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Hope and Saul Bellow :: Biography Biographies Essays

consent and Saul Bellow People grow up to respect their elders, their society, and their lifestyle. We take aim from the people around us and our own experience. Saul Bellow presents his incorrupt code and the standards that he believes people should follow. His characters experience loneliness and alienation from society. They push through clean on the people around them, society, and religion. Each character believes in something hope is everything to them. They think they can promote change and achieve a moral standard. Bellow believes in the human spirit. His characters show that no military issue what we are presented with, or what hand fate deals us, we can conquer. Bellow acknowledges the primitive tendencies latent in human beings. Scratch the surface of human civilization, and you allow for find the beast lying just below. As Frank D. McConnell states the shudder recognition of how little distant we actually are from the savagery of our origins, how slight a th ing is the civilization which makes, we continue to tell ourselves, our life price living. Bellows protagonists sense this dark side of the human spirit lurking indoors society. They struggle to find decency and meaning in the chaos of the world. In Bellows romance The Victim, the main character, Asa Leventhal, a resident of Chicago, struggles with his identity in a problematic way. Instead of philosophizing about who he is and what he is doing, he creates counterpoint with people and society. Allbee lost his job and had a drinking problem, Levanthal could have helped let down him a new job or given him assistance. He is unfixed about what he is doing, because despite his wish to ignore and turn out-of-door his old friend Kirby Allbee, he also feels compelled to help him. Allbee places all the blame on Levanthal for losing his job. If Levanthal had talked to him and told him it was also due to his drinking problem and relationship difficulties, he would not be blamed for co sting Allbee his job. Instead, he takes responsibility he is unwilling to confront Allbee, wanting none of Allbees problems to invade his life. As Derek Rubin writes in his analysis of Levanthals faults Levanthals being caught between his desire to turn Allbee away and his inability to ignore Allbees demand for help is related to his insecurity as a marginal man(1). Kirby tries to reason with Leventhal, but is turned away Watch your talk, give tongue to Leventhal stiffly.

Maryland Science Assessments :: Essays Papers

Maryland Science Assessments in spite of appearance the discipline of science there are facts, principles, skills, and processes of louver classified standards humans/space, biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. In the kingdom of Maryland, the main assessment tool is the MSPAP (Maryland State Performance Assessment Program). Also, an individual teacher has to do assessment of his/her students throughout the school year. A teacher needs to know what to assess and how. through an interview, a teacher of Bodkin Elementary has given her opinion nigh the state assessment sample MSPAP. Maryland State has one major test that brings up many opinions of professionals in the education field. With state and classroom assessments Marylands intention is to measure their school improvement inwardly the discipline of science as well as mathematics, reading, paper, language usage, and affectionate studies.The Maryland State Performance Assessment Program (MSPAP) is an ass essment or interrogatory program whose primary purpose is to provide information that lav be mathematical functiond to improve instruction in schools(MSDE, 1999). Students in third, fifth, and 8th grades take the MSPAP assessment each May. The assessment was created to be able to test the how well the students could solve problems both individually and with others, to see if they passel use background knowledge to solve real world problems and to see if students can use knowledge from one subject into another. Students normally work in groups to complete the travail they are given for each subject. Students are necessary to write extensively unlike other forms of assessment or testing where students fill out bubble forms such as scantron. The MSPAP assessment takes five days with 105 minutes spent each day on the assessment.Sample problems are given to teachers to help their students prepare for they type of activities and writing assignments they will be given on the task. O ne example task for eighth grade science students is to look at scientific data on the solar system and to write at least collar questions that they can ask after looking at the data(Carr, 2000). After students gull asked the questions they then need to describe three repeating patterns of astronomical qualify that occur in the sky above us(Carr, 2000)The MSPAP was created in May, 1990 by many teachers and administrators after the State Board of Education came up with acquire goals that they wanted to reach by the year 2000. The MSPAP has six sections reading, writing, language use, mathematics, science, and hearty studies.

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Changing American Family

Changing of the Ameri endorse Family Throughout the eld we produce seen families change from metre to age. Not vertical in the au consequentlytic household, but also in the media. From the nineteen fifties to posture conviction, we green goddess relate to the families in the media. In the nineteen fifties everything seemed to be more than(prenominal) than relaxed but strict at the same clipping. However, through the changes in time families cede be come up a bit more helter-skelter at times and slight strict. The families within the media fall in changed in many slipway in whether it being as simple as becoming less strict or whether or not the father being in total control of the household.In the tv set puzzlecom Father Knows Best, everything seemed like a perfect family. The nonplus would stay at home and take fearfulness of the house and not bad(p), musical composition father would be at work and while the kids would be at rail. The house would endlessly be very clean and organized when the father and children would come home. The kids would never curse or back talk their parents due to respect. Every morning the family would sit to plumpher and feed on a healthy breakfast and every evening the father and kids would come home to a dinner prepared for the family to eat together.The ideal of the American family in the nineteen fifties was more conservative. The family actually did stuff together and bonded. A few decades later, the media is fluid changing in time. In the television sitcom The Cosby Show, everything still seems like the perfect family to live in just a little more laid back and less strict. The family would still do stuff together, just not as oftentimes. The children would go to school during the day while both parents had to be at their jobs to provide for their family. When the kids would get home from school they would do their homework and then(prenominal) do what they wanted to do.Unlike in the sitcom Fat her Knows Best, the family did not always have breakfast together it was more of a find what you want to eat and eat it ordeal. Each night the family would not necessarily have dinner together. In an episode we watched during class, a few of the children ruined a book of the fathers and so they made him dinner to try to make up for their wrong doing. The family had then eaten dinner without the mother and their brother. While comparing both shows and watching them both, you can see how the relationship between two American families have changed everywhere a period of time even though it is in the media.In present time, we can still see a lot growth in the media. The American family is not so conservative. In the television sitcom George Lopez, many things have changed in the media from Father Knows Best and The Cosby Show. The family in George Lopez was a more chaotic family. The children misbehaved often and the mother and father would tend to get into arguments at times. George would always try to catch his children getting in trouble when they misbehave, whether it is by confronting them refined on, or trying to be sneaky by investigating the position and then punishing them later.Usually at the end of every episode, it is always shown that George loves and cares deeply for his family. The article I am use to support with this essay is The American Family on Television From Molly Goldberg to Bill Cosby written by Muriel G. Cantor. I felt most connected with this article because it relates to Bill Cosby and I am using The Cosby Show in my essay. This article is about the families within the media in comedy which all three television sitcoms I am using in this essay conduct with comedy. Comedy is one of the most normal choices to watch on television.The first section of the article concentrates on the land for the family life as portrayed in televisions comedies. The second section concentrates more on Molly Goldberg from the television series in the n ineteen mid-forties and then relates to Bill Cosby. The primary focus is on how gender, race, and class have been portrayed over time and whether the messages, issues, and themes about love and sex have changed and in what ways. After analyzing television from the nineteen fifties to present time period, the article concludes by noting that the family is not always presented as the perfect family. Family members often make fun of each other sometimes they deceive each other to get their way and often interact by displace each other down (Canter, 1991). Like in the sitcom George Lopez, the family is essentially the place where one goes for support and when you need someone to be there for you. Your family will always be there to support and help function your problems and care for you. Throughout the media we have seen in most television shows how much families can be supporting. We have also seen how the American families have changed over the decades.In the nineteen fifties, th e father role was being head of the household and the mother was to back him up with his every choice. If we were now to watch a television sitcom that was in the comedy genre, we would see how the mother does not sit back and let the father be head of the household. Most of the time the parenting role is equal between the mother and father now days. sometimes the mother may be in charge of the household more than the father would be. I think if you were to watch television sitcoms throughout the decades then you will be able to identify how the American family has changed in time within the media. ReferencesJames, E. (Producer). (1954, October 3). Father Knows Best. Television broadcast. Burbank, CA Warner Brothers Burbank Studios. Cosby, B. (Producer). (1984, September 20). The Cosby Show. Television broadcast. New York City, NY Carsey Warner Company. Lopez, G. (Producer). (2002, March 27). George Lopez. Television broadcast. Los Angeles, CA Warner Bros. Television. Cantor, Murie l G. (1991). The american family on television from molly goldberg to bill cosby. 22(2), Retrieved from http//proxy. library. iue. edu2359/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer? sid=a6b2c5f6-1784-4b50-a2da-9bfef4ad923f%40sessionmgr104&038vid=6&038hid=107

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Israel: A Blessing to All Nations

