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About the English Department at the New York University Essay

About the English Department at the New York University - Essay Example The English department also offers minor in Creative Writing. The Department of English at New York University studies and teaches English language literature from various periods and places. The university trains their students in close reading, historical and archival research, literary theory, the history of the book, media theory, and cultural analysis. Every year NYU attracts applicants from various parts of the world for graduate study. Many of these graduate students do not belong to the New York City, so to make the programs attractive the existing graduate students have created a strong community. The undergraduate Creative Writing Program offers workshops, reading, internships, writing prizes and events. The graduate Creative Writing Program at NYU consists of a community of authors who works in a supportive and challenging atmosphere. The faculty members of the department also contribute to building a strong community for the students who come to study here. According to m e, it’s not only the educational programs but also the strong sense of community which attracts prospective students every year. Thesis The internship, work of graduates, building and maintaining strong community is all about the literacy study here. All the participants have their individual role in the department. If every participant maintains the performance in a progressive manner then the English Department of New York University will be able to maintain its position, which will bring new members every year, who will also gradually contribute to the existing community to take it to another level and maintain its position thoroughly. Statement of Significance The purpose of this study is to identify how literacy practices contribute to the community, and what is the role of each member belongs to the community. As mentioned above writing and reading considered to be the most important literacy practice. They also produce high-quality literary journals. Students actively take part in the vibrant literary community and engage themselves in all aspects of the literary arts like writing, reading, teaching, publishing and community outreach. It is indicated by the graduate students of this department that writing creates the identity both here in the department and beyond. So it is to be understood in this paper that writing is an assumed literacy practice that is said to be an essential part of the performance, although it is not a separate literacy practice. Performing respective roles in the English department is important to faculty, current graduate students and prospective graduate students. To make this essay more significant it is expected that certain members of the community will perform certain roles. It can be assumed that members of the community will perform in respective ways to enrich their own academic careers as well as they will support the community. In other words, the strength of the English department at NYU is highly dependent on the effective and successful performance of all its members. To look into the matter of literacy practice of the English department, I have collected a few samples which include fiction reading, poetry reading, and poets in conversation. Along with this, I conducted two interviews: one with the graduate coordinator of GEO   that is Graduate English Organization of NYU and another is a graduate student who represents the use of literacy within the department.        Ã‚  

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Drama Essay English 102 Essay Example for Free

Drama Essay English 102 Essay In A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen Nora (protagonist), lives a lifestyle that complies with the social standards of a typical wife during the late nineteenth century. She follows a patriarchal lifestyle in which her husband, Torvald Helmer (antagonist) is dominant. Furthermore, she doesnt see that her marriage to Mr. Helmer is an illusion. Tarvold belittles and disempowers her throughout the play. However, at the end of the play she is no longer blind and sees that Mr. Helmer only cares for himself. Ibsen provides a clear example of Noras disempowerment in her lifestyle as a woman during the late 19th century. In 1879 women were not allowed to sign a contract for a loan without a male cosigner. Mrs. Helmer needed to take out a loan to pay for Tarvolds trip to Italy due to is illness at the time. Nora didnt want her father to know about the loan because he was on his death bed (840). She didnt want Mr. Helmer to know about the loan, because he wouldnt take the money, he didnt want to be in debt to a woman. Therefore she took the contract and forged her dieing fathers signature Another example of Noras disempowerment that Ibsen provides the audience with is Noras marriage to Torvald. First, he constantly belittles her by calling her pet names of insignificant animals such as squirrel or songbird (823). Another example is Mr. Helmer not allowing Mrs. Helmer to eat macaroons, which he claims are bad for her teeth. In Tkatchev 2 addition, when he suspects her of eating a macaroon he treats her as if she was a child (825). An example of Tarvolds feeding off of Noras helplessness is when she practices the Tarantella but she acts as if she doesnt know what she is doing and desperately asks Tarvold to teach her. However in reality she was stalling him from checking his mailbox in which lies the letter from Krogstad stating the details of Noras forgery (859-860).. Although Nora is constantly disempowered and belittled by Tarvold, she is very submissive to Tarvold and believes that her marriage is a success. Although Nora is constantly disempowered and belittled by Tarvold, she is very submissive to Tarvold and believes that her marriage is a success. Although Nora is blind, because she doesnt see that her marriage to Torvald is an illusion. At the end of the play Nora finds out what kind of person Mr. Helmer really is. After Torvald opens and reads the first letter from Krogstad he is astonished and the first words that came out of Noras mouth after Tarvold flings open the door I wont let you save me (870). She is expecting for him to defend her because she committed a crime. However, it is the opposite he belligerently insults her and continually carries on about himself and his reputation. In addition, even when she implies suicide When Im gone from the world youll be free (871), Tarvold implies if it was beneficial to him, he would let her do it; however, it doesnt so she shouldnt. After Tavold reads the second letter he quickly forgives Nora because the letter states that Krogstad will disregard the fraud and he will not file any charges. The second letter was written thanks to Mrs. Linde, who suggested that he still keep the letter stating the forgery and write a letter stating that he will disregard the forgery. The reason that she wanted the first letter to Tkatchev 3 reach Mr. Helmer is because she wanted the truth to be known. However its too late because Nora finally opened her eyes. After seeing Torvalds reaction the blind, submissive, powerless, Nora understood that Mr. Helmer only cares about himself. Therefore, she opened her eyes and changed to the complete opposite of the Nora that the audience met in the beginning of the play. Nora went from being submissive to unyielding. Instead of keeping to herself she began to voice her opinion. For example For eight whole years longer in fact since we first met, we have never talked seriously to each other about a single serious thing. (873) Not only does Nora finally see what her marriage is really about, she also decided to leave Torvald forever. Clearly showing power and independence Tarvold begs her to stay and use the children as an excuse. However Nora responds by stating that the maid knows the house and the children better then she ever did. After reading this play I believe that the second translation (A Dolls House) is better then the first (A Dolls House). Because, the first translation means singular, in reference to Nora. However, the second translation means plural in reference to both Nora and Tarvold. In my opinion both Nora and Tarvold are both, being dolls, victims of society and social standards. They followed a patriarchal rule within their family, which met with the social norms during that time period. Where Tarvold is the dominant, bread winner, husband and Nora is the submissive, entertainment, wife. If their social standard of society during that era, are now looked upon as immoral and wrong, does that mean that the people of the next era will look at our social standards of society and social norms and as immoral and wrong?

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Based loosely on an interpretation of the painting by Kevin Sinnott :: Drama

Based loosely on an interpretation of the painting by Kevin Sinnott called â€Å"Running Away with the Hairdresser†. The performance was based on the idea of running towards, and reaching, Earthfall Drama Essay During the week spent in the Earthfall residency, we produced a performance based loosely on an interpretation of the painting by Kevin Sinnott called â€Å"Running Away with the Hairdresser†. The performance was based on the idea of running towards, and reaching, your dreams and ideas for a perfect life. Kevin Sinnott’s work is largely based on emotions and human relationships; he deals with personal experiences and expresses them through his artwork. Each of his paintings has an individual theme which enables viewers of his piece to come up with their own understanding of how it relates to their personal emotions. The painting, â€Å"Running Away with the Hairdresser†, has two themes both running away with the hairdresser and leaving the past behind. We incorporated both these themes into our performance through two different physical portrayals, firstly the hairdressing motif and running away scene. These are the scenes which reveal and visualise the true understanding of the themes and morals of the performances. This performance was centred around the art of dance and physical movement. These techniques were linked into our performance by Earthfall from different artists. We used skills from the company DV8 who base themselves on physical theatre portraying a particular emotion. These provided the stimulation for the main running away section, adding a lively and contemporary twist, which the audience could take in and develop individual interpretations for the reasons behind running away. Thus proving, like DV8, the idea that there is no official meaning of the performance. The use of physical movement and gestures also reflected more meaning on the audience, and not only that, allowed them the ability to experience others personal outlooks on their reasons behind running away and what they would like to achieve from doing so. The ideas also inspired the dream sequence within are performance, as like DV8, this piece of theatre was formed on radical and eccentric personal ideas. However it was worked within our routine so that it fitted comfortably in with the themes and morals. Earthfall’s work is concerned with seeking a personal honesty, passion and economy in physical performance to produce quality work of depth, they used this idea to motivate us and encourage us to come up with our own ideas from personal experiences and dreams. They then used these to create a performance relevant to us pupils, through the use of monologues which allowed us a chance to express ourselves and also

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Write Your Response to the First Chapter of Enduring Love by Ian Mcewan

Write your response to the first chapter of â€Å"Enduring Love† â€Å"The beginning is simple to mark. † – The first line of the novel is designed to hook readers and it does. The use of the word â€Å"beginning† begs the question, the beginning of what? Instantly capturing our interests, it also shows the significance of the event as coupled with the word â€Å"simple† it shows complexity surrounding this mysterious, forthcoming event, again capturing our interests, and it shows the narrator has replayed this event a number of times to himself to of found the exact moment where everything began.I believe it is a rather cliche opening to a novel but with McEwan being the author he manages to make it is an effective cliche. McEwan, through the introduction of characters and detail, instantly introduces the subject of class into the novel and so sets the backdrop for the novel. With a bottle of 1987 Daumas Gassac and a name like Clarissa that holds t he connotations of wealth and luxury we are told of the class and lifestyle surrounding who we assume are the main characters. With the narrative voice in chapter one of the novel focusing on thought and detail and not emotion it introduces a rather robotic character in Joe.We get to know him quickly and quite intimately as the novel is written as though he is talking to straight to us. We are shown the absence of feeling in him which is replaced by the almost irrational use of logic he uses. For me, too much emphasis is put on the scientific part of Joe, we are told his mind works in a scientific way and it is made apparent that he is very intelligent but this is drilled into the readers head over and over again until it becomes potentially irritating and monotonous.There is no human being behind the voice, he observes in very close detail everything around him but does not feel a great deal about it. Joe’s need for detail to perhaps eliminate some of the guilt that he feels at this stage of the novel is repeated to the extent that it becomes almost obsessive. The relationship between Joe and Clarissa is intriguing. They are both at opposite ends of a spectrum, with Joe being an unemotional, rational and obsessive scientist it is worlds apart from Clarissa, who is an artist and relies heavily on emotion.Despite being together for seven years, the two are too different to be compatible in a much longer term, they think in different ways and appear to not have a lot of common ground.. In the first chapter the focus is on the balloon accident but when it becomes apparent that this is not the main event in the novel the only other thing we have been given to focus on is the relationship between the pair which is interesting and dare I say it, it makes the reader want to read on.The setting for the opening scene is a blank canvas; the field in which the accident takes place is simple and lets the accident take the forefront of the story. The simplicity give s way for more complex events but the serenity of the scene which is then interrupted by a tragic accident is significant in that it could be a metaphor for the rest of novel. Joe and Clarissa are quite happy together in the beginning and have been for some time but as the story unfolds and Jed, like the balloon, crashes into their relationship, cracks begin to show and disaster strikes.McEwan uses a lot of delay techniques in the first chapter. I find he delays the events to the point of near boredom. Although what he writes is interesting it is repetitive and nauseatingly pretentious. The majority of the chapter is McEwan making his presence felt, the narrative voice changes from being Joe to being McEwan and back to Joe again. There are too many complex paragraphs that have barely any relevance to the novel other than to show how intelligent McEwan is. However despite not particularly enjoying the first chapter of â€Å"Enduring Love†, McEwan achieves his initial objective , to intrigue the reader.

