, we decided to micromanage the contracts to optimize revenue. For the duration of trick, we adjust contract according to the tr discontinueing lead time. In times of high demand, when a lead time was more than 18 hours, we opted not to use contract 3 because of the terms of each order (avg. job cost+ edict cost = $608.33) Micromanaging the contracts according to lead times was a temporary solution. This strategy allowed us to optimize revenue when we did not catch the keen to purchase a machine.Purchasing set and Stuffing MachinesWe originally valued to purchase twain(prenominal) a tuning and stuffing machine because both stations had dogged stretches when energy was maxed out. However, withou t sufficient capital, we had to ration purchases. The tuning machine was at capacity more often. At one point the machine was at capacity for 18 days in a row. Purchasing the tuning machine eliminated a bottleneck at that station, which allowed us to produce more DSS products. Although the Tuning machine was prioritized, the bottleneck at the Stuffing machine was nearly as problematic as the Tuning stations. The Stuffing machine was at capacity for 15 days in a row.After purchasing the Stuffing machine, bottleneck shifted again, and we were able to produce more DSS products. We did not purchase a third machine because it was unclear whether the revenue earned would beginning the cost of the machine. The lead time was hovering around a day when we had the capital to make the purchase, and we did not believe the additional machine would improve our lead time enough to justify a purchase. In retrospect both machines should have been purchased preliminary. We will evaluate the benef its of this approach in the Risks and Evaluations section.Choosing Not to scoopWhen we became eligible to take out a loan, we decided to forego the resource because we did not need to borrow. Our cash standing was relatively high throughout the simulation because micromanaging contract terms proved jolly effective. Another obstructor was the grossly high interest rate. A 20% interest rate mitigated any added benefit gained from taking out a loan.Choosing Not to change re-order pointRe-ordering kits was a sizeable fixed cost, but we did not adjust the re-order point / order quantity because demand variability was fairly high. We were aware there was an opportunity cost associated with guardianship in any case overmuch inventory because we could have earned interest revenue from the cash fagged on inventory. However, we kept the order amounts Q high because (1)we want to save ordering cost and (2) we were not concerned with having too much inventory on hand when there was no di rect cost (such as warehousing) associated with holding inventory.Inventory Strategy Final HoursDuring the last 12 simulation days we considered developing a plan to denigrate our inventory at the end of the simulation. However, we were not sure how to calculate this, and the costs associated with running of inventory was too high to risk making a mistake.ResultsThe Honeybadgers team finished the Littlefield simulation in fifth place, posting $1,511,424 in cash. The teams final examination cash position was $104,192 below the first place team, earning 93.5% of their total revenue.Risks and EvaluationsAt the beginning of the simulation, we wanted to maintain a high R and Q because we wanted to avoid high ordering costs. While we considered keeping inventory low to save money for a new machine, we were not sure the meliorate lead time could offset the cost of machines. However, in hindsight we realized that we could have managed R and Q better early in the simulation, so as to mini mize the amount of excess raw inventory. We now know that we could have adjusted R according to the variability of demand, holding that the more demand fluctuates the higher R is and vice versa.We believe that this tactic could have allowed us to pull in enough cash to purchase machines earlier, possibly as early as day 80 or 90. Purchasing a machine earlier could have improved lead times, allowing us to switch to contract 3 earlier so as to generate more revenue. We should have balance between ordering costs during the last 100 days and the cost of having excessive or unnecessary inventory aft(prenominal) last day. In the last day we still had approximately $80k of inventory, which held no value after demand ceased. Managing inventory better would have given more cash on hand.