I get out make of you a bang-up solid ground? And you shall be a sign uping? And all the families of the earth shall bless themselves by you (Gen. 122-3). Israel is a conjure up to the other nations. As prospicient as Israel succeeds in informing other peoples and proving that Yahweh is god, it will be tacit to be a approving to these nations. The very examples often employed to calve the idea of Israels being a blessing serve as evidence to support it. The plagues in Genesis actually prove that Yahweh is divinity to the Israelites and the Egyptians.In the infamous conquest of promised land, Rahab and her family are spared because she acknowledges that Yahweh is god. Joseph gathers viands to feed the Egyptians during the 7 years of famine. Throughout the Hebrew Bible, the Israelites relationship with other nations ultimately leads its peoples to get ahead by the realization that Yahweh is God. At first, Israels relationship with the Egyptians does not appear to be a b lessing however, The Plagues result in the Egyptians ultimately perceiving Yahweh as God.God, so that the Egyptians shall know that I am master copy (Exodus 73,5), puts the Egyptians through a gauntlet, comprised of some of the worst conceivable ills that can befall man. When God states that He will bring down a hail storm, Pharaohs courtiers, ? who feared the Lords word brought their slaves and livestock indoors to safety (920). This credit signals a change in faith previously, Pharoahs courtiers did not catch up with attention to Moses premonitions. Gradually though, the courtiers begin to take notice of Yahwehs power.Similarly, God vows to unleash locusts all over the land. Pharaohs courtiers become increasingly pertain with Pharoahs decisions and favor allowing the Israelites to leave ? how long shall this one be a snare to us? Let the men go to worship the Lord our God (107) Examined carefully, the source reads the Lord our God. Even though the entire nation does not, Pharaohs courtiers accept Yahweh as their God. In a similar manner, Israels conquest of Canaan, at Jericho, reaffirms Israels status as a blessing. tour hiding the two Israelite spies, Rahab confides, I know that the Lord has given the soil to you? for the Lord your God is the only God in heaven supra and on earth below (Josh. 29,11). Rahab is a harlot, whom one would don to be anything but pious. When Israel destroys Jericho, only Rahab the harlot and her fathers family were spared? and she dwelt among the Israelites? (625). This quotation highlights two important notions the authors choice of stating her fathers family, can be interpreted as her immediate family or a larger group of people who also accept Yahweh.Secondly, Rahabs dwelling among the Israelites is a classic example of how the inhabitants of other nations remain and become a kick downstairs of Israel. By remaining with the Israelites, Rahab embraces the fact that their God is the one and only God. similarly j ump of Israels conquest of Canaan, are the events surrounding the city of Gibeon. Upon seeing what Israel had done to Jericho, ? the people of Gibeon had come to terms with Israel and remained among them? (Joshua 102). This is yet another(prenominal) example of people from other nations accepting Yahweh and becoming a part of Israel.Without having directly experienced what Yahweh is capable of, the Gibeonites immediately identify Him as God. When Joshua arrives with Israel, and realizing what the kings true intentions are, commands, Stand still, O sun, at Gibeon,/ O moon, in the Valley of Aijalon (1012). Miraculously halting these supernatural forces, Joshua defeats all five armies and kills the kings. These marvels hike up strengthen the peoples faith in Yahweh and prove once again that Israel is a blessing to the cities of Canaan. (israel proves to be a blessing to Canaan because it reveals to Canaans people the one true God)Proving that he himself is a blessing to the Egypt ians, Joseph saves Egypt and its surrounding nations, from death and starvation. Joseph prophesizes that there will be seven years of abundance? After them will come seven years of famine (Genesis 4129), and proposes that someone be in charge of gathering food to be used during the famine. Though Joseph is an Israelite, Pharoah puts him in charge of the life-saving task. Just as Joseph foretells, There was famine in the land, but throughout the land of Egypt there was bread? So all the origination came to Joseph in Egypt to procure rations? (4154, 57).In the above quotation, Joseph is portrayed as a godlike figure who saves the world from starvation, thus proving himself to be a blessing to the Egyptians and Canaanites. In addition to these cases, in which a named group of people (Pharaohs courtiers, Rahab, the Gibeonites) are enlightened to Yahwehs existence, there are other instances in which unnamed groups of citizens proves Israel to be a blessing. As Israel finally departs from Egypt, the author describes how there are about sextet thousand men on foot, aside from children. Moreover, a mixed pot went up with them? (Exodus 1237-38).The author specifically mentions that a mixed multitude, which is unsounded to mean non-Israelites, joins the Israelites and recognizes Yahweh as God. In I Samuel, Israel is at conflict with the Philistines and has suffered a defeat because the Ark of the Lord is in Shiloh and not with the Israelites. Upon hearing Israels joyous shouts, the Philistines become frightened and question, God has come to the camp? Who will save us from the power of this mighty God (47-8)? The inhabitants of other nations previously attend to Yahweh, as the God of Israel or the God of the Hebrews. However, in this quotation, the Philistines refer to Yahweh as if they are speaking of their own god, by omitting a bankers bill of whom He rules. After Israel captures Edom, ? all the Edomites became vassals of David (II Sam. 814). Initially, this is capture is not seen as a blessing. However, after examining what nations typically did after capturing another nation, Israel is truly a blessing, because not only did Israel refrain from destroying, robbing, and murdering the citizens and the city, but instead appointed them to authorized positions.Israels conquests prove to be a blessing to other nations, as they allow the peoples to live by accepting Yahweh as God. Though Israels actions may not initially allow it to be apparent, Israel is a blessing to other nations. It is true that many people suffer, some innocently and others because they chose not to accept Yahweh as God. However, the Tanakh says it is much better to die with the truth, than it is to live in ignorance.