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Reason, is the ability to use your thinking in order to form conclusions Essay

Reason, is the ability to use your thinking in order to form conclusions, inferences, or judgments. to use reason in order to so such things we need not only to think but also connect and make paths with the other ways of knowing and the mindful surrounds with the use of our senses like the article states. While trying to make conclusions, inferences or judgments we tend to search for courses that led to such behavior actions or outcomes. For example, we can take the idea of Sherlock homes whether he wanted to conclude about something he not only think about it but he actually search for the components who led to that. Then when he actually found the pieces of the puzzle he is able to conclude of make a judgment of any circumstance. For that reasons, we can say that in other to reach to conclusions and gain knowledge about them we firstly need to search for all the pieces and then put them together and conclude. Pursuing this further, reason on its can give us knowledge however, this information may not be as good and certain as when using all the components in order to reach to an ending. The article states that when actually observing the situations and using the mindful of the surroundings and using all the scenes in order to actually observe then, we are able to actually see what is behind the blanket and understand what we were actually searching for. Answers are easier when we actually search for them and find all the components that make one. If we tend to actually do into the conclusions we would never actually gain knowledge we most likely believe we are when we are not. In order to actually gain knowledge we need to search for it and use our perception emotion and language. In that moment we are able to gain knowledge the moment when we actually see the whole picture.

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Downs Syndrome essays

Downs Syndrome essays All children that are born with Downs Syndrome (previously called mongolism) have a common characteristic appearance and may also share similar congenital birth defects. Dr John Downs, of whom the condition is so named after, found that children who were born with these similar characteristics and that after testing were complete. It was found that there was a common chromosome abnormality, which is known as Trisomy 21 (Cunningham, 1996). Every pregnant woman is at risk of having a Downs Syndrome child. For example 1 in 1,000 women who are 28yrs will give birth to a child with this condition. However, the risk is much greater with a woman who is 38yrs, increasing the risk by approximately 1 in 200 births. Until recently, it was thought that a womans age was the only indicator to the risk involved. However, advances in medical practise can now carry out tests out by looking at a womans hormone and protein levels during pregnancy. Also with the information of the expectant mothers age and the use of maternal screening, two thirds of Downs Syndrome infants can be identified whilst still in the womb. Research into the origins of Downs Syndrome has been carried out worldwide all with one common question in mind; is the condition genetic, thus making it hereditary? However, research that has been carried out has found, that children born with this condition have the same genetic makeup as a child born without the condition. However, there is one difference and that is a child born with Downs Syndrome, will have an extra chromosome. By having just one chromosome extra is enough to tip the finely tuned balance of the human body and will in turn produce physical and intellectual characteristics that are found in Downs Syndrome. It is commonly known that genes are passed from parent to child. And those most have two copies of every gene. In general one copy is passed on from both mother ...

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The Integrity of Data and Analysis in Marketing Assignment

The Integrity of Data and Analysis in Marketing Assignment The Integrity of Data and Analysis in Marketing – Assignment Example The paper "The Integrity of Data and Analysis in Marketing " is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing.Marketers should be concerned about the integrity of data and analysis that is provided by the National Household survey. This is because the data is of low quality because Canadians are not willing to provide the surveys with the information required to assist the marketers; hence, leaving gaps on what the consumers really want from the marketers. The marketers should be confident using the Census-Plus projection provided by Environics Analytics. This is because it provides an extensive demographic and socioeconomic profile of the Canadian consumers including the DAs (Lamb 67). Additionally, Census Plus projection helps in understanding ethnic customers and diversity among ethnic segments. A private firm can completely replace the analysis and the data delivered by the StatsCan long-form census. Because it is no longer in use as another strategy has been created to establis h what the Canadians have to say about the market. The target experience has clearly indicated that before any company enters a market they should first understand the target profit and break-even analysis. This is because with a clear consideration of the two the company can decide whether the investment is long-term or short-term, as well as, how big they should invest. Target Canada in their Initial situational analysis missed understanding the importance of market sizing (Lamb 90). In that, they did not know what the consumers in Canada wanted, as well as, the sum of money they were willing to pay for the products. Target experience would have been different if they had an online experience because they could have related to the consumers and understood about the range of products they would buy. By so doing, they would have an easier way in segment and market penetration.

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The impact of 50% of American workers not taking vacation time

The impact of 50% of American workers not taking vacation time Have you heard what happens when you lead a life of â€Å"all work and no play?† Beyond becoming dull, a life without a healthy work-life balance can lead to a wide array of negative outcomes- both mental and physical. It’s true, the most effective employees aren’t the ones who work nonstop like robots; individuals who work hard but also make time for vacations away from their jobs are the ones who are able to maintain high levels of work efficiency and healthy well-being over the long haul. According to a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 73 percent of civilian workers have access to paid vacations. However, a concerning trend is being witnessed across industries in the American workforce- many employees are simply not taking vacations, believe it or not. Approximately 50% of American workers- half of the entire labor force- don’t take vacations for one reason or another, and its having a big impact, both on employees and the companies they work for.Why don’t people take vacation?Let’s take a closer look at why this is happening, and its impact.No paid vacation benefitsAlthough the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 73 percent of civilian workers have access to paid vacations, all industries are not created equal and some employers don’t offer their employees a full suite of benefits that include paid vacations. For example, only 55 percent of workers employed in service occupations have access to paid vacations. Workers who don’t receive paid vacation benefits are typically at the lower end of the wage spectrum, or have part-time, freelance, or contract-based employment arrangements, and often they either can’t afford to take time off of work or their work schedules aren’t flexible enough to take vacation time.Juggling multiple jobsA growing number of people have resorted to non-traditional work situations, either by choice or by circumstance, which can include having mu ltiple part-time jobs- which often don’t include vacation benefits. It can be tricky enough to take time off from one full-time job; when you’re juggling multiple jobs with varying scheduling needs and demands, carving out time for a vacation can be a real challenge, one in which many workers can’t seem to make happen.The funds just aren’t thereThe sad truth is that many people simply can’t afford to go on a proper vacation; they either don’t receive paid vacation benefits or live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to go anywhere even if they can take time off, and would rather just go to work than take time off and have nothing to do.Other life obligationsSome people who work in inflexible work environments have to use their vacation time for non-vacation obligations. Life happens, and everything that comes up that needs to be taken care of- from dental appointments to a sick child or taking the dog to the vet and everything in be tween- may mean having to use vacation time, leaving no time to take an actual vacation. Although some of us are lucky enough to have understanding employers who are willing to work with us to handle life’s unexpected responsibilities, some of us don’t have that luxury.People are afraid to go on vacationYes, this is a sad but true fact- some folks are simply too afraid to take a vacation from work. They may either be worried that if they take time away from work there’d be no one there to cover their responsibilities or afraid that taking time off could make them appear replaceable and put their jobs in jeopardy. In a world where job security is elusive and positions dangle precariously, some workers may not feel like a vacation is worth the risk.The impact of not taking vacationsAlthough there are many reasons why individuals may not want to take time off from work for vacation, the impact of their decisions not to do so is clear. Research has shown that not ta king a healthy break from work can lead to a wide range of unwelcome mental and physical effects on the average worker.Job burnout and decreased efficiency on the job are not uncommon phenomenon for folks who push themselves too hard without taking some time off for themselves; as a result, their perceived dedication to work may actually be working against them, resulting in their becoming less productive and valuable employees. Not taking vacation can also negatively affect employee’s moods at work; this includes increased irritability and decreased patience, which can really place a strain on relationships and communication with colleagues. Job focus and energy are also typically depleted at a more rapid rate without a â€Å"vacation recharge,† which ultimately benefits neither the exhausted employees or their frustrated employers.Not taking vacations has a measurable spillover effect outside of work as well. Think of all the detrimental on-the-job effects we just co vered- you don’t think they just magically evaporate when workers go home, do you? Folks who work hard and don’t take vacations are much more likely to be unhappy overall, which follows them around whether they’re at work or at home. They typically dread going into work more than workers who take vacations, which likely means weekends full of unease or anxiety over the coming work week. As if negatively effecting coworker relationships wasn’t enough, carrying around all of this unwanted â€Å"no-vacation baggage† nonstop is sure to have an impact on personal relationships as well. Furthermore, it isn’t hard to imagine a cyclical effect coming into play: unhappiness at work leads to unhappiness outside of work, which feeds back into itself in a circular, downward-spiraling loop of disastrous negativity.All of these negative feelings and emotions tied up with working too hard and not taking vacations can really take a physical toll as well. Th e mind and body are interconnected, and job burnout and unhappiness due to not taking vacations can lead to lethargy, increased aches and pains, lower resistance to illness, and a host of other unwelcome symptoms. So, if your reasons for not taking a vacation are tied to financial frugality, consider the fact that what you’re saving on vacations might wind up costing you in sick days and medical bills.Looking aheadThe bottom line is that most people need a healthy mix of productive activity and relaxing downtime to function at optimum levels, which makes intuitive sense- most people function at their best when they lead balanced lives.So, now that you’re aware of the impact of not taking a vacation from work, what can you do if you’re finding it tough to strike a balance? If you can’t seem to make time for a vacation, either because of your current work situation or because of everything in your life that you’re currently juggling, take a closer lo ok at your routine and see if you can make some adjustments. If it’s a financial concern, consider creating a savings plan that will help you fund a vacation- even modest savings over time can really add up!Again, this is not a frivolous thing- taking a vacation is a responsible way to ensure that all the elements of your life are operating properly over the long haul. This might entail getting some help from friends, family members, or colleagues to help you carve out some quality â€Å"you† time, but it’s a worthwhile investment in your long-term functioning. And if you have a boss or work for a company that frowns on vacations from work, or doesn’t offer vacation benefits, then show them this article- hopefully they’ll quickly see that employee vacations benefit them as much as it does you.

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Employee Turnover in Hong Kong's hospitality industry Essay

Employee Turnover in Hong Kong's hospitality industry - Essay Example Turnover implies employee leaving the present job voluntarily and taking up other jobs (Jack Black, 2002). Turnover is not resignation which involves end of employment by the employer for reasons such as a fall in profits of the company, bankruptcy or merger. Thus, employee turnover is taken up by the employee rather than the employer. Employee turnover is dependent on the type of business and the economic state of the area in which the company is operating. Thus where there is an economic boom, turnover is said to be much greater than in areas where there is no growth or which are undergoing the economic down turn (Employee What, 2002). The phenomenon of employee turnover is considered as one of the natural outcomes of conduct of business in modern organizations. Thus it is said that achieving zero percent turnover is not practical and should not even be attempted in today's rapidly changing employment environment (Branham, 2000). It is also said that some turn over may be desirable as it would enable a shake out amongst the employees avoiding bunching up of a large number with similar pay scales, salaries and capabilities making a pyramid (Branham, 2000). To retain all such employees will be extremely expensive for the organization. New employees are also said to bring in fresh ideas, approaches, abilities, attitudes and also prevent the organization from remaining stagnant (Branham, 2000). 2.3 Brief introduction of Hong Kong Hong Kong is said to be a very vibrant metropolis which has a life and dynamism of its own making it one of the unique cities in the World. It has a typical Chinese culture which has remained unaffected by British influence over the years (Hong Kong, 2006). It offers a mix of the modern and the ancient, the Oriental and the Western and therein lies its charm. At the same time the employment environment in Hong Kong follows a very flexible tendency. Thus employees in Hong Kong are not inhibited by generally accepted norms of loyalty and life long service which is characterized by some Eastern management cultures such as the Japanese (Hong Kong, 2006). 2.4 Employee turnover in Hong Kong Hong Kong job market has been continuously improving since the middle of 2003. This has been very dynamic and there has been greater availability of jobs in Hong Kong over the past few years (HR Service Providers Directory, 2005). There is a link between job growth and turn over of employees as seen from the data published in the HR Service Providers Directory 2000. The quarterly turn over rate as per the Directory, HK/HRM 2005 First Quarter Survey on Manpower Statistics has continued to rise which is also in conformity with vacancy rates which have also shown an upward trend due to lack of suitable candidates. In the first quarter of 2005, the overall turnover rate was .62 % higher than for the previous quarter at 2.99 %, and almost 1 (.92) % higher than the same period of 2004. Figure 1 at Appendix 1 refers (HR Service Providers Directory 2005). The turnover in the hotel sector was however slightly lower than the overall trend at 2.77 %. Figure 2 at Appendix B refers (HR Servic

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How cell phones affected business in the world Research Paper

How cell phones affected business in the world - Research Paper Example This is especially in terms of communication besides ensuring that they can execute certain policies not only when physically present in the company but also while far away from the premises (Donovan, 2012). Consequently, cell phones have made everything fast and easy because it is just either the touch of the screen or press of a button, and individual attains what he or she wants (Diniz, Porto de Albuquerque, & Cernev, 2011). However, cell phones in the field of business have presented both merits and demerits mainly based on their usage. This is especially by employees who end up using them inappropriately for their gains (Diniz, Porto de Albuquerque, & Cernev, 2011). Enhance Business Flexibility When utilized as necessitated, cell phones pose numerous benefits to any business venture globally (Donovan, 2012). They normally allow for easy flexibility of both the business and employees while working. This enables one to work from anywhere irrespective of time, and still business ru ns smoothly, which is by offering the necessary directives, for instance, from business owners (Donovan, 2012). This is a positive impact on the businesses, which allows for extra flexibility not only to the owners but also clients because they are capable of both ordering and paying their bills using cell phones (MPESA) (Diniz, Porto de Albuquerque, & Cernev, 2011). For instance, suppose one is away from his or her office during a business trip, yet one can still communicate with clients and meet their needs. In addition, a person is capable of planning and holding meetings without necessarily being at the venue physically through a teleconference (Diniz, Porto de Albuquerque, & Cernev, 2011). Presently, numerous cell phones are Internet-enabled, implying they can perform similar and even more efficient functions than an ordinary computer. For instance, these functions embrace sending emails, conversing, browsing the Internet and typing documents irrespective of the user’s l ocation (Donovan, 2012). These features enable users to be updated with the current ongoing events besides being able to meet his or her prospective customers and suppliers. For instance, suppose a client is in need of a proposal, so one can send it to him or her via uploading it via the phone where the receiver gets it within seconds (Diniz, Porto de Albuquerque, & Cernev, 2011). Making the World a Global Village Cell phone knowhow has also turned the world into a global village in diverse ways (Diniz, Porto de Albuquerque, & Cernev, 2011). For instance, one can easily communicate with diverse people globally without necessarily being together physically, which also applies to both buying and selling varied merchandise. This is aided by phone enabled features such as emails, teleconferencing, and social sites (FaceBook and Tweeter) to relay information from the sender to a large pool of clientele within seconds. A businessperson can hold conference meetings with fellow business peo ple by teleconferencing or via Skype. This is much easier and faster due to a cell phone’s portability that prompts even workers to execute some of their roles while far from their respective working venues (Curwen & Whalley, 2010). This is evident currently with some global corporations which find it easy to deploy their staff in diverse

LighterLife Workshop Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

LighterLife Workshop - Case Study Example Obese people do not just detract from the country's growth by being unfit to perform their duties, they pose a financial burden because of their associated medical problems. Healthy non obese people can fulfill their duties to their country and thus are a great asset. A LighterLife counselor is thus in a unique position to contribute to the society by helping clinically obese people as well as to take advantage of a growing business opportunity. LighterLife now has 250 accredited and fully trained counsellors. The brand is unique in that it offers a real, scientifically proven and permanent solution to client's obesity problem. It has helped treat more than 60,000 obese people but the market penetration is low as per the expected business demand. Collective efforts are required to address this problem. In view of this, it is important to position the brand effectively. As a counsellor, I must emphasize what the brand has to offer and the values that we incorporate. I must project our belief in health, integrity and efficacy in a confident and well-balanced way. The philosophy of sustained healthy attitude towards food for life must be reinforced through the management program. This will help me forge a life long relationship with the client. Thus, more clients will stay on the route to management and management long after they have lost weight. Marketing For marketing LighterLife weight loss and weight management products, it's necessary for both the Company and the independent self employed counsellors to work in tandem. The counsellors must share their successful/ unsuccessful marketing efforts for LighterLife products with the Company. The Company can either take solutions from the marketing experts or share the tips from the successful marketers. To improve their business, counsellors should organize and attend relevant exhibitions in their areas, distribute flyers and combine advertising with advertorial. At their end, LighterLife will review and improve the present marketing material and tools to make it more sales oriented. It will make a concerted effort to support Counsellor marketing through new schemes, products and incentives. LighterLife will analyze the present Central marketing done from its offices through channels like magazine, website, public relation and exhibitions to get more clients interested. Counsellors will also be

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Logistics, People and Operations--Problem Solving in Connection With Essay

Logistics, People and Operations--Problem Solving in Connection With Real Organization - Essay Example Usage of machinery is inevitable in very field or sector. In the case of logistics instead of creating the system of machines, a system of people is created. This will make the system of machines work with out any obstructions. Logistics is mainly of three types. It is business logistics, production logistics and military logistics. In this paper we deal mostly about business and production logistics. Business logistics involves supply chain management. This is because the products or services start from the supplier and reach the end user. Here inventory management, purchasing, transportation, storing, organising and planning will be integrated. The knowledge about the resources about the above topics will be combined by the managers to coordinate the resources in the organisation. This coordination will streamline the flow of the material through the network and the other coordinates the sequences of resources regarding the flow of the goods and services. In production logistics the logistical process is internal, whereas in the business logistics the process is external. This involves the flow of goods and services within a industry or an organisation, which have branches located in different areas. The machines in the work places are fed with right product due to the production logistics. The streamlining of the flow of the goods and services through a process constitute the production logistics. ... This understanding is not enough for implementation of the logistics, either that of business or production.1 Transport and warehousing logistics is the fifth largest sector that is providing employment in the states like Chicago and California in USA. Career in logistics: The initial discussion is about understanding the qualifications needed for the success in logistics. The personnel in this sector need the skills in in-time inventory, management practices and the capability of recognising the demand for material movement. One significant factor to be understood in this sector is ever growing need of work force. Though the number of opportunities is growing in all the sectors, the work force needed for a particular work is being decreased. It is not the case with the transportation and warehousing logistics. Customer service satisfaction: The requirement of staff in that sector is increasing every day. The reason is that the customers are demanding more speed and quality in transportation and warehousing respectively. The qualifications and experience for the personnel in this sector will be different from other sectors. The required skills, the career opportunities were different in nature. The personnel need the skills regarding the storage of more goods in as much less space as possible and the transportation of goods in right time to right place. The goods or the products that are to be stored and transported will be different in nature. They range from fruits to vegetables, glass to crockery, and machinery to spares. Each type requires a different type of storage and mode of transportation. The transportation of the two wheelers is different from the transportation of four