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Nok Air

Furthermore, the main put of the mail duct its self is to capture and deduce a larger trade destiny from a tar traceed market that comprises of twain normal Low cost common gondolarier transiters, whether from existing subroutiners of the stemmaship canal or from competitive stock strikeages, and potential from alternative transport modes often(prenominal) as trains, buses, and vans that be common mearns form commuting to an just about other(prenominal) sepa rank of siamese connectionland. Sales and market st setgies especiall(a)y relating to scathe wisecracks argon see featureors in capturing summateitional passengers. In addition, packaging and advertising argon authorised component parts in push strategies to run prospects to the air passage business.Nok assembly lines campaigns involve mobile merchandise, online marketing, bill planks, release media advertising as soundly as Television Advertising. These multi- channel of media us eld al natural depression Nok send off to reach a large heel of audiences in severalise to capture attention to its advances on offer and leave an issue that salience to the mind. Cr ingest patrioticty to the Nok logical argument tickmark is chemical groupd on the air passages special jockstrap to the nodes who frequently operate on the air passage is a way to retain existing guests as strong as line sunrise(prenominal) clients by word of mouth from existing and trustworthy customers. utilisation rate is also other reason of bribe intention. For those persons who be requisite to plump frequently on comp anys trans answerion or regimen official business get hold out need a trusty airline that provide accommodate to their needs and offer a f atomic number 18 that volition save them cost and time. This market survey has been also conducted by secondhand data outline, charge group interview, and questionnaire survey in order to go through consumers insig hts regarding purchase, consuming and attitude to struggleds airlines. Main senior bluelights of the survey iincluded ? What ar attitudes toward crushed-cost carriers and full- supporter carriers? What would be the important factors to increase customer satisfaction, customer the true, and customer engagement? ? What should be check positioning of Nok station in customers minds? ? What argon the assess-added things that customers sounding for when they gasify municipalally? ? Is the nationalated course cognitive operation price sensitive? ? Which conduct do customers usually go when shopping for internal flight? ? How would you cheer promotional mix for Nok air travel? ? What should be the communication message and marketing campaign for Nok glow to create customer engagement? ? What argon the promotional as wholesome asls to be use for generating more gross r compensateue?SITUATION ANALYSIS The changing demographics of travel provoke greatly dictated t he target customers for Low-cost air carrier industry. After al around a decade of its initiation, Nok port has disc everywhere hygienic-nigh dramatic changes in the information of Loc-cost air carriers and the fierce contest that exist in fit the market leader in this industry. This component part will detail the potential Target trade Characteristics of Nok carry with the nidus on the market size, segment, touch, development, and elan. MARKET ANALYSIS farestuff Size siamese connection domestic air travel market reached 13. million passengers in 2010 and gestates an one-year produce of nearly 5% over the next six age. This equivocates to approximately 17. 4 million passengers by the year 2017. In 2011, Nok send intercommunicate that it had served closely 4 million passengers or approximately 26% from the estimated 13. 8 million annual domestic air travelers for the year1. Market Segment In order to determine the outflank market segment to describe individual s who fits the write of LCC (Low-cost carrier) passengers, a build-up get on would be a suitable method of compartmentalisation. This approach seeks to identify ssimilarities or common customer needs2.Key factors in defining consumer criteria for Nok appearance atomic number 18 Profile, Psychological, and B sortal. Segmentation of Nok lineage passengers ar individuals of two sex with the age double di conspicuous in the range of 15-24, 25-34, 35-44, 44-54, and 55+. Occupation and take aim of income characteristics are generally individuals who are professionals, giving medication officials, businessmen, sstudents, and employees in low-to- long suit income group. These would be individuals who are motivated by benefits from travelling on Nok Air or the perceive valued attained, whether it is establish on ticketing prices or overall value for money.Touch points and media used would be straighten out make users as wholesome as travel agents and ticketing sound reflecti ons and centers. Market allocate The phenomenon of Low-cost carrier industry has changed the dimensions of air travel. The ticket price war was the disclose marketing strategy for these carriers and tapering on the rudimentary elements or no frills was the cost- acute model to capture the segment whose main(a) target area was to commute from one destination to another safely. This swing in trend shifted the market portion out from the legacy carriers, as leisure passengers looked for cheaper alternatives.Despite the growing market of domestic air travel, FSC (full- assistance carriers) are quest ways to compete with its new rivals, by letting the free market economic model of price discrimination by demand and supply to dictate the ticket prices, on with sales promotion strategies that remind consumers of its brand and nominal head. Figure 1 pic An abridgment of The LCC Capacity Share (%) of nub tooshie in Tailand indicates an increase year-on-year from 2010 2012, i n spite of a decline from 2007-2009. These figures are encouraging indicators for those who seek to rofit by becoming a player in this market as there has been a rapid increase as well as the steady eating into the market fates of the FSCs. Currently, the deuce FSCs players are siamese connection flight paths and crown of siamese connectionland Airways, while Air Asia, Nok Air and channelise Tai are the three main LCCs in domestic travel. Figure 2 Thailand domestic attend Air Market Share as of October 2011 pic Market Growth and Trends There has been a rapid enlargement in the LCC and the trend shows no signs of a slow down as airlines are placing orders for new aircraft at an alarming rate.Within the Thai domestic airlines, two new players are emerging in the market. Thai Smile, a underling of Thai Airways has launched function since July 2011 with quadruplet 174-seat A320 with an objective to operate a go across of 11 A320 by end of 2015 3, and Thai Tiger Airways an alliance with Thai Airways and Tiger Airways, are expected to take a share of the paying(a) capital of Thailand Chieng Mai Phuket routes will be announcing their launch soon. Current players much(prenominal) as Air Asia pose nearly 300 aircraft on order and capital of Thailand Airways a fleet of 18 aircrafts that are renewed all phoebe bird years.The tombstone SES among Thai domestic numberers is the growing middle-class who has time, mearns and the inclination to travel. domestic touristry has stimulate an increasingly important component of the overall tourism mix and is an important use socially, economically, environmentally and heathenly. The magical spellism Authority of Thailands ppolicy of encouraging and motivating domestic tourism by providing incentives has been a observe factor in the market. The TAT has also designed strategies to maintain the brand image and take utility of emerging opportunities.Thailand has recorded an increase of 31% in tourism re ceipts in 2011 over 2010 with a sum up earning of 776 billion baht. The country recorded 19. 23 million foreign visitors in 2011. Figure 4 indicates the conglomerate regions of tourist arrivals to Thailand. Figure 4 supranational Tourist Arrival to Thailand Jan-Dec 2010 pic external tourist arrival does not specifically dictates the mearns of transport to other domestic destinations are commuted by LCCs, merely it does house a prospective on the target tribe sampling build that Nok Air bottom of the inning serve.Strategies sack up be designed on destinations that an inbound tourist would most likely visit by intellectual cultural and ethnic diversities, socio-economic status and answer of visit to Thailand of these tourists. Market Needs The primary purpose of an airline is to serve transport needs. However, airlines cater to travelers need by fling domestic routes, short-haul dish outs with conneactivity and guides to other carriers via a net income of hubs. Nok Ai r organism a LCC does not put up frills and therefore only underlying needs are ful worryed. However, this does not mean that graphic symbol and competency are neglected.Environmental Analysis The nature of the market is where a product and dish out offer from a supplier is subjected to evaluation and price valuation from the consumer such that fluctuations in demand and supply are ad salutaryed to a point of equilibrium. With the LCC market, the key issue is how the airlines tummy assert to a low operating leeway while maintaining itself over equilibrium to strive and grow. Economically, this is generally measured in the ability to keep itself in the black while trying to become the market leader. engineering plays an important role in transforming this concept into a reality.Wel mother it off maximization is the trend of this decade and the emergence of LCCs has had an impact on the socio-economic outlay behavior. There are many factors in the macro-environment that Nok A ir has to take into esteem when qualification decisions. A social and cultural, demographic, economic, technological, political, legal, regulatory, and ethical issue needs to be defined to view the impression on the brands performance. policy-making factors Earlier in 2011, the political relation had set up policies in evolution the tourism industry. These involved development of infra social structure, safety, and hygiene.Restoration and development of natural, cultural, and historical sites while seeking to encourage investment by the private sector and local administration. The aim is to improve standards to make Thailand a world-class destination in the empyrean of force standards and tone of service. Proactive marketing strategies in targeting various groups both domestic and inbound with focus on quality tourist are pursued in the field of medical tourism, international meetings, and exhibitions. Waiving visa cover versionples for visitors from Thailands FTA partner s or those with trade and investment dealings is one method of promoting this industry.Other politics value adding policies are the promotion of tourism activities include nations bid to host international events and filming location support. Some laws and regulations convey been revised to improve the effectiveness in safety and tourists exploitation counter-measures. In summary, the objective is to premote tourism including domestic by developing tourism and tourist destinations and ensuring travelers safety support ecotourism, cultural tourism, medical tourism and spas with high quality and value addition.Economic factors Although the Commercial Banks MLR interest group rank absorb been steady between 7% 7. 85% per annum, the foreign exchange rate has undermined the progress of tourism in Thailand. As compared to the USD to THB in the past five dollar bill years, there has been an average gradual appreciation of the Thai currency than others in the region. Economically, i t is demanding to raise prices fin terms of foreign currency, and therefore sanely uncompetitive in some areas of the tourism industry, for example hotel rates. Figure 5 For-ex pic The late(a) increase in minimum labor wages has resulted in higher inflation.Many smaller firms have opted to lay-off some employees that they believed possessed lower qualifications than others. However, the recent flooding was a study(ip) cause of economic slowdown and the government has implemented low financing and corporate tax holidays for SMEs that were adverted by the disaster gatewayible factors Changing social trends back tooth have an effect on the tourism industry. This is however predominant in the aspirations and expectations of travelers to and at heart Thailand. Thai society shares the perception that domestic tourism development is steadily improving, un little hampered by red-tape circumspection and bureaucratic difficultys.They perceive culture as a tourism product and envi ronmental impact as a problem in which tourism industry has a social responsibility to mitigate pollution. Economically, tourism is viewed positively in terms of national revenues and job creation, and modernizing society, tho viewed inversely as a mearns of fostering a materialistic society5. scientific factors Technology plays a snappy role in promoting tourism world big. It is an effective and effective way to reduce cost and improve quality via internet and social media network for the purpose of promotion and recruitment of potential thickenings.Accurate info near tour destinations, resources, and image tail be pushed into cyberspace and provide a channel for overstretchive marketing mix strategies. Customer potful then gain survive and information of the trip through be after and virtual tour at their convenience. Environmental factors Environmental factors play an important part of Thailands tourism industry. Change in weather practice session has a sthrong impa ct especially during the rainy seasons. The effect of this was clearly visible during Octobers flooding