Media Advertising Criticism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Media Advertising Criticism - Essay Example The major role of advertising is to increase sale of products and services, in addition to creating and maintaining the brand identity and image. It also entails communicating the change that exists in the product line and introducing a new product or service (Bartels 46). It is also viewed as a favorable representation of products to make customers, consumers and the public aware of the existent products. In other words, it lets potential users, buyers, and the public as a whole become familiar with the various brands of products, goods and services found in the market. Advertising has faced various criticisms regarding the content, ethics, privacy and the cost of the adverts. In this essay, we are going to discuss the reasons why advertising is essential irrespective of the criticisms that have been lodged against it (Beckman 70). Additionally, we shall examine in details some of the issues that bring about the criticisms of advertising. For instance, that it does not protect other people’s privacy and that it lays emphasis on inaccurate or inappropriate content. Beckman brings out the fact that media organizations at times misinterpret and withhold relevant facts because they are subverted by the advertiser’s demands. ... They believe that tobacco adverts may convince the younger generation that smoking is cool, yet is not. In some countries such as Canada, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand, the advertising structure operates in a system of self-regulation where advertisers, media and advertising agencies agree on the code of advertising standards that all stakeholders try to uphold. This aims at ensuring that the advertising is decent, legal, truthful and honest (Beckman 89). Thousands of policy researchers, opinion makers and politicians often wish to transmit information to the larger public. In order to do that successfully, they need a medium of communication. Therefore, media organizations always serve as the intermediaries of conveying such messages. Transmission of information and news to the public is extremely expensive, and this has prompted media organizations to significantly depend on advertising in order to cover some of their costs. There are few organizations and corporations that spend heavily on adverts, and this has compelled media agencies to accept advert orders from them irrespective of whether they violate the media ethics or not (Bartels 100). Advertising in its essential nature boldly appeals to the self-interest of customers for the patent and selfish gain of the capitalists. Therefore, criticizing advertising is to criticize capitalism and ethical egoism (Albion 48). Anderson makes us understand that, in the psychological point of view, people are in control of their mind; thus, they cannot be manipulated unless they allow it. There are three facts that uphold this statement. First, reason is volitional, a fact that negates determinism; thus, removes the support for the view that advertising possesses

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Logistics, People and Operations--Problem Solving in Connection With Essay

Logistics, People and Operations--Problem Solving in Connection With Real Organization - Essay Example Usage of machinery is inevitable in very field or sector. In the case of logistics instead of creating the system of machines, a system of people is created. This will make the system of machines work with out any obstructions. Logistics is mainly of three types. It is business logistics, production logistics and military logistics. In this paper we deal mostly about business and production logistics. Business logistics involves supply chain management. This is because the products or services start from the supplier and reach the end user. Here inventory management, purchasing, transportation, storing, organising and planning will be integrated. The knowledge about the resources about the above topics will be combined by the managers to coordinate the resources in the organisation. This coordination will streamline the flow of the material through the network and the other coordinates the sequences of resources regarding the flow of the goods and services. In production logistics the logistical process is internal, whereas in the business logistics the process is external. This involves the flow of goods and services within a industry or an organisation, which have branches located in different areas. The machines in the work places are fed with right product due to the production logistics. The streamlining of the flow of the goods and services through a process constitute the production logistics. ... This understanding is not enough for implementation of the logistics, either that of business or production.1 Transport and warehousing logistics is the fifth largest sector that is providing employment in the states like Chicago and California in USA. Career in logistics: The initial discussion is about understanding the qualifications needed for the success in logistics. The personnel in this sector need the skills in in-time inventory, management practices and the capability of recognising the demand for material movement. One significant factor to be understood in this sector is ever growing need of work force. Though the number of opportunities is growing in all the sectors, the work force needed for a particular work is being decreased. It is not the case with the transportation and warehousing logistics. Customer service satisfaction: The requirement of staff in that sector is increasing every day. The reason is that the customers are demanding more speed and quality in transportation and warehousing respectively. The qualifications and experience for the personnel in this sector will be different from other sectors. The required skills, the career opportunities were different in nature. The personnel need the skills regarding the storage of more goods in as much less space as possible and the transportation of goods in right time to right place. The goods or the products that are to be stored and transported will be different in nature. They range from fruits to vegetables, glass to crockery, and machinery to spares. Each type requires a different type of storage and mode of transportation. The transportation of the two wheelers is different from the transportation of four

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Politics Through Chinese History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Politics Through Chinese History - Essay Example The basis of Chinese society was the family. A Chinese family consisted of grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, and servants. Family ties were very close. Every member of the family was duty-bound to safeguard the family honor and prestige. If a son did something wrong, he and the family will lose face, that is, disgraced. The parents were the absolute masters in the family. They arranged the marriage of the children and decided what professions they would take. Disobedience to parents was regarded as a serious sin. If the father died, the oldest son took his place. A family with many children was believed to be blessed by the gods. Women had few rights. Their place was at home. Their duties were to serve the men, to take care of the children and to attend to household work. They also worked in the fields like male laborers. The economic life in Old China centered on agriculture. About 80% of the Chinese people were peasants who lived in villages and toiled daily in their small farms. Those without farms were engaged in various industries such as bakery, carpentry, brickmaking, weaving, and retail merchandising. (Grousset, p. 99) Guilds existed in China long before they were established in Medieval Europe. A guild was an association of men engaged in an occupation. Hence, there were merchant’s guilds, baker’s guilds, musicians’ guilds, and carpenters’ guilds. The guilds fixed the prices of goods, determined wages, and working conditions, and looked after the welfare of the members. In matters of religion, the Chinese were very practical. They were deeply concerned about the gods, religious dogmas, and the future life. Heaven to them was abstract thing. They simply worshipped their ancestors and gods and paid homage to heaven and earth, mountains in other objects of nature. They were free from religious bigotry. They were free from being Confucians, Taoists and Buddhists at the same time. (Labourette, p. 56) Political life in Old China was regulated by Confucian precepts. At the head of the empire was the Emperor, who was regarded as the "Son of the Heaven." He ruled by the "mandate of heaven", that is, by permission of the gods. If he became corrupt, he immediately lost the mandate of heaven, and the people can overthrow him by revolution and place another ruler on the throne. (Labourette, p. 54) Below the emperor was a bureaucracy consisting of ministers, viceroys and governor

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Women in the American Revolution Essay Example for Free

Women in the American Revolution Essay As had been the pattern in Europe over the centuries, women in early America were not supposed to play any political role in society. Following the ideas and values brought here from the Old World, colonial leaders decided that womens main place was in the home, centered around conventional activities for example housework, cooking, cleaning, as well as childrearing. Besides taking care of the household, it was accepted; women could partake in some phases of the religious life of the community. However a sharp difference was drawn between religion and politics. When the question arose in early Massachusetts regarding possibly permitting all church members a political voice irrespective of their other status, Puritan minister John Cotton argued that merely independent adult men had the essential qualifications to act sensibly in the political sphere. Women and Servants, he said, are not reckoned â€Å"capable of voting in the choice of Magistrates, though they may be and are, church members. †1 Cotton and others felt that women may exercise some decision-making authority within the family, however in society at large men alone could be rulers. Certainly, not all men in early America had access to the political realm. As noted in Reverend Cottons remarks, bound servants were to be excluded. Furthermore, religious dissenters, white men without property and, certainly, black slaves were generally barred from any form of political participation. Members of these groups, along with women, had been conventionally looked upon as lacking the independence and personal qualities believed essential for becoming a voter or officeholder. Thus far women were obviously a special case, which is perhaps why it ultimately took longer for them to lawfully get political rights. Perhaps, too, it elucidates why in colonial times few theorists even measured the prospect of women having any sort of political role. In the second half of the 18th century, certain writers elaborated further as to why women did not belong in the political ground. A foremost advice book of the time, The Polite Lady, published in England however extensively read in America, stated that womens natural abilities were not equal to such a difficult task as politics. Female education, as currently conducted, said the author, was too slight and superficial to allow women to be competent judges of such matters. Just before the colonists stated their independence, Massachusetts lawyer and emerging statesman John Adams reiterated some of these views. Like the previous writer, Adams did not assert that women lacked any intellectual capacity. To a certain extent, he thought that they were unsuited both by temperament as well as training for such a worldly pursuit as politics. â€Å"Their delicacy, Adams insisted, renders them unfit for practice and experience in the great business of life, and hardly enterprises of war, as well as the arduous cares of state. Besides, their attention is so much engaged with the necessary nurture of their children, that nature has made them fittest for domestic cares. †2 Women in the Patriot Cause: These few instances of female participation despite, the foregoing criticism reveals the fact that women were not seen as having a justifiable place in the political community. The passage of time had brought much development to the colonies however none concerning any institutionalized political role for women. That women should have no business dealing with matters of state was an approach maintained not merely by notable men in America but as well among the great minds of the late 18th century European Enlightenment. Outside of the French philosopher Condorcet, no intellectual of the period seriously thought that women belonged in the public sphere. Though, the American Revolution would force as a minimum some rethinking of womens connection to the political realm here in the New World. Even though no formal context existed for women entering the civil polity, they would in several ways become attached to the movement looking for political independence from England. As historian Linda Kerber has noted, womens services turned out to be highly sought after either for the army or on the home front. Consequently, women were challenged to commit themselves politically and then validate their allegiance. In a little while the age-old question was raised: could a woman be a loyalist, an essentially political person, and, if so, what form would it take? The issue, as Kerber indicates, never achieved full resolution. However without doubt many women, at least for a time, went beyond their conventional roles and started engaging in some kinds of public activity.

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The Importance Of Marketing Communication Marketing Essay

The Importance Of Marketing Communication Marketing Essay Introduction In this paper, I would like to discuss the problems associated with marketing communication in international markets. When I proceed with the assignment, with relevant examples, I will examine why an integrated marketing communication is essential to the success of a multinational in a highly competitive international market. Marketing communications in international markets needs to be conducted with care. This paper will consider some of the key issues that businesses need to take into account when promoting products or services in overseas markets with different socio, cultural background. The importance of marketing communication Those who practice advertising, branding, direct marketing, marketing, packaging, promotion, publicity, sponsorship, public relations, sales, sales promotion and online marketing are termed marketing communicators. The communication process is sender-encoding-transmission device-decoding-receiver, which is part of any advertising or marketing program. Encoding the message is the second step in communication process, which takes a creative idea and transforms it into attention-getting advertisements designed for various media such as television, radio, magazines, and others. Massages travel to audiences through various transmission devices. The third stage of the marketing communication process occurs when a channel or medium delivers the message. Decoding occurs when the message reaches one or more of the receivers senses. Consumers both hear and see television ads. Others consumers handle or touch and read a coupon offer. One obstacle that prevents marketing messages from being efficient and effective is called barrier. Barrier is anything that distorts or disrupts a message. It can occur at any stage in the communication process. Marketing Communications are messages and related media used to communicate with a market. Marketing communications is the promotion part of the Marketing Mix or the four Ps: price, place, promotion, and product. The primary goal of marketing communication is to reach a defined audience to affect its behavior by informing, persuading, and reminding. Marketing communication acquires new customers for brands by building awareness and encouraging trial. Marketing communication also maintains a brands current customer base by reinforcing their purchase behavior by providing additional information about the brands benefits. A secondary goal of marketing communication is building and reinforcing relationships with customers, prospects, retailers, and other important stakeholders. Successful marketing communication relies on a combination of options called the promotional mix. These options include advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and personal selling. The Internet has also become a powerful tool for reaching certain important audiences. The role each element takes in a marketing communication program relies in part on whether a company employs a push strategy or a pull strategy. A pull strategy relies more on consumer demand than personal selling for the product to travel from the manufacturer to the end user. The demand generated by advertising, public relations, and sales promotion pulls the good or service through the channels of distribution. A push strategy, on the other hand, emphasizes personal selling to push the product through these channels. Traditionally, marketing communications practitioners focused on the creation and execution of printed marketing collateral; however, academic and professional research developed the practice to use strategic elements of branding and marketing in order to ensure consistency of message delivery throughout an organization. Many trends in business can be attributed to marketing communications; for example: the transition from customer service to customer relations, and the transition from human resources to human solutions. How marketing communication become successful? For marketing communication to be successful, sound management decisions must be made in the other three areas of the marketing mix: the product, service or idea itself; the price at which the brand will be offered; and the places at or through which customers may purchase the brand. The best promotion cannot overcome poor product quality, inordinately high prices, or insufficient retail distribution. Likewise, successful marketing communication relies on sound management decisions regarding the coordination of the various elements of the promotional mix. To this end, a new way of viewing marketing communication emerged in the 1990s. It is called integrated marketing communication; this perspective seeks to orchestrate the use of all forms of the promotional mix to reach customers at different levels in new and better ways. Why integrated marketing communication is important? The evolution of the above mentioned perspective has two origins. Marketers began to realize that advertising, public relations, and sales were often at odds regarding responsibilities, budgets, management input and myriad other decisions affecting the successful marketing of a brand. Executives in each area competed with the others for resources and a voice in decision making. The outcome was inconsistent promotional efforts, wasted money, counterproductive management decisions, and, perhaps worst of all, confusion among consumers. Secondly, the marketing perspective itself began to shift from being market oriented to market driven. Marketing communication was traditionally viewed as an inside-out way of presenting the companys messages. Advertising was the dominant element in the promotional mix because the mass media could effectively deliver a sales message to a mass audience. But then the mass market began to fragment. Consumers became better educated and more skeptical about advertising. A variety of sources, both controlled by the marketer and uncontrolled, became important to consumers. News reports, word-of-mouth, experts opinions, and financial reports were just some of the brand contacts consumers began to use to learn about and form attitudes and opinions about a brand or company, or make purchase decisions. Advertising began to lose some of its luster in terms of its ability to deliver huge homogeneous audiences. Companies began to seek new ways to coordinate the multiplicity of product and company messages being issued and used by consumers and others. Thus, two ideas permeate integrated marketing communication: relationship building and synergy. rather than the traditional inside-out view, integrated marketing communication is seen as an outside-in perspective. Customers are viewed not as targets but as partners in an ongoing relationship. Customers, prospects, and others encounter the brand and company through a host of sources and create from these various contacts ideas about the brand and company. By knowing the media habits and lifestyles of important consumer segments, marketers can tailor messages through media that are most likely to reach these segments at times when these segments are most likely to be receptive to these messages, thus optimizing the marketing communication effort. Ideally, integrated marketing communication is implemented by developing comprehensive databases on customers and prospects, segmenting these current and potential customers into groups with certain common awareness levels, predispositions, and behaviors, and developing messages and media strategies that guide the communication tactics to meet marketing objectives. In doing this, integrated marketing communication builds and reinforces mutually profitable relationships with customers and other important stakeholders and generates synergy by coordinating all elements in the promotional mix into a program that possesses clarity, consistency, and maximum impact. Practitioners and academics alike, however, have noted the difficulty of effectively implementing integrated marketing communication. Defining exactly what integrated marketing communication is has been difficult. For example, merely coordinating messages so that speaking with one clear voice in all promotional efforts does not fully capture the meaning of integrated marketing communication. Also, changing the organization to accommodate the integrated approach has challenged the command and control structure of many organizations. However, studies suggest that integrated marketing communication is viewed by a vast majority of marketing executives as having the greatest potential impact on their companys marketing strategies, more so than the economy, pricing, and globalization. The importance of advertising in marketing communication Advertising has four characteristics: it is persuasive in nature; it is non-personal; it is paid for by an identified sponsor; and it is disseminated through mass channels of communication. Advertising messages may promote the adoption of goods, services, persons, or ideas. Because the sales message is disseminated through the mass mediaà ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬as opposed to personal sellingà ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬it is viewed as a much cheaper way of reaching consumers. However, its non-personal nature means it lacks the ability to tailor the sales message to the message recipient and, more importantly, actually get the sale. Therefore, advertising effects are best measured in terms of increasing awareness and changing attitudes and opinions, not creating sales. Advertisings contribution to sales is difficult to isolate because many factors influence sales. The contribution advertising makes to sales are best viewed over the long run. The exception to this thinking is within the internet arena. While banner ads, pop-ups and interstitials should still be viewed as brand promoting and not necessarily sales drivers, technology provides the ability to track how many of a websites visitors click the banner, investigate a product, request more information, and ultimately make a purchase. Through the use of symbols and images advertising can help differentiate products and services that are otherwise similar. Advertising also helps create and maintain brand equity. Brand equity is an intangible asset that results from a favorable image, impressions of differentiation, or consumer attachment to the company, brand, or trademark. This equity translates into greater sales volume, and/or higher margins, thus greater competitive advantage. Brand equity is established and maintained through advertising that focuses on image, product attributes, service, or other features of the company and its products or services. Cost is the greatest disadvantage of advertising. The average cost for a 30-second spot on network television increased fivefold between 1980 and 2005. Plus, the average cost of producing a 30-second ad for network television is quite expensive. It is not uncommon for a national advertiser to spend in the millions of dollars for one 30-second commercial to be produced. Add more millions on top of that if celebrity talent is utilized. Credibility and clutter are other disadvantages. Consumers have become increasingly skeptical about advertising messages and tend to resent advertisers attempt to persuade. Advertising is everywhere, from network television, to daily newspapers, to roadside billboards, to golf course signs, to stickers on fruit in grocery stores. Clutter encourages consumers to ignore many advertising messages. New media are emerging, such as digital video recorders which allow consumers to record programs and then skip commercials, and satellite radio which provides a majority of its channels advertising free. Marketing communication and public relations Public relations is defined as a management function which