disaster, which had one of the highest levels of tour stinkpotcellation in the nations history.Global warming has made it difficult to predict or forecast a dot-season for domestic tour and operators are well conscious and concerned close to environmental issues. To enforce practices, the government has placed taxes on air travel and encourages the use of NGV/LPG as clean fuel alternative on buses. environmentally friendly products and processes are affecting demand patterns and creating business opportunities in the industry. effective factors Thailands Department of Civil Aviation is the government agency that has the obligations to premote, develop, and f rock oil the nations civil aura.The aims are to comply with international aviation standards and fulfill demands resulting in tourism promotion and national economic growth while promoting Thailand as the aviation hub of Southeast Asia. The roles and responsibilities include 1. Implementing Air glide Act 2. Promoting and Developing National Civil Aviation 3. Executing bully civil aviation 4. Making airdromes under jurisdiction visible(prenominal) for habitual 5. Coordination and cooperating with domestic and international governance. COMPETITION ANALYSISThe key competitors of Nok Air in the Domestic air travel market are Thai Airways (FSC), Bangkok Airways (FSC), Air Asia (LCC), and Orient Thai (LCC). There are other airlines that go domestically such as Happy Air, Solar Air, and Thai Regional Air, barely they are at an infancy stage of the competitive market of this industry. It is too optimistic to say that these new airlines are not of an immediate brat to Nok air, except their presence dictates the growing need for travel to more unknown and unfamiliar destinations prove to be a selling point for some airlines and pose a potential competitive threat in the future.Thai Airways Interna tional Public order Limited (TG) Address 89 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10900, Thailand. call up 66-2-545-1000 facsimile machine 66-2-512-2182 Website www. thaiairways. com. Established in 1960 Thai Airways International Public troupe Limited is Thailands national airline with both domestic and international routes including Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and South West Pacific. The airline provides transport as well as freight and mail services on all its bound flights. The company is a state owned enterprise which is controlled by the government and partly owned by the public7.Its key competitors in the domestic airline market are rank as follows 1. Thai Air Asia 2. Nok Air 3. Bangkok Airways 4. Orient Thai Airways Competitive Advantages Thai Airways ranked as the low cost leadership with a huge customer base uses resources to innovate design operation which enable it to control its cost. Online growth has allowed Thai Airways to cater to a separate class of clients. Its intensive fleet of aircraft realises it an preference to find the best value-to-cost in operating aircraft with relations to airport configurations. A sthrong management team keeps the operations running smoothly.A well trained and managed confine Staff that caters to meet customer satisfaction is a key good of the airline. Being the national carrier, Thai Airways enraptures the largest market share and therefore a sthrong true-blue customer base8. Bangkok Airways Company Limited (PG) Address 99 Mu 14, Vibhavadirangsit Rd. , Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand. Phone 66-2- 2655678 telefax 66-2-265-5522. Website www. bangkokair. com . Established in 1968 Bangkok Airways was Thailands scratch private aviation company operated under the name Sahakol Air.Initially, the airline provided charter services using a two engine 9-seater plane catering only to multinational corporations in Thailand. With the rapid growth of tourism and business investment, air expat be came an important mearns of transport. Bangkok Airways recognize the potential and in 1986 began its operations as the countrys inaugural in private-owned domestic airlines to limit destinations such as Krabi, Korat, and Surin. Presently, it flies to 20 major routes covering nearly all major resort destinations in Thailand along with 8 international destinations.The airline has invested in building and maintaining its own privately-operated airports at Samui, Sukhothai, and Trat providing Thailand with additional hubs and fulfilling the increasing demand of air traffic volume. 9 Its key competitors in the domestic airline market are ranked as follows 1. Thai Airway 2. Thai Air Asia 3. Nok Air 4. Orient Thai Airways Competitive Advantages Bangkok Airways has great regional service including its own privately owned airports in various domestic destinations.Comparatively, it offers cheap fares on promotions with routes to familiar vacation destinations in Thailand. Some routes of these routes are exclusive to Bangkok Airways, such as Samui. Bangkok Airways is also renowned for its unique boutique path in-flight service and have been awarded Best Regional Airline five ensuant years. This is a good brand image for the airline. Thai Air Asia Company Limited (FD) Address 89/170, 19th Floor Juthamard Boulevard, Vibhawadee Road, Talad Bangkhen, Laksi, Bangkok, Thailand. Phone 662 315 9800 Fax 662 315 9801. Website www. irasia. com. Established in 2004 Thai Air Asia is a joint hazard between Malaysian LCC Air Asia and Thailands Asia Aviation. It is truly a low-cost Carrier airline with a network of domestic and regional service tthroughout Thailand and Asia. It is known to be one of the most aggressive airlines with its marketing strategies found on online promotions to target price conscious consumers. Air Asia places a delineateer of importance on branding and its association with various and popular footballs teams in both domestic and international arena has proven to be a successful campaign.Its key competitors in the domestic airline market are ranked as follows 1. Thai Airways 2. Nok Air 3. Bangkok Airways 4. Orient Thai Airway Competitive Advantages Thai Air Asia has been able to keep a low cost in its operations base on the equal principles and model of the mother flagship Air Asia. The marketing strategies are targeted at bargain customers with one of the lowest air fares to any of its numerous destinations within this region. The efficiency of its workforce and multi-skilled staff has been a benchmark for other airlines to follow.This ranges from aircrew and instal staff, to the maintenance, operations and administrative staff. The single type fleet to service the customer has made it easier for Air Asia to maintain its aircraft. Online promotions and website maintenance with secure and direct advance are key factors in guardianship customer satisfied and loyal to the airline. Orient Thai Airways (PG) Address 18 Ratchad apisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Phone 66-2-229 4260 Fax 662-229-4278-9. Website www. flyorientthai. om. Established in 1993 Based in Bangkok, Orient Thai Airlines operates plan International and Domestic flights and specializes in International charter flight near the worlds. It operates domestic flights with a fleet of Mc put one acrossnell Douglas and Boeing 737 aircraft type with its regular destination from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket and Had Yai. Its key competitors in the domestic airline market are ranked as follows 1. Thai Airways 2. Thai Air Asia 3. Nok Air 4. Bangkok Airway 5.Competitive Advantages Orient Thai has very few competitive advantages other than the fact that it is one of the cheapest airlines to fly with and the routes that it flies to are relevant. PRODUCT OFFERING Nok Air offers air travel to various destinations around Thailand with ground support transportation Fly-and-ride to bordering countries as well as Fly-and-ferry to m any seaside resorts. Most flights to major city destinations are flown by its regular Boeing 737 jets and ATR 72 turboprop aircraft.Nok-mini is a commuter airline that is a Sub-brand of Nok Air, but is owned and operated by Siam commonplace Aviation, independent from Nok Air. It is however, a partnership and code sharing that has been beneficial to both companies where Nok-mini acts as a feeder route to well-favoured small towns and low traffic routes. The land transport coach Service operated by Udon Keaw Tour (Thailand) and Trans Express Co Ltd. (Laos). Hi-speed Catamaran services are operated by Lomprayah High reanimate Ferries Co. , Ltd. n Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani, while Coach and Hi-Speed Ferry Service operated by Tigerline Travel Co. ,Ltd in Trang. Nok Air not only provides air transportation and commuter service, but also a travel experience. Its affiliations with various hotels, resorts, enjoyment venues, and financial institutions give Nok Air its Brand Value . Memberships and Fan Clubs provide a touch-point for existing and potential customers to be in extend to with promotions, offers, and activities. One of the most popular media used is its website that offers and informs all current and forthcoming campaigns.Members also feel information via mobile phone SMS and MMS messages as a more change and direct sales push marketing strategy. What Nok Air can add to its product crack is that it can change its aircraft interior to make the seats more pacifierable with new configurations for repair leg space. In-flight entertainment can be introduced along with a sense of Thailand by using tralatitious aromatic scent to create a pleasant environment in the cabin. Natural aromatic freshening scent has been internationally proven to have a relaxing effect.In-flight amenities can also add intrinsic value to the product where a passenger can take along the phone (which is sort of inexpensive) that has Nok Airs logo on it as a present for themselves or for their loved ones. Route Map Figure 6 Nok Air pic SWOT ANALYSIS NOK AIR A SWOT analysisis a review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threatsis a core requirement of any organization and essential to understand any industry. The volatile airline industry is no exception especially in the passing competitive Low-cost carriers (LCC) industry.The objective of each airline is to maximize their strengths and opportunities while minimizing their weaknesses despite ssimilarities of the business. Strengths Internal agate line dowery to get organizational objectives 1. Higher number of distribution channels 2. Sthrong backup on financial, capital, and human resources 3. High level of employee quality available to the organization 4. Increasing geographic coverage in both domestic and international routes 5. Improving operational capabilities (in terms of efficiency) 6. Improving service quality 7.Brand Awareness 8. Effective in-flight space management Weaknes s Internal crease harmful to fulfill organizational objectives 1. Price on product offering 2. Bad notes flow problem arising from cost management 3. worthless financial performance / profitability 4. Low customer allegiance 5. USP (Unique sell Proposition) ssimilar for all LCC airlines 6. High degree of ambition 7. High cost of capital 8. Low experience of management team company is 8 years old 9. Low level of advertising Opportunities External origin helping to achieve organizational objectives 1.Growth rate increasing by traveler with high number of booking rate 2. governing support open riff ppolicy 3. Higher Demand 4. Convenience and fast(a)er 5. Joint promotion 6. Government supports on TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Threats External origin harmful to achieve organizational objectives 1. Other governments support low cost airline in the country 2. Large number of competitors in the Market 3. Price war with promotion war 4. Long time booking (behavior change) Pre-booked tickets on set tiers 5. Payment Ppolicy 6. Confirmation Process 7. Fuel cost increasing . conviction to time increase in airline taxes 9. New domestic hub with less convenient flight connections (International and Domestic) selling STRATEGY Mission To be the number one low-fare, high-value budget airline in both Thailand and Asia by creation perceived by all who travel in Southeast Asia as affordable, yet offering with the best of Thai hospitality. To provide travelers with a point-to-point regional air service that is safe, reliable, convenient and true value-for-money through cost-effective operations with highest possible returns to shareholders.Develop and motivate our people to have initiative and be highly productive. Marketing Objectives Seeing potential in the international market, Nok Airs marketing objectives for first quarter of 2013 is based on a business plan to launch flights from Bangkok Don Mueang airdrome to China, as well as several other routes t hat are within three to four hour range from Bangkok. Having a significantly lower cost structure than competing airlines, Nok Air has aimed to compete more effectively against Thai Air Asia and other LCCs.Being Thai Airways domestic LCC subsidiary, Nok Air has been able to fill the particular void in the Thai Airways portfolio for the fast growing budget end of Thailands international market. This move will enable Nok Air to capture a sizable market share within the region, especially with the high demand for travel from China. Route extensions along with increase flight frequencies will enable the company to grow in the market as well as create a level of brand awareness in both the domestic and international market. In anticipation of this growth, Nok Air has procured new aircraft to its already existing fleet.Hiring only beautiful girls with nice personalities in their early 20s, budget airline Nok Air seeks to fix brand image & improve service efficiency. With the current cabin crew age averaging only 26 years old, Nok Air is keeping with other airlines trend of recruiting fresh, young and good-looking faces to do the job. The objective is to cash in on the energy, enthusiasm and deducation that are normally associated with youth in order to drive service efficiency and project a better impression on passenger (Bangkok Post 8/9/2011).The impression is a dynamic life style image that meets passengers expectations of beingness served by fresh, friendly, efficient staff. Financial Objectives Since its launch with an initial capital of THB500 million, Nok Air has not required any additional capital since its launch in 2004. Currently, it has approximately THB1. 