identifies, establishes, and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics upon which its success or failure depends. Whereas advertising is a one-way communication from sender (the marketer) to the receiver (the consumer or the retail trade), public relations considers multiple audiences (consumers, employees, suppliers, vendors, etc.) and uses two-way communication to monitor feedback and adjust both its message and the organizations actions for maximum benefit. A primary tool used by public relations practitioners is publicity. Publicity capitalizes on the news value of a product, service, idea, person or event so that the information can be disseminated through the news media. This third party endorsement by the news media provides a vital boost to the marketing communication message: credibility. Articles in the media are perceived as being more objective than advertisements, and their messages are more likely to be absorbed and believed. For example, after the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes reported in the early 1990s that drinking moderate amounts of red wine could prevent heart attacks by lowering cholesterol; red wine sales in the United States increased 50 percent. The other benefit publicity offers is that it is free, not considering the great amount of effort it can require to get out-bound publicity noticed and picked up by media sources. Public relations role in the promotional mix is becoming more important because of what Philip Kotler describes as an over communicated society. Consumers develop communication-avoidance routines where they are likely to tune out commercial messages. As advertising loses some of its cost-effectiveness, marketers are turning to news coverage, events, and community programs to help disseminate their product and company messages. Some consumers may also base their purchase decisions on the image of the company, for example, how environmentally responsible the company is. Direct marketing and database marketing Direct marketing, the oldest form of marketing, is the process of communicating directly with target customers to encourage response by telephone, mail, electronic means, or personal visit. Users of direct marketing include retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and service providers, and they use a variety of methods including direct mail, telemarketing, direct-response advertising, and online computer shopping services, cable shopping networks, and infomercials. Traditionally not viewed as an element in the promotional mix, direct marketing represents one of the most profound changes in marketing and promotion in the last 25 years. Aspects of direct marketing, which includes direct response advertising and direct mail advertising as well as the various research and support activities necessary for their implementation, have been adopted by virtually all companies engaged in marketing products, services, ideas, or persons. Direct marketing has become an important part of many marketing communication programs for three reasons. First, the number of two-income households has increased dramatically. About six in every ten women in the United States work outside the home. This has reduced the amount of time families have for shopping trips. Secondly, more shoppers than ever before rely on credit cards for payment of goods and services. These cashless transactions make products easier and faster to purchase. Database marketing is a form of direct marketing that attempts to gain and reinforce sales transactions while at the same time being customer driven. Successful database marketing continually updates lists of prospects and customers by identifying who they are, what they are like, and what they are purchasing now or may be purchasing in the future. By using database marketing, marketers can develop products and/or product packages to meet their customers needs or develop creative and media strategies that match their tastes, values, and lifestyles. The importance of Sales promotion, sponsorships and exhibitions. Sales promotions are direct inducements that offer extra incentives to enhance or accelerate the products movement from producer to consumer. Sales promotions may be directed at the consumer or the trade. Consumer promotions such as coupons, sampling, premiums, sweepstakes, price packs, low-cost financing deals, and rebates are purchase incentives in that they induce product trial and encourage repurchase. Consumer promotions may also include incentives to visit a retail establishment or request additional information. Sales promotions can motivate customers to select a particular brand, especially when brands appear to be equal, and they can produce more immediate and measurable results than advertising. However, too heavy a reliance on sales promotions results in deal-prone consumers with little brand loyalty and too much price sensitivity. Sales promotions can also force competitors to offer similar inducements, with sales and profits suffering for everyone. Sponsorships, or event marketing, combine advertising and sales promotions with public relations. Sponsorships increase awareness of a company or product, build loyalty with a specific target audience, help differentiate a product from its competitors, provide merchandising opportunities, demonstrate commitment to a community or ethnic group, or impact the bottom line. Like advertising, sponsorships are initiated to build long-term associations. Exhibits, or trade shows, are hybrid forms of promotion between business-to-business advertising and personal selling. Trade shows provide opportunities for face-to-face contact with prospects, enable new companies to create a viable customer base in a short period of time, and allow small and midsize companies that may not be visited on a regular basis by salespeople to become familiar with suppliers and vendors. Because many trade shows generate media attention, they have also become popular venues for introducing new products and providing a stage for executives to gain visibility. When we talk about Personal selling, it includes all person-to-person contact with customers with the purpose of introducing the product to the customer, convincing him or her of the products value, and closing the sale. The role of personal selling varies from organization to organization, depending on the nature and size of the company, the industry, and the products or services it is marketing. Many marketing executives realize that both sales and non-sales employees act as salespeople for their organization in one way or another. Personal selling is the most effective way to make a sale because of the interpersonal communication between the salesperson and the prospect. Messages can be tailored to particular situations, immediate feedback can be processed, and message strategies can be changed to accommodate the feedback. However, personal selling is the most expensive way to make a sale. Marketing communication and Internet marketing Just as direct marketing has become a prominent player in the promotional mix, so too has the Internet. Web sites provide a new way of transmitting information, entertainment, and advertising, and have generated a new dimension in marketing: electronic commerce. E-commerce is the term used to describe the act of selling goods and services over the Internet. In other words, the Internet has become more that a communication channel; it is a marketing channel itself with companies such as, eBay, and others selling goods via the Internet to individuals around the globe. In less than 10 years advertising expenditures on the Internet will rival those for radio and outdoor. Public relations practitioners realize the value that web sites offer in establishing and maintaining relationships with important publics. For example, company and product information can be posted on the companys site for news reporters researching stories and for current and potential customers seeking information. Political candidates have web sites that provide information about their background and their political experience. The interactivity of the Internet is perhaps its greatest asset. By communicating with customers, prospects, and others one-on-one, firms can build databases that help them meet specific needs of individuals, thus building a loyal customer base. Because the cost of entry is negligible, the Internet is cluttered with web sites. However, this clutter does not present the same kind of problem that advertising clutter does. Advertising and most other forms of promotion assume a passive audience that will be exposed to marketing communication messages via the mass media or mail regardless of their receptivity. Web sites require audiences who are active in the information-seeking process to purposely visit the site. Therefore, the quality and freshness of content is vital for the success of the web site. International Marketing Communications and Cultural Issues. There are a whole range of cultural issues that international marketers need to consider when communicating with target audiences in different cultures. Language will always be a challenge. One cannot use a single language for an international campaign. For example, there are between six and twelve main regional variations of the Chinese languages, with the most popular being Mandarin, followed by Wu, Min, and Cantonese. India has 22 languages including Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, and Tamil to name but a few. Of course language choice could affect branding choices, and the names of products and services. Hidden messages and humor would be especially tricky to convey. Famous examples include the Vauxhall Corsa, which was called the Nova in the United Kingdom of course No VA! Would not be an acceptable name in Spanish. A similar problem was left unaddressed by Toyota, with their MR2 in France (think about it!). Design, symbolism and aesthetics sometimes do not transcend international boundaries. For example Japanese aesthetics sometimes focus upon taste and beauty. Also look at Japanese cars from the front they have a smiling face. The manner in which people present themselves in terms of dress and appearance changes from culture to culture. For example in Maori culture, dress plays a central role with everyday clothing differing greatly from ceremonial costume. Whereas in Western business-culture the standard uniform tends to be a conservative collar and tie. Conclusion From the above discussions we can see that marketing communication has become an integral part of the social and economic system. Consumers rely on the information from marketing communication to make wise purchase decisions. Businesses, ranging from multinational corporations to small retailers, depend on marketing communication to sell their goods and services. Marketing communication has also become an important player in the life of a business. Marketing communication helps move products, services, and ideas from manufacturers to end users and builds and maintains relationships with customers, prospects, and other important stakeholders in the company. Advertising and sales promotion will continue to play important roles in marketing communication mix. However, marketing strategies that stress relationship building in addition to producing sales will force marketers to consider all the elements in the marketing communication mix. I hope, In the future new information gathering techniques will help marketers target more precisely customers and prospects using direct marketing strategies. New media technologies will provide businesses and consumers new ways to establish and reinforce relationships that are important for the success of the firm and important for consumers as they make purchase decisions. In the coming years I believe, Internet will become a major force in how organizations communicate with a variety of constituents, customers, clients, and other interested parties.

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GEORGE ORWELL Essay -- essays papers

GEORGE ORWELL George Orwell also known as Eric Arthur Blair lived from 1903 - 1950. He was a British writer who wrote documentaries, essays, and articles. He was born in Motihari, India. Orwell was educated at Eton College in England. From an early age Orwell said, " Perhaps the age five or six, I knew that when I grew up I should be a writer." After Orwell did not win a university scholarship at Eton College he joined the Indian Imperial Police. He served with the Indian Imperial police in Burma from 1922 - 1927. At the age of twenty- four, he started to teach himself how to write. After his time as a police officer in Burma he returned to England for a couple of years he went on living in London and then Paris among the poor. Out of George Orwells experiences he wrote about conditions in his life and ordeals that occurred that no one had ever done before. Orwell experienced many difficulties in his field. First as a police officer in Burma he saw how brutally the people where being treated by the other police officers. He also wrote about his resignations that he had abo...

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Type of particles with dimensions

Nanoparticles include any type of atoms with dimensions of less than 500 nanometres. Nanoparticles play a major function in a assortment of Fieldss including advanced stuffs, pharmaceuticals, and environmental sensing and monitoring, as stated by ( J.B. Donnet et Al 1998 ) . Nanoparticles classified as one of two types, engineered or nonengineered. Engineered nanoparticles are deliberately designed to run into the demands of specific intents, such as chemical or biological. They can be end merchandises of a procedure eg.pharmaceuticals, or ultrafine atoms have tradition ­ally been used by the aerosol research and occupational and environmental wellness communities to depict airborne atoms. Nonengineered nanoparticles are accidentally generated or of course produced, such as burning from firing wood fuel or gasoline from vehicle emanations in the ambiance. Exposure of workers in different environments to assorted hazards nanoparticle engineering exists is legion. Nanoparticle engineering are applied in assorted industries, such as chemical industry catalysts, adhesives, car industry fuel additives, abrasion immune pigment, Health attention, pharmaceuticals, biocompatible stuffs, and building industry merchandises bettering wear-resistance. Occupational exposure bound ( OEL ) is an of import instrument for decrease of exposure to occupational jeopardies and bar of occupational diseases as stated by, M.I. Mikheev ( 1995 ) Toxicology Letters Vol. 77 ( 3 ) , pp 183-187. The intent of ( OEL ) is to move as a precaution in protection of the wellness of individuals in their several working environment from exposure to concentrations good over their allowable exposure bounds. The chief paths of occupational exposure to nanoparticles include inspiration, transdermic desorption and consumption ( BORM, 2005 ) . Harmonizing to ( HOET, 2004 ) the most common and investigated signifier of occupational exposure to nanoparticles is inspiration. A possible hazard arises when a individual within the working environment illustration, chemical industry performs everyday procedure where conditions as possible jeopardies exist. The hazards of nanoparticles are present and enter the human organic structure through one of the assorted paths of exposure and there are interactions of the stuffs with the organic structure ‘s biological systems. There can be inauspicious wellness hazards following exposure to the peculiar substance. Acute and Chronic exposure of the substance associated with the magnitude and dose of the exposure, good above the threshold value and continuity of the stuff in the organic structure. The built-in toxicity of the stuff, and the exposure or wellness position of the individual exposed along with age, sex, will find the type of wellness consequence impacting the worker. Hardman R ( 2006 ) A toxicologic reappraisal of quan ­tum points VOL 2, pp165-172.According to ( Duffin et al. 2007 ) which made mention to the fact that harmonizing to the substance of engineered nanoparticles features will change in footings of toxicity in the biological system of the organic structure and that there are uncertainnesss because the features of nanoparticles may be different from those of larger atoms with the same chemical composing. Inhalation is the most common signifier of exposure taking to respiratory diseases in footings of lung infection due to sedimentation of particulate affair within the respiratory piece of land over a period of clip due to dosage from point of beginning. ( Daigle et al. 2003 ) has made mention to the fact that ultrafine nanoparticles are deposited in the liner of the lungs which is the epithelial cells, to a greater extent than larger atoms of the same substance. The sum deposited in to the lungs increases with take a breathing rate due to strenuous activities and alteration from rhinal pit to talk external respiration. This tends to worsen individuals with bing lung conditions illustration occupational asthma and chronic effects can be linked to mesothelioma or lung malignant neoplastic disease, silicosis. Based on surveies, distinct nano ­particles may come in the blood stream from the lungs and disperse to other variety meats ( Takenaka et al.2001 ) . These indissoluble or low solubility atoms deposited in the pneumonic system are eliminated from the respiratory system by transporting them elsewhere in the organic structure. The motion of these ultrafine atoms in the blood stream could impact endothelial map and promote thrombosis in the arterias and other blood system jobs, including increased blood curdling ( Nemmar et al. 2002 ) , which leads to cardiovascular upsets. Expelled atoms from the lungs into the blood watercourse have effects on cardiovascular physiology, with changes of cardiac beat and arterial diameter. Several epidemiological surveies ( Wichmann et al. , 2000 ) which made mention to ultrafine atoms can go through through the extrapulmonary variety meats via the blood stream. Some atoms can be transported along the centripetal axons to the cardinal nervous systems which affect the encephalon doing neurological effects. The possible for neural consumption and translocation of inhaled particulates and pathogens to the encephalon was researched by ( Oberdorster et al. 2005 ) . Consumption may besides attach to inspiration exposure because atoms that are cleared from the respiratory piece of land via the mucociliary escala ­tor may be swallowed, ( Chen, Z et Al. 2007 ) . Nanoparticles can be straight ingested from H2O, nutrient, pharmaceutical drugs. Consumption can happen from unwilled manus to talk transportation of stuffs, this has been found to go on with established stuffs, and it can be assumed that it besides could go on dur ­ing managing nanomaterials. Harmonizing to research done by ( Behrens et al.2002 ) after consumption ultrafine atoms can be transferred across the enteric wall easy than larger atoms of the same substance. Surveies suggest that nanoparticles could come in the organic structure through the tegument during occupational exposure or through cosmetics. ( Tin ­kle et al. 2003 ) illustrated that atom smaller than 1  µm in diameter may pene ­trate into stamp tegument of the organic structure, and farther stated that it perforate the stratum core ­num barrier by inactive diffusion and local ­ize within the cuticular and cuticular beds within 24 hours. ( Lademann et al. 1999 ) stated that atoms making the corium can be transported to the lymphatic system by macrophages and dendritic cells. This leads to the release of in ­flammatory cytokines, oxidative emphasis, and reduced viability ( Monteiro-Riviere et al. 2005 ) . Skin annoyance has been noted for a few atom types, illustration for semisynthetic mineral fibers. This consequence is greater for larger fibers than smaller fibers. Within the working environment there are hazards, with mention to nanoparticles such as a chemical province as indissoluble atoms or fibers nanoparticles and ultrafine atoms, Diesel fumes, and semisynthetic mineral fibers. Harmonizing to Hannah, W. ( 2008 ) Nanotechnology, hazard and the environment Journal of Environmental Monitoring VOL.10 pp291-300. Research workers agree that ultrafine atoms pose the strongest emerging hazard with respects to occupational exposure. Hazard appraisal is an indispensable measure to find what command degree must be implemented to restrict emanations in the air or H2O and prevent a toxic substance from impacting certain mark variety meats in workers. The control measures must be relative to the hazard ( Roberge et al. 2004 ) . Measures must implemented to guarantee that associated hazards are minimal to workers who might be exposed to nanoparticles through inspiration, transdermic desorption and consumption. There must be applications of hazard appraisal methods from bing informations to the peculiar working environment which is under reappraisal for appraisal. From the appraisal 1 must determine a description of the nanomaterial whether it is engineered or nonengineered, its chemical composing, H2O solubility, aspect ratio, surface alterations and its intended use as stated by ( Aitken RJ et Al. 2006 ) . There must besides be hazard designation in which information is collected about the nanomaterial and its effects on the volume of emanations on the environment, and scattering to environing countries thereby doing wellness effects to individuals at the immediate point of release and besides long range scattering. Helland, A. ( 2008 ) Reviewing the environmental and Human wellness cognition base of C nanotubes Vol.115 pp 1125-1131 The jeopardies which are identified must be categorised, an epidemiological survey in footings of who will be affected that is the workers in the environment, consumers, and other individuals in the general populace. ( Schulte et al. 2008 ) . Invitromethods which refer to local effects on the oculus and tegument, skin pervasion and genotoxicity, invitro proving refers to illustration, possible effects in the respiratory system, particularly the lungs. Inflammation, cytotoxicity or genotoxicity, which contribute to lung toxicity in vivo ( such as fibrosis or tumour formation ) are examined. ( Hess et al.2005 ) . Another jeopardy exists when there is exposure which occurs when a individual within the working environment comes into direct contact with a nanomaterial during a normal procedure or when a nanomaterial is released into the air, H2O, dirt, deposit, nutrient, or a merchandise. Exposure may be followed by existent entry into the organic structure via intake inspiration or consumption or transdermic soaking up though other open tissue, such as the oculus. The nature of the nanomaterial based merchandise may take to assorted paths of exposure. ( Nasterlack, M. et al 2008 ) . Potential hazards must be evaluated and quantified due to the nature and frequence of the jeopardy that is intake emanation concentration and maximal workplace concentration in footings of a high or low dosage. The hazard degree must be adjusted harmonizing to the badness or uncertainnesss of the documented hazard. Harmonizing to ( Singh, al 2007 ) sometimes due to a low frequence of the jeopardy or exposure informations a full quantitative and qualitative appraisal of hazards, can be done, this may be done by comparing the trial stuff to a stuff with well-characterized toxicity judged to be more terrible as a benchmark. After the information would be assessed for divergences in stuff and applications. Risk direction involves cut downing hazard of nanomaterial procedures or merchandises to worlds and the environment. A hazard direction appraisal would supply the sequence to supervise activities, procedures, and dispose of or recycle the merchandise. It besides minimises any possible inauspicious impacts towards individuals and the environment. The degree of protection must be determined and command steps should be proportionate with the hazard. Decisions should be based on bing criterions of wellness and safety, and the effectivity of the chosen control method in cut downing exposure to below the maximal degree determined acceptable in the hazard rating harmonizing to ( Paik, S.Y. ( 2008 ) Application of a Pilot Control Banding Tool for Risk LevelAssessment and Control of Nanoparticle Exposures Vol 52 pp419-428.Health jeopardies identified above illustrates the demand to look into thorough hazard appraisals and fix protocols which include steps for minimising staff exposure. Such s teps include administrative controls and direction determinations for nanoparticles and other risky chemicals must be included in the appraisal. Engineering control techniques such as insulating the gen ­eration beginning from the worker and lo ­cal fumes airing systems must be effectual for restricting airborne nano ­particles. The usage of good work patterns helps in understating worker exposures to nanomaterials, such as forestalling the ingestion of nutrient or drinks in workplaces where nanomaterials are handled. The instruction and preparation of workers in protocols of good work patterns reduces incidents although hazards are present at different procedures. The development of processs and rating of types of exposure to find the choice and type of PPE for employees. Although nanoparticles are present in many workplaces, from beginnings such as procedures, burning, vehicle emanations, when a hazard appraisal is undertaken trying methods may be given to take readings at points other than atom beginning doing it hard to dif ­ferentiate between incidental and caused emanations. Harmonizing to ( Silkoff et al. 2005 ) persons with asthma and long term wellness effects have early noticeable symptoms can non wholly be attributed to nanoparticles, illustration, and familial cistrons. From the research of ( Takenaka et al.2001 ) at that place needs to be detailed research saying if the ultrafine nanoparticles which transrelocate to variety meats organic structure from the lungs are more prevailing to engineered or non engineered and if the ultrafine are more toxic than the larger versions of the said substance which causes amendss to cell construction. Although from the research done by ( Tin ­kle et al. 2003 ) , which gave a value of atom smaller than 1  µm in diameter may pene ­trate the cuticular beds of the tegument it does non print information as to the concentration of toxicity towards the several beds of the tegument to do annoyance and besides research on the cuticular exposure of nanomaterials is ongoing. ( Wichmann et al. 2000 ) in their research made reference of ultrafine atoms altering location from organ to organ via the blood watercourse but did non uncover any informations about the continuance of these within the organic structure peculiarly the liver and kidneys, since these organ remove toxins from the blood watercourse, or after digestion as most nanoparticles are expelled from the system via faces. Little is known about possible inauspicious effects from the consumption of nanomaterials. Another country which warrants research is the transportation of nanoparticles across the placenta, the exposure which is critical to fetal development. Within some states Government face an inevitable undertaking in maintaining up to day of the month with the hazards which nanomaterial airs to the population and the environment due to inefficiency of information. There are betterments in nanoparticles development which offer a broad scope of chances particularly in footings of medical research for sensing, diagnosing and intervention of diseases. Research has besides begun in utilizing nanoparticles in term of environmental decontamination.