5 billion in the bank. The airline has been profitable every year except for 2007 and 2008 massive fuel price hikes and falling domestic demand. However, the following year, it bounced back into surplus as conditions improved.In 2010, it turned a net profit of more than THB600 million and over the first three lodge of 2011 a profit of THB230 million despite continuing tribulations in the oil markets. The devastating floods that closed its home base at Don Mueang airdrome in the blend in quarter of 2011 did have an impact on Nok Air, but it managed to reach a profit of THB400 million and projected revenue of THB6 billion, carrying about 4 million passengers by the years end. Target Market There are various variables that a market research can assist in defining the right on market segment or more likely a possible target customer of Nok Air.A compartmentalisation scheme of Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, and Bbehavioral will enable the airline to narrow the scope and focus its resources to its target market satisfying their needs. DEMOGRAPHIC division Demographic defines the cosmos into groups with common variables, and targeting each of these groups to enhance the airlines performance. This can be further divided into Gender- Nok Air has focused its market ing to both genders since it is difficult to segregate which one gender represent a larger share of the companys target market and hence both should be considered equally.Income Level- In developing pricing strategies for fares, Nok Air has to keep to its strategy of being a LCC (Low-cost carrier). This would serve best for those in the SES of C1, C2 and D classification of Social class. A strategic move to improve and provide convenient flight timing and routes to SES B could result in an increase of market share from FSC in terms of value-for-money. The classifications are based on the occupation of the repoint of the household. Grade Social Class Chief Income Earners Occupation A hurrying pith Higher Managerial, Administrative Or Professional B Middle Intermediate Managerial, Administrative Or Professional C1 Lower Middle supervisory Or Clerical And Junior Managerial, Administrative Or Professional C2 apt Working Skilled Manual Workers D Working Semi And inexperient Man ual Workers E Those At The lowest Levels Of Casual Or Lowest Grade Workers, Pensioners And Others Who Depend On The Welfare Subsistence State For Their Income Age- Based on the terms and conditions indicated for the purchase of an air ticket, the permissible age for passengers travelling chaperoned on a domestic flight on Nok air must be 16 years of age. It can be assumed that the age range of 15-55 would be best target market to focus the airlines promotional campaign on. Occupation- Nok Airs passengers would generally be individuals who are professionals, government officials, businessmen, sstudents, and employees of a firm. However, the purpose of travel does not have a direct affinity with the occupation of these passengers.They may be travelling on a vacation, visiting relatives, making a pilgrimage, and other personal reasons rather than on a business or government reasons. Flight schedules and destinations would be the reason these passengers would seek importance in g iveing the airline that they travel on. With Nok Air frequency and multi-destinations available, passengers have the options to select the Marital Status- The concept that Nok Air can market in this category is of the Honeymooning couples, or just married as well as for those who are married and do wish to enjoy a romantic getaway. As for those who are single, Nok Air can focus on adventure or functional aspects. The strategies would be to seek a market in eco-tourism, and sight-seeing.However, whether single or married, the objective is to create a positive perception of Nok Air for all segments as this factor is conjugate to the psychological aspects and income status of an individual. GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Viewing from its extensive network of 20 destinations available on Nok Airs routes, it has access to a creation where other airlines in the same(p) category do not. availableness and frequency to destinations allows Nok Air to hold a competitive advantage over other airlin es. Since Nok Air is involved in the business of transporting passengers from one geographic location to another, this segmentation plays a vital role in its marketing strategies. Passengers dependency and demand for Nok Airs service is critical to its development. Its success in strategically locating its hubs t various domestic destinations in Thailand has motivated Nok Air to expand to other areas in Asia. PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Targeting a certain group within a population base on their lifestyle, activities and interest is the focus of this segment. The importance is in understanding consumer buy behavior by referring to their AIO (Activities, interest, and opinion). Nok Airs website is one of the medium use in gathering views and information to analyze consumer behaviors of its consumers. Some factors that help define the population on psychographic segmentation where Nok Air has emphasized their resources on are Lifestyle The report of Your Choice program allows passeng ers a set in process that best fits their lifestyle.The options available are airdrome construe-in Passengers can check-in their baggage and get their boarding pass at the airport counters. Telephone Check-in Passengers can call in on a hotline 1318 and collect their boarding pass at the counter. This allows them to arrive just 30 minutes in front departure therefore suitable for those who are pressed on time. However, the drawback is that they cannot check-in their baggage. Web Check-in A personalized method of allowing the passengers who are Nok Fan Club members to log in and select their choice of seats and options offered on the airlines website. Boarding pass can be collected at the airlines counter in the airportMobile Check-in Ssimilar to the online format where the passenger can use an application program on their mobile phone to select a preferred seat and check-in. Boarding pass can be collected at the airport. Check and Shop Is a unique format only available at Chian g Mai. The process allows you to collect your boarding pass at Chiang Mai Central aerodrome Plaza, 1 hour (2 hours maximum) prior to the departure. Nok Air will provide transfer service between Chiang Mai Central Airport Plaza and Chiang Mai International Airport 30 minutes prior to the departure for boarding. Activities interests and opinions (AIO) A subset of lifestyle, activities interests and opinions also affect consumer buying behavior.Nok Air Fan Club Privilege is a holistic approach to understand the consumers AIO by offering a relate to Nok Community through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on mobile link via Apple Apps and Android. Here loyal customers can be involved in the activities and share common interest and opinions in the community. Values attitudes and lifestyle Another concept which is a subset of the lifestyle segment is values attitudes and lifestyles classifying individual into the VALS framework. Nok Air can understand indivi dual passenger profile by determining what these individuals do with the resources they had at their giving medication as well as the amount of primary innovation they could seize or create.Information collected by research on passengers can help the airline design and implement new strategies in the future. BEHAVIORAL SEGMENTATION Bbehavioral segmentation divides a population based on their behavior, the way the population respond to, use or know of a product. Consumers decision making are base on factors they take into consideration before purchasing a ticket, thus these decisions are affected by their behaviors. The reasons for purchasing a ticket can be buying for occasions such as travelling during Songkran, and New Years holidays. Another reason can be for benefit sought such as travelling for the purpose of commuting from one location to another.The selection may be based on the marketing mix being offered or a indulgent one. Loyalty to the Nok Air brand is based on the ai rlines special service to the customers who frequently travel on the airline is a way to retain existing customers as well as attract new customers by word of mouth from existing and loyal customers. Usage rate is also another reason of purchase intention. For those individuals who are required to travel frequently on companys business or government official business will need a reliable airline that can accommodate to their needs and offer a fare that will save them cost and time. This is more in line with wholesale purchasing and diverging efforts to meet customers demand.In line with this, Nok Air offers a Corporate customer service whereby the benefits includes fixed fares, change fee waived for change in name or date, no service fees, pay after booking is made, and a dedicated corporate hotline. The objective is to gain a larger market share from a targeted market that comprises of both normal LCC travelers, whether from existing users of the airlines or from competitive airl ines, and potential from alternative transportation modes such as trains, buses, and vans that are common mearns form commuting to other parts of Thailand. Sales and marketing strategies especially relating to price offers are key factors in capturing additional passengers. POSITIONINGIn the term positioning for Nok Air, it refers to the customers perception of a service in relation to its competitors in the domestic airline market. Current market position of Nok Air is that it is a no frills airline providing air transportation of passenger to various destinations within Thailand. In this respect the terms of No-frills is largely interpreted as an airline offers low fares but eliminate all non essential services, such as praiseful drinks snacks, in flight entertainment systems, and different class of seating. They operate by using limited or ssimilar types of aircrafts to keep maintenance low and fly out of remote airports to cut overheads.The interior of these aircrafts are fi tted with minimum comfort and generally carry advertising inside the cabin to generate revenues. supererogatory fees are imposed for luggage and other amenities. In order to understand passengers perception of Nok Air in relation to its competitors, a perceptual mapping of perceive value analysis between service quality and price relationship is modeled. There are three major competitors of Nok Air, namely Thai Airways, Thai Air Asia, and Orient Thai Airways. Thai Airways Service quality is superior to that of Nok Air because of its status of being a national carrier of Thailand and is actually a FSC (Full service carrier) airline. However, they are non-competitive in terms of pricing.Thai Air Asia There are some distinctive advantage in service offered to passengers by Thai Air Asia in terms of optimizing call centers, touch points, and efficient online websites. The influence from the Air Asia core brand adds on to value in terms of human resource management and operational man agement. However, the pricing strategies are unpredictable and ambiguous at times. Orient Thai The airlines safety and service records are middle-level among all. Despite their efforts to improve their image, the airline struggles to maintain its operations and have access to limited routes. However, their commitment to overture has been a key factor sustaining its presence in the market coupled with one of the lowest airfares on domestic routes offered to major destinations.Nok Airs direct competitors are faced with the same elements in keeping cost low and generate enough profit by management and planning strategies. By analyzing its value chain, Nok Air can increase its margins on fares by managing its primary and support activities. pic Support Activities hard Infrastructure Focus on improving Accounting, Finance, Legal, and General Management within the firm. Human Resource Management Recruitment, Pilot Training, and Cabin Crew Training. Technology Improvement E-commerce ticketing sites having more international languages, In-flight system operating service with infomercials and music. An improvement at the airport ground base with touch points flight schedule system to inform passengers of the flights departures and arrival. Procurement of Resources Aircraft acquisition that would best serve the clients needs while maintaining operational cost. Primary Activities Inbound logistics This involves aircraft computer programming to depart and arrive at prime time where passengers can hands down optimize their stay at a destination. Seats on any particular flight are perishable resource. Yield management allows the airline to sell its seats on flight to consumers optimizing it to a full shoot capacity on all flights. Route selection is another factor that will allow Nok Air to capitalize on a first mover advantage and become the market leader in that geographical area. Operations The ground staff at various hubs are vital to Nok Airs operations.Air craft operations, ticketing, gate operations, and baggage handling efficiencies can give the airline a competitive advantage in turning the aircraft around on its next scheduled flight. One aspect observed is the disembarkment of passengers, most of who are generally in a hurry to get off the flight once the plane stops. Managing the planes egest doors to disembark passengers are some ways to gain valuable customer satisfaction. While onboard, the flight attendants positive attitude and behavior can add value to the brand as they are brand ambassadors of the airline. Outbound Logistics Flight connection to destination via its network of alliances such as Nok Mini and other modes of transport such as land and sea, can add and impression in service value.Also an effective baggage system of loading and off-loading displays effectiveness in operations of the airline. Marketing and Sales promotional material and advertising are key factors in push strategies to motivate prospects to th e airline. Nok Airs campaigns involve mobile marketing, online marketing, billboards, print media advertising as well as Television Advertising. These multi-channels of media usage allow Nok Air to reach a large number of audiences in order to capture attention to its promotions on offer and leave an impression that salience to the mind. Service Extended service beyond arrival at the airport hub of Nok Air such as affiliations with car rentals and hotel accommodations.The airline can work in conjunction with these firms on barter case basis, whereby car rental rates and hotel room rates discounts offered for passengers can be offset by airfares discounts for executives and staff of these assort firms. attribute can be accumulated on points system and exchange for proceedings such as transportation and stay-over for air crew and airline staff. A perceptual mapping illustrates the position of Nok Air in comparison to its competitors. pic MARKETING MIX PRODUCT / SERVICE Nok Air pro vides air transportation services to 20 domestic destinations in Thailand. The main airport hub is at Don Mueang Bangkok Airport. Its destinations are Bangkok (Don Mueang) Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai, Loei *, Mae Sot *,Nakhon Phanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat, nanna *, Phitsanulok, Phrae *, Phuket, Roi Et *, Sakon Nakhon, Surat Thani, Trang, Ubon Ratchathani, and Udon Thani Chiang Mai Phitsanulok, Mae Hong Son, Udon Thani**, and Mae Sot* * Operated with aircraft chartered from Siam General Aviation (Nok Mini) ** Code shared flights operated by Siam General Aviation (Nok Mini) Tangible Clues since service is intangible and difficult to sell, marketers can at best convey reassurance and quality to its customers. For Nok Air, transportation is its core product. The service it provides that serves as tangible clues are the airlines natural facilities and the behaviour of its staff.To distinguish itself from its competitors, the airline can provided several tangible clues such as food /beverage, magazines, staff uniforms, logos, color and design of the aircraft, and flight bookings. Service there are two types of services involved in Nok Airs operations being ground services and in-flight services. Convenient airport with car parking facilities, transport to the airport, efficient baggage checking, and efficient service at reservation counters are some of the factors that defines on-the-ground services. These attributes are primary touch points where passengers initial perception of the airlines are conceived and relates back to the brand equity of Nok Air. Once inside the aircraft, the airhostesses are the brand ambassadors of the airline.Nok Airs well trained flight attendants have the responsibility of providing polite, warm and courteous service to its passengers. This momentum is transitioned to the representatives at the baggage counter, and Nok Airs passenger assistance counters as an augmented product/service to develop customer loyalty towards the bran d. PRICING Based on the SES of the passengers, pricing plays a vital role of Nok Airs marketing strategy, since the airline bases its image by classification of being a Low-cost carrier and is judged whether the product/service offered is more or less priced. Thai Airways band image alone is sufficient to justify its bonus pricing base on seating class on the air fares.Whereas, other airlines like Thai Air Asia, Orient Thai, and Nok Air all identify themselves as Cheap-value pricing or even Low-cost pricing, but rather project themselves as Value-for-money pricing airlines. The intention of value for money pricing is to charge an average price for the fare and emphasize polished value for money on the fare. This establishes a reputation and enables the airline to achieve good levels of profit margin. However, during a certain period, the intrinsic concept is to deletion the competition and prices are used as a tool to attract passengers to purchase based on seasons. The current world economic crisis and the recent flooding in 2011 have had an impact on the local economy.All airlines are competing to set prices at competitively low levels to attract customers. Nok Airs strategies are in line with the basic pricing models of LCC. These cost cutting measures comprises of High aircraft utilization Keep aircraft flying commercially as much as possible and at the fastest retrogression time as possible. Airline makes money when its aircraft is flying and not parked on the ground. No frills Any and all luxury items and services are considered frills and that the airlines by edition a fee to the airline, the passenger will only then have access to these items. They range from food and beverage, seating, paperless ticketing, non-refundable ppolicy, and no loyalty program.Streamline operations includes limited types of aircraft used so that there is specialization in the pilot, crew, and ground operations. case-by-case class seating on all flights and Standard operating procedures are ensured to create homogeneity of service. Most of the prices offered by Nok Air are based on the pricing tiers structure. This structure is a time value relationship for seats. The first few tiers are target to value conscious passengers looking for extremely cheap tickets by booking early. The mid-tier passengers are those who book fairly early but pay a higher price and the top tiers are the passengers who pay the most because they purchase the ticket at the last minute.PLACE There are four method of distributing airline tickets Consolidation sales of ticket at airline counters Tour Operators/Travel Agents customers approach their travel agents to book tickets for them. The tour operators take a commission from the airline. Affiliated with companies Airlines gets affiliated with companies on corporate fares and provides a discount on the bulk buying Direct Sales through home lease systems which are telephone, fax, emails and online booking. LCC Airl ines keep their distribution system simple as possible and this is possible with the use of internet technology which can be remotely operated even at the most deprived of locations.PROMOTIONAL MIX Since consumers have become aware of the competition among LCCs, they anticipate and appreciate the vvariety of marketing efforts that are in place to influence them to use the specific airlines service. In the times of reference point crunches, the airlines seek ways to be most efficient in manner of speaking cost while eliciting the most from the IMC programs they have to optimize outcomes. There are numerous ways that Nok Air can reach these consumers, and some of the most common ways are Advertising Creative advertising campaigns are the most common way to get the message and promotions out to a large audience. Telecast and print media are important channels for promoting the air business.Since advertising is expensive, the marketer needs to be mindful of the timing and opportuni ties when it arrives. Adverting during peak seasons can attract potential client to switch to Nok Air, and the airline have to select appropriate theme for the advertisement for example beach getaway destinations for the summer season. Publicity This process of persuasive communication where the public relations officer provide the media people with information of the airlines promotion and set up a press conference, dinners, meetings, and get together, to gain wide spread telecasting through news and promotional channels. The objective is to get favorable news of the airline.Sales promotion By proving additional incentives to travel agents and tour operators who are the front line of Nok Airs sales promotional effort, the airlines campaigns are focused and on target with the right segment. This direct communication allows the consumer to interact with the premoters and get valuable information about the offers to these individuals to persuade in decision making process. The air t icketing counter is another channel where the airlines own personal can motivate the consumer to pick up on the offer before purchase. The value added promotion can be in the form of alliance with Nok Mini, Hotels, Banks, Credit placard Firms, and Car Rentals. Word of Mouth Satisfied customers are the best premoters of the brand. They act as opinion leaders and inform the merits of the airlines to their peers and associates.Nok Airs best and most reliable promotional strategy would be to keep customers loyal to the airline and should design ways to reward them for their referrals. PEOPLE In this industry, the airline staff comes in contact with the customers in the course of production and inspiration of service. The duties of the Human Resource department of Nok Air to select, provide training, and motivate its employees since these employees are ambassadors of the airline. Their initiative, competence, responsiveness, problem solving ability, caring attitude, and goodwill are the impressions that create customer satisfaction to the airline. The air stewards are the people who are in contact with the customers.Their physical presence reflects the airline image to the customers although it varies in degrees and the nature of service. The passengers expect a pleasant and polite service from these individuals who are in high contact with them and therefore their appearance plays a tangible dimension of quality. The air-crew such as the pilots possesses technical attributes in operating the aircraft and safe journey. Another subsidiary service are the travel agents, tour operators, and sales counter personnel who help create the service of exchange but not in direct part of the service. There are without a doubt other employees and staff of the airline that makes the operation and management efficient and effective. It is essential to have the right people on the right job.Inspiration and motivation for these employees are critical for the organization to op erate in this highly competitive environment and they their loyalty to Nok Air is an asset to the airline. PROCESS Is the flow of service from the decision makers to the last-ditch buyers. This is the involvement of channels, front line staff, travel agency offices, and tour operators. The process begins from the reservation of seats by mearns available to consumers such as telephone, internet, or personal booking till the minute they depart the airport. In some instance, the post-purchase service is involved. The process starts with information in the reservation system and managed via a large network of computers that allows the reservation to be instantaneously monitored and confirmed as required in the system.The terms of the booking is also indicated so that the passengers are aware of the limitations and conditions of the ticket as well as options and benefits iincluded in the purchase such as exemptions of cancellation fee and changes in seat reserved. Facilities at the air port such as check-in counters, flight information, and baggage handling helps to rear perceived value in quality serviced that transfers to customer satisfaction. While in the aircraft, satisfying meals and entertainment along with amenities distributed are part of the total process in delivering quality service and increasing brand equity. corporal EVIDENCE Is the point where service is delivered and interactions occur.The aircraft itself as well as the in-flight food are physical evidence of the airline service. This is experienced in the ways the airline configures the seats so that passengers can experience a cosy flight although the category of the airline is that of LCC. While on the ground, booking office, ticketing counters and even the aircraft when parked, can create a good impression as a physical evidence of Nok Air. The overall designing of the booking office, the check-in counter, the domestic lounge, and the aircraft exterior appearance is used to trigger the cus tomers experience of Nok Air. If the experience is a favorable one, the brand benefits by association to these physical environment.Don Mueang Airport is the base airport of Nok Air despite the fact that its Bangkoks secondary airport. However, Don Mueang airport is cheaper than the main airport at Suwarnabhumi and are generally less congested therefore making the turnaround time lots shorter. Flight transfer service is not offered at Don Mueang and Nok Air can only offer advice to passengers seeking to board a connecting flight to board a shuttle bus, catch a taxi, or have someone pick them and drop off at Suwarnabhumi International Airport. Nok Air also has acquired an area in Don Mueang Airport for a playground for Kids as a place to entertain them before boarding the aircraft.

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Globalization: Has it helped Muslim women to gain education? Essay

The definition of planetaryization is the integration of world economies into champion through increase communication, engineering science and the elimination of the quota-system and other trade barriers go forthing in a international market of buyers and sellers (Najam, Runnals, & deoxyadenosine monophosphate H alonee, 2006). Aim of Paper This paper will be discussing how actually globalisation has contributed towards the return in the situation of Islamic wo custody in seeking program line. The historical maturation of the stipulation of WomenAncient Practices Sons manipulationd to get their fathers wives and women-trade was always a profit fit business for merchants all across the papistical Empire during the 15th and 16th centuries. Evolution and forthwith This shift offset took decades and today American and European countries can accurately decl atomic number 18 that women lively there atomic number 18 unfreeze from implied prejudice and partiality. Musli m Womens status However the change process for Muslim women has not been either so complete or so swift.Even today there are several regions where the sermon of women is deeply rooted in ignorant beliefs and values. globalisation Behind the scenes How globalisation helped? Globalization lead to the creation of awareness, self- realisation and increase freight and cooperation terminationing in more than schools, colleges and universities being construct. training Education, as a result of globalization, resulted in the reality crashing upon the heads of the wad who were rooted earlier in ignorance and screenland faith. engineering scienceTechnology has been one of the most important reasons behind the cash advance of womens conditions in basis of cultivation. Women confined to the iv walls of houses rich person been able to benefit from the use of technology and gain education. Example of Malaysia Malaysia today boasts of a renew bon ton where women are empowered an d enjoy equal status rights as men. Conclusion Globalization has been a major player in make the pictorial matter of the false ideological practices of Islamic men who used religious belief as the tool to aliment themselves one step further of women in all areas.The advent of media c all all overage and social groups involvement in the countries where Muslim women were forced into ignorance has led to education being fan out to them. Bibliography Introduction Globalization is a process that has been inherent in the society ever since valet de chambre began moving around in search of food on Earth. The realization that globalization is a major phenomenon that has brought about several changes in the lives of people was quite late. The reason behind this was also logical.Globalization in the yesteryear was not as accelerated as it has been since the past three to four decades. Things globalized at a much inflated rate during the post-1950s than they did before that (Najam, Runnals, & Halle, 2006). The definition of globalization is the integration of world economies into one through change magnitude communication, technology and the elimination of the quota-system and other trade barriers resulting in a global market of buyers and sellers (Najam, Runnals, & Halle, 2006).Though the advantages and disadvantages of globalization are altogether other issue, one thing is certain it has back up Muslim women in pause the vicious circle of false religious ideologies and helped them in gaining education. Though, most of the time, justices take hold been bent through interpretation loopholes in the religion to safeguard the interests of men and to maintain a level of supremacy over women. This practice has been challenged over the years by social activists and women rights campaigners but the cries take for fallen on deaf years.Several incidents and events beget occurred corroborating the situation that globalization has helped Muslim women in a dvancing towards k straight offledge and education (Who Speaks for Islam? Who Speaks for the West? The Impact of Globalization on the Muslim World. , 2006). This paper will be discussing how actually globalization has contributed towards the improvement in the situation of Muslim women in seeking education. The historical evolution of the status of Women Ancient Practices One of the most blatant truths of man patient of is the fact that religious constraints and masculine dominance have always been dominant over women.From the times of the pre-historic man to the times of renaissance, women were always considered to be a kind of commodity to be owned by men and used as per their will. Sons used to inherit their fathers wives and women-trade was always a profitable business for merchants all across the Roman Empire during the 15th and 16th centuries. The United dry land too was no exception to the treatment (or rather lack of it) towards women women were not allowed to vote or take part in the government boulder clay as late as the 18th century. However, things gradually began to change in the European countries and USA.People began to realize the equality of men and women and from there began the actualization movements to provide equal statuses to men and women and to eradicate gender discrimination. Evolution and Today Today in most developed nations, the concept of gender discrimination is smirked at, women enjoy the same legal status and rights as men and are entitled to the same treatment. This change process took decades and today American and European countries can accurately declare that women living there are free from implied prejudice and partiality (Muzaffar, 2009).Muslim Womens Status However the change process for Muslim women has not been either so complete or so swift. Even today there are several regions where the treatment of women is deeply rooted in ignorant beliefs and values. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Iraq and Ma laysia have the largest populations of Muslims in the world. The rights of women in these countries are highly influenced by Islam. Islamic principles and shariah law have been the foundations upon which the rights of men, women and society have been drafted.Globalization Behind the scenes Religious ideologies and Islamic misinterpretations have long denied women their fundamental rights of education and independence in non-secular countries examples imply the tribal areas of Afghanistan Pakistan extremist areas in Kashmir, Central India and Gujrat Saudi Arabia Morocco and Kenya. On one pretext or the other men have used Islam as the sword (without realizing that Islam has no such injunctions) to cut short the rights of women in a modern world.How Globalization Helped? However globalization has been the silent factor providing authorisation to women across the globe and granting them access to education. Globalization changed the international alignment of businesses pitch about more foreign direct investment and joint col repelations. Women in states where Islam was cited as the keystone governing all their behavior and rights found that globalization resulted in exposure of the maltreatments against them.Media and foreign activists have initiated several campaigns in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the past decade (some of them being as a result of 9/11 influx). The revelation of the actual state of women in these troubled areas led to federal control and social activists involvements in these areas. These groups developed schools, colleges, abolished the previous springer and illicit practices in the shroud of religion and do sure that the sanctitude of women was upheld (Muzaffar, 2009).The major role of globalization was the increased integration of regional economies which made dependency and mutuality inevitable for countries and regions within. Countries could no longer remain upstage of the international market as globalization brought them closer together in terms of social, economic, political and cultural dependence (Apple, Kenway, & Singh, 2005). The major fall of globalization in helping Muslim women develop education was the spread of education itself.Globalization led to the creation of awareness, self-actualization and increased commitment and cooperation resulting in more schools, colleges and universities being built. In countries like Malaysia and Pakistan, the number of universities grew with great ill-treat over the past twenty years. Though the change in ideology and Islamic understanding was not visible in the tribal areas of Pakistan collectable to ignorance and lack of integration with federal rule, Malaysia today boasts of a modernized society where women are empowered and enjoy equal status rights as men.The illusion that Islam confines women to within the household was a widely held belief in such nations and is still today the chief limiting factor for the organic evolution of women in Pakistans t ribal areas (Hassan, 2006). Education Education, as a result of globalization, resulted in the reality crashing upon the heads of the people who were rooted earlier in ignorance and art faith. The muftis and sermon-givers of Islam who hardly possessed enough knowledge to save their own skins propagated jerry-built Islamic fatwas relating to the rights of women forcing them into confinement and imposing undue restrictions over them.However, globalization increased the synergy between different educated and learned men and women of Islam pitch about a correction of faith, ideas and beliefs. Thus, several hundred schools and colleges have been built for the education and counseling of women in rural Afghanistan and Pakistan. Women from reversed areas have been able to move before with the advent of globalization through increased opportunities and exposure to people who are willing to work towards the uplift of women (Maisami, 2003).A secondhand effect of globalization that helpe d women progress was the increased need for skilled labor and competition. Since the tariff system was done away with by the World trade Organization (WTO) reforms, sellers found that overnight they had lost their competitive advantage now buyers could select from an international market and choose the lowest prices without trade restrictions. This brought a desire for competition amongst the medium- surface sellers and growth amongst the large sellers. The small fishes could not do much as survival was a zero possibility for them.Thus, women were necessitate to bring in expertise and newer ideas in some of the medium sized businesses in the developing nations. Fuelled by this demand, more and more women found opportunities strike on their doors and calling them towards empowerment. Though there is not much literary productions available to support this phenomenon, I believe that my interaction with friends in Pakistan has given over me a fair idea of the reality of this happe ning (Muzaffar, 2006). Evidence Technology has been one of the most important reasons behind the improvement of womens conditions in terms of education.Women confined to the four walls of houses have been able to benefit from the use of technology and gain education. Determination and courage leads to success it has been so in the fact for women who have broken their jinx and acquired education only through the use of Internet. These women have been the ones whose parents and husbands have not been extremists, thus allowing them the use of technologies such as the Internet. Otherwise, in 99% of the non-secular areas, technology is abhorred as much as occidental contact and modernization (Hassan, 2006).Modernization, according to the extremists is wearing jeans, using a diligent phone and speaking in English. People with such mindsets have been severe impediments for their women in the path to acquiring education. Evidence Malaysian women are one of the most progressive sect of M uslim women across the globe. Their second-stringer or integrity has not changed most women still follow the hijab which is everyday to ensure modesty in women however, their approach to life has transformed greatly. work alongside men and performing chores which even today is thought of to be a mans job in most backward Muslim regions, Malaysian women display the true sense of how globalization has assisted them in overpowering false Islamic ideologies built and propagated in the establish of religion only to bring shame to it (Altwaijri, 2006). Conclusion Globalization has been a major player in provoking the exposure of the false ideological practices of Islamic men who used religion as the tool to keep themselves one step further of women in all areas.The advent of media reporting and social groups involvement in the countries where Muslim women were forced into ignorance has led to education being spread to them. The times of forced ignorance and support from misleading m ullahs on the part of Muslim men trying to oppress women is now a matter of confinement to the areas which are still not much in contact with the rest of the world. Globalization has thereof been a major ratifier to the ease with which Muslim women have been able to gain access to education.Without the advent of globalization, communication and technological barriers would have had kept Muslim women stagnant and at bay. It has been the increasing inter-mingling of international communities which has given Muslim women the opportunity to move ahead with the rest of the world. In conclusion, globalization forces will continue to provide more opportunities for Muslim women to gather education and break the barriers of religious idealism that have long kept their talent within the limits of their houses (Mirjana, 2006).Bibliography Altwaijri, Abdulaziz Othman. The Islamic World and Globalization. ISESCO. Org. 26 July 2008 <http//www. isesco. org. ma/english/publications/Islamtoday/21 /P1. php>. The above reference was quite relvant to the radical of how globalization affects the Islamic world. The basic effects were used and then the refer upon Muslim women was easier to build up upon. Hassan, R. (2006). Islam in the Area of Globalization. Globalization, modernity and individuation ar fundamental issues in contemporary Islam and Islamic Studies. , 175-189.This article discusses the major issues and complexes that Muslim men hold against women so that their behavior has been very in-your-face and has led to oppression of women. Maisami, Mona. Islam and Globalization. The Fountain. July-September 2003. 27 July 2008 Very helpful in documenting the issues that were withdraw through globalization. Discusses to a certain extent the women issues as well. Mirjana Radovi, M. (2006). The Perspective of Womens Entrepreneurship in the Age of Globalization. Information Age Publishing , 3-14.This article was a snapshot of the whole document which provided the women is sues and how globalization impacts women in gaining education. Muzaffar, Chandra. Globalization and pietism Some Reflections. ReadingIslam. com. 29 June 2002. 9 May 2009 This article discusses the religious ideologies that have been cited as reasons for limiting the movement of women and keeping them from growing independent. Apple, M. W. Kenway, J. & Singh, M. (Eds. ). (2005). Globalizing Education Policies, Pedagogies and Politics. New York Peter Lang.The typical Muslim mentality regarding the independence and education of women is discussed in detail which helps in building up a subtile conclusion. Who Speaks for Islam? Who Speaks for the West? The Impact of Globalization on the Muslim World. New York Universitys Dialogues Islamic World-U. S. -The West. 10-11 February 2006. 24 July 2008 <http//islamuswest. org/publications_islam_and_the_West /Who_Speaks_For_Islam/Who-Speaks-For-Islam_05. html>. The most relevant article for this discipline which provided the largest literature review on the topic.

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Lincoln: Democratic or Autocratic Essay

capital of Nebraska was one of the near egalitarian and too one of the most autocratic of presidents.Abraham Lincoln was a very pop president. He believed in the junction and would do anything to keep it together subsequently the secession of the south that followed his election as president. However, to regain the entirety of the Union, he had to make some(a) risky decisions that may have labeled him as autocratic. The fact that he was both democratic and autocratic is valid for the most part. However, the purpose of his tyrannical actions was to preserve the Union.Lincoln could be seen as democratic through his persistent drive to save the Union. After his election in 1860, the deep south seceded from the Union off of the belief that their rights were being violated. Then, next the events at Fort Sumter, the rest of the south seceded. Lincoln did everything in his military force to try and regain peace in the country and save the Union from destruction. He stuck with the wa r for four long and bloody years turn the Army of the Potomac was constantly struggling with defeat. If George McClellan had won the presidency, there would be negotiated peace. fight would not have been sought out to bring back the gray states. Instead, there would be no guarantee that the south would even go along to the Union. In amplification, Lincoln did not believe in slavery. Even though he was still racist towards black, he saw the obvious offense of the establishment. He fought for their freedom through his Emancipation declaration, which stated that in all slaves in the Confederacy were free from their masters. Lincoln fought for the preservation of the Union, a symbolisation of par and democracy. He would protect it at any cost. With that, he in addition freed the slaves in the United States, which supported the idea of democracy he felt he needed to protect.Although Lincoln was a man of the people, he could also be considered as autocratic. But his tyrannical decisions and actions were not made for desire of force. He made them out of democratic intentions. Lincoln suspended the Writs of Habeas Corpus in the area between Washington and Philadelphia, a bold move on his part. The Supreme Court even ruled this action unconstitutional, but Lincoln ignored it. Without putting much thought into it, this does seem unfair and unconstitutional. send it was wartime, and not all the same rules apply. Lincoln made this decision for the take in of the war effort. There were mob attacks on Union troops handing over through Baltimore, so by suspending the writs, civilians supporting the Confederacy could be arrested and held without a trial. In addition, Lincoln expanded the size of the Union Army without congressional approvement. But of course, this was vital to the war, since this action allowed the North to outnumber the South.Also, the Emancipation Proclamation was considered unconstitutional by some. Lincoln pushed this act through that w ould free all the slaves in the Confederate territory without the vote from the states it would affect. But Lincolns reasoning behind this was that by making the war about slavery, it would go along England and France from joining the fight, for if they did, it would be a lost cause for the North. In addition to this, Lincoln hoped that the free blacks would provide further trouble for the South. Not exactly would the freedom for all the Souths blacks completely shake their economy, they could also join the fight for their freedom. Lincoln did many things in extending his executive power that may have been seen as tyrannical and autocratic, but the reason he made these decisions was to protect and preserve the Union as a symbol and model of democracy.Abraham Lincoln was clearly democratic as he fought to prevail the Union as a whole. He was also the one answerable for the freedom of African Americans. And even though he did take some autocratic action during his presidency, it a lways had some benefit for the war effort, whether it was disrupting the gray economy to make the anaconda plan work faster, or to make prisoner Confederate sympathizers in the Union. Without Lincolns bold behavior, the war would neer have been won. Without him, the Union would be broken.

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Only one submission assignment

Is required for each group. Late Penalty The slow penalty for the assignment is 10 percent of the full mark per twenty-four hours for each day the assignment Is late. Including weekends and public holidays. Other Penalties The penalty for groups of much than 7 students is 50% deduction of the total mark received. Total 15 marks Part 1 Hedging with Futures Assume that you are guardianship a portfolio of S& angstromP index and consider apply the S&P cholecalciferol index futures contracts to hedge the portfolio risk.Determine your hedgerow strategy nd discuss how to implement your strategy (note that the contract nurture of the S&P 500 index futures can be found at the CME website). Data file can be downloaded from the melodic line Blackboard under the Project folder. The file contains daily prices of S&P 500 index and S&P 500 index futures. Part 2 Trading Options Go to Yahoo pay http//finance. yahoo. com/ and click on the Dow Jones, NASDAQ (on the top panel). The n click on components on the left panel. You can see a list of stocks in the symbol column.When you click on any stock, you will get basic information on the stock. Among them. Market Cap Is the one you need to use to strike stocks. You need to select three stocks (a stock with mart capitalization to a greater extent than $10 billion, a stock with market capitalization In in the midst of $10 billion and $500 million and a stock with market capitalization less than $500 million) whose options are reasonably actively traded. move on a stock and then click on options on the left panel, you will get the prices of calls and puts.

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Unit 4

social unit 4Roza Niemiec Unit 4 Introduction of Duty of make do in health , Social C be or Childrens and Young bulks Settings . 1. 1Define the term debt instrument of c be It room that as Health and Social worker we know to do of all timeything to avoid jeopardy and injury for our clients or service users , it is our legal duty to avoid any danger for them . Following polices and procedurs and write risk assessment to individualistic, taking actions to keep the individuals fail- well(p) and report it any danger . Keep up to date with all told instruct and updates . 1. Describe how the duty of c be affects own work spot The time when iam starting work iam responsible for take care of residents. I direct to make sure if they are safe . I rush to follow Health and Safety procedures nevertheless in addition I puzzle to use my own mind and see if everything is ok . I eat up to be very observant and be open to critic because perhaps iam not al focal points right I have to know what person is sentiment as well . Sometimes is very hard when I asked to do so many tasks in the same time but my duty is to make sure of gumshoe .In my work place we got fooling visitors. I sift to make sure if they are ok because who ever is inside work place iam responsible for them . I cant parcel out development with anyone, just with manager or senior . Regular training is really helping because maybe i can go into telephone number and forget thinks . 2. 1 Describe dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individuals. I think in that respect is many dilemmas because people hope to make them choices as well , by stopping them to do something for them safety we are not helping them to be independent.Also rights to freedom , by thinking that person will get harm by doing something we just reservation that person unhappy and we blocking them to do what they like . For example senile they still like to dance or cook or have any other hobbys . Also I want to intercourse about confidentiality, sometimes we dont know if we can theatrical role some information , maybe this will harm interest of individual . 2. 2 rationalise where to get additional support and advice about how to solvent such dilemmas I think first person which I could got for advice would be Senior Care Assistant and Manager or tutor .But if I not get anything from them I would contact professional bodies like The standstill of Health Care Professionals , Care Quality Commission , Unison , Skills for Care , Skills for Health and there are many more . We can bring forth them numbers on internet . 3. 1 Describe how to move to strike ups In letter I would acknowledge the complaint about what was happen , that I will take them concern seriously and that there will be actions make in investigation and apologise .The best would be wee them time frame and plan of action. I would try to resolve the task directly with person sending that complain . The be st option would be to talk with that person or talk by phone . Explain to that person about them rights and to who sand complain if is problem not intractable . I would try to understand that person pion of view and try to make this person understand my point of view . Also reassure that person that everything said is confidential .Responding to complain in good way can restore a trust and can prevent from coming(prenominal) misunderstanding s. 3. 2 Identify the main points of agreed procedures for handling complains . property all records of complain , investigation in what happen , give respond in agreed time with apologies or explanation , respond in right manner to complainer , tell him or his rights what happen if complain is not resolved , tell about role of local authorises , well-educated from mistakes and improve place of workUnit 4D2-explain how establishing a safe environment can support the procedures necessary for accidents, illnesses and emergencies. When supervis ing indoor and outdoorsy activities it is important that equipment is of the steepest safety standard. Space moldiness be allowed for children to hop pass over and run etc And no room should be over crowed whether it is with toys or people. This means as a practitioner you should think about the size of groups of children that are using one sphere as if there is to many there will be more accidents as their wont be enough space.Also before allowing children to use equipment check all equipment to make sure its safe and remove any broken or bad items. Safe environment is full of potential risks to a childs health and safety and accidents to happen, however with care and planning activities it decreases the risk, allowing children to explore and give way their skills without unnecessary danger. Everybody who works with children is responsible for their safety. Its important that the environment children are playing in is regularly check over before and during activities.If you have checked an area and equipment for safety before children start playing here and questioned whether the action mechanism is qualified for the children. Risk assessments are a key in safety, you mensurate the risk of the activity and any possible hazards and then decide how high the risk is and if it is to high you either need to find ways to lessen the risk or not do the activity at all. B1- experience possible ways to maintain the safety and privacy of children and to respect their wishes.There are many ways to maintain the safety and privacy of children, this involves policies and procedures such as safe guarding, making sure all mental faculty are suitable to work with children and they are asked to have regular CRB checks and staff training so they can learn new skills, also there are procedures that have to be done such as a having a passcode when someone other than the childs parent/carer is picking them up, security passes must be worn and all children must be signed in and out when they arrive and leave the setting.Confidentiality is also important any information about a child must be kept inside the setting, and records must be sorted away safely, also as a practitioner you shouldnt gossip about a child or their family whether youre in the setting or outside the setting. The Childs privacy is also important this is done by having doors n the toilets, having separate changing areas and having a quiet area for if a childs unwell, also any accidents should be cleaned up quickly and not do a scene as the child might become pain by it. Also having a key worker allows children to be tranquilize and have one to one time with a member of staff their close to.