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Safe Journey

SAFEJOURNEY 1. Introduction Since the innovation of diesel engine mankind has got new dimensions in their piece of living conditions i. e. the civilization. Most important achievement thereby was that men got the motion. These diesel engines gave shape in manifold. In transport sector the horse car/coach were started replacing by motorcars of different sizes and shapes to fit the needs of mankind. The addition of petrol engine has accelerated the rate. In the present era nobody can even think of avoiding the elements of transportation because the society has become too much dependent on this.But still there is a problem. The problem lies with the technology. Nobody can claim that these technologies will never fail. Due to mechanical fault, poor maintenance, overuse, overage, misuse etc these failures occur. Though we are aware of these and may take preventive and reactive measures to avoid those situations but these failures are still day-to-day phenomena. Think about a situation â⠂¬â€œ where your personal vehicle becomes out of order on the highway in a remote place. If so, what is the remedy? There are some arrangements by the Government.However, that could not earn the faith of the public. Thus, in our case, this aspect is still remaining uncared. The astute investors could have identified the need of assistance in such situation in many countries. The effort of our new service oriented firm Safejourney is to care these aspects. The purpose of this plan is to analyze the strategic and situational aspect of the firm and focus market product, marketing mix and thereby project a detailed marketing plan of the firm. The scope of this plan will be limited to the following: Concept Development Process †¢ Company Description †¢ Strategic Analysis †¢ Situation Analysis †¢ Market Product Focus †¢ Marketing Mix †¢ Financial Analysis †¢ Organization †¢ Implementation †¢ Evaluation and Control While formulating the plan fir stly our effort is to highlight the concept development process, followed by the orientation with the company. Then Mission, goals and core competency of the organization will be covered under strategic analysis. Thereafter, analytical part of the plan will include – SWOT, industry, competitor, company and customer analysis.The market, product and financing objectives of the organization and also target market identification will be the contents of the product market focus. This part will also mention the Unique Selling Proposition [USP] and positioning plan of the organization. Then under the marketing program 4 P’s i. e. marketing mix will be illustrated. The financial analysis and organization’s planned set up will be discussed followed by the implementation plan. Finally, the evaluation and control measures will be pen-pictured. We have carried out a detailed study, which was a combination of primary and secondary data analysis and empirical study.Our contac t method was mainly in the form of personal interviews with the competent official of the concerned authority, and collecting public views associated to this sector. We have also conducted the market survey deliberately, carried out various statistical analyses by testing related hypotheses. Collection of associated data from Bangladesh Road Transport Authority and Bangladesh Police [traffic control] were also a part of the survey. Thereby, we have found it is feasible to serve the victims of the roads. 2. CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS 2. 1 The Idea GenerationBangladesh is a third world developing country. The country’s GDP is not again encouraging. Therefore, the people cannot always effort to have all first hand / brand new vehicles of any sorts. The used vehicles are not always reliable and often found to be out of order. Moreover, poor infrastructure of the country has also strong influence to cause such failure – a fatal accident is not also an exception to it. The arrangements offered by the Government to support such cases are often seem to be inadequate, time consuming, costly and failed to earn confidence.Thus, there is always a need to support those victims in terms of mechanical, medical, psychological and emergency assistance. This led us to create the idea of a service organization to support in this regard. 2. 2 Concept Development The concept of providing necessary service by Safejourney is to have number of Highway Mobile Patrols [HMP] and Static service points at regular intervals. Maintaining a reliable communication network, our teams will be called by our valued customers and in response, will be capable to reach the spot within 30 minutes. Service charge will be collected depending upon the degree of assistance rendered.Membership will be offered on the basis of annual subscription. 2. 3 Nature of Service Safejourney will have the capability to offer the following services: Small scale repair work on the spot. Medium scale repa ir work at the static service points (Towing facilities will be included) Large scale repair work at the zonal workshops (Towing facilities will be included) Available at the static service points. On call. First aid will be provided on requirement. Evacuation support:Will be provided on emergency basis. 2. 4 Investment/Benefits/ Commissions/ Business 2. 4. Investment Concept 1Invest to purchase vehicles, repair machineries, establishment of Head offices, zonal workshops & static service points. Concept 2Invest to establish versatile communication network. Concept 3Invest in acquiring required manpower. Concept 4Invest in promotional and social activities. 2. 4. 2 Benefits Concept 1Earnings from membership charges. Concept 2Earnings from service charges. Concept 3Earnings from charges of emergency support. 5. Time Frame Concept 1To provide services round the clock. Concept 2To reach the spot within 30 minutes after calling.Concept 3To provide medical and emergency support as and wh en required. 6. Number of Outlets /Service Points Concept 1To arrange service facilities in the major highways. Concept 2At least two mobile patrols under each static service points. Concept 3Static service points are to be established every after 70/80 km. Concept 4Zonal offices are to be established near the major cities. Concept 5Head office is to be established at Dhaka. 3. Company Description 3. 1History Although it is new for the country like Bangladesh, service organization as Safejourney is not a new venture in the world.In Germany, there is such an organization known as â€Å"Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobile- Club† in short ADAC operating for more than 40 years. Earning the confidence and faith of the public is the first and foremost criteria for most of the businesses success. If one can achieve it, other part of the business becomes much easier. The newly established firm Safejourney is the pioneer in Bangladesh in this field. 2. Name The legal name of the firm is SAFEJOURNEY BANGLADESH PRIVATE LIMITED and the motto of Safejourney is Destination Guaranteed†¦ 3. PurposeThe purposes of Safejourney are described as follows: ? To provide quality repair and recovery services to the vehicles on the prescribed highways. To support the under mentioned services in emergency: a. Providing First aid to the accident Injuries. b. Evacuating the serious cases to the nearest hospital/ clinic. c. In case of criminal act, providing support by informing highway Patrol Police. d. To provide transportation service to anyone on payment only in emergency cases. ? In future we plan to render our communication network facilities to the transport companies. 4. Functional ActivitiesSafejourney has started her journey to serve the victims of the roads and persons in emergencies. On receiving the call from the customers our control station will intimate the matter and appropriate location to the responsible zonal office and / or static point keeping divisional offi ce informed. The zonal office or static points will than direct the nearest Highway Mobile Patrol (HMP) to the spot. HMP, upon initial investigation will render effort to repair the necessary defects. If the case appears to be relatively difficult, the vehicle will be towed to the respective static point.Likewise, major cases will be handled by the zonal workshop. In simple cases, on completion of the necessary repair jobs the customer will pay the bill prepared by HMP as per prescribed price chart. The members will get the discount if he/she possesses the Safejourney ID Card. In case of major / difficult cases the customer may pay in the head office or any of the zonal offices. A diagrammatical presentation of functional activities is as in Appendix A 3. 5 Organization It is essential to have a very well structured organisation to achieve the success in any kind of business. Thus, Safejourney has taken all out effort o organize both the administrative and functional aspects in orde r to ensure a quality service, secured and unbroken flow of information, good administration, better co-operation and co-ordination. Therefore, overall planning, organizing, leading and controlling aspects of Safejourney are vested on the head office. Under head office there are various departments for looking after the administrative perspectives of the firm. Moreover, our service areas are divided in three divisions. The divisions are again subdivided into area/zones to have a better control of the functional perspective of our organisation.However, a detail of Administrative Organisation of Safejourney is illustrated in Appendix B and Functional Organization of Safejourney is illustrated in Appendix C of this plan. 6. Establishment and Number of Outlets/Service Points We have offered initially three major route of the country. The routes are as follows: †¢ Dhaka – Chittagong Road †¢ Dhaka – Bogra – Rajshahi Road †¢ Dhaka – Jessore â€⠀œ Khulna Road Our head office is located in Dhaka, whereas the Divisional offices are in Chittagong, Bogra and Jessore. Detail of the Zonal Workshops, Static service points and outlets are presented in Appendix D of this plan. . 0 STRATEGIC ANALYSIS 4. 1 Mission Reaching our customers with in 30 minutes after calling at anytime on the highways when someone gets stuck with his/her vehicle and repair it to make him/her feel safe. 4. 2 Objectives 4. 2. 1 Financial Objective †¢ To earn an annual rate of return on investment at 20%. †¢ To Make Profit 20% above sales. †¢ To reduce the amount of investment capital where possible. †¢ To acquire 3500 members by year 5 †¢ To reach at the breakeven point by year 5 †¢ To achieve 80% of the market share by year 2008. 4. 2. 2 Marketing Objective †¢ To repair 30 vehicles per route each day. To provide better quality service than the potential competitors. †¢ To provide superior and timely repair †¢ To achieve strong brand name. †¢ To establish capable and systematic service outlets at each 60-80 km intervals. †¢ To ensure wide geographic coverage than rivals’ and potential competitors. †¢ To ensure higher level of customer satisfaction. †¢ To provide limited first aid and transportation to accident injuries to increase social value. 4. 3 Core Competency and sustainable competitive advantage Core competency means the achievement of significant competitive advantage by a firm over its rivals.Our core competency will be reaching in time to the customers and providing services of better quality than our competitors. 4. 3. 1 Reaching in time to the customers: We will have number of service centers each after 60-80 km. So, any one calling us over mobile/ T & T phone, we will ensure our presence with in 30 minutes. This will make the customers feel safe and confident about our organization. 4. 3. 2 Providing better quality service: At present our main competit ors are the old aged roadside or sub-urban based repair workshops. Our services will be provided in time with the modern equipment and of course we will maintain our quality. . 3. 3 Pioneer advantage: Though there are number of repair workshops but we are the first to provide on call services on the highways with fast speed and responsibilities. At present we don’t have much strong competitors, but even new competitors enter, we will have customer’s preferences as we are the first in this business. We will already have lot of members and hold the lion share of the market. 5. 0 SITUATION ANALYSIS 5. 1 SWOT Analysis 5. 1. 1 Strength: Main strengths of â€Å"safe journey† are identified as follows: 5. 1. 2. Weakness: The weaknesses are as follows: business is based on happenings of some eventualities . 1. 3. Opportunity: Opportunity means where the company can operate profitably. The Opportunities of safeJourney are as follows: 5. 1. 4 Threat: The happenings which may create obstruction in achieving our business objectives are as follows: 5. 2 Industry Analysis â€Å"SateJourney â€Å"is a service oriented organization. There are many others who provide the same services to the customers. There are many workshops located in the rural, suburban or urban areas. The rural or suburban based workshops are old aged, that doesn’t have any efficient system of identifying the problems and repairing those.There are few big sized workshops in the city areas but they hardly provide on call service. They also don’t have an efficient way of dealing with the customers. As a whole in the industry nobody is holding absolute supremacy. ‘Safe Journey’ will enter the business considering the aspects of winning customers’ mind. The competitors will not affect its operation and business objectives. The local workshops are weak but close competitors. City based service centers are strong but distant competitors, so ‘SafeJou rney ‘will enjoy almost monopoly in the rural highways and likely to face pure competition in the urban areas. . 3 Competitor Analysis 5. 3. 1 Brand Competitor: SafeJourney is the first company to provide mobile repair service and serve the customers even in the remote place on the high ways. Thereby at present we don’t find any brand competitor of ours. 5. 3. 2 Industry Competitor: Our service is based on repair services of the automobiles. There are many other small or big workshops providing the same kind of services. So they are our industry competitors. 5. 3. 3 Form Competitor: This service provides the need for safety on the high ways by repair and maintaining vehicles.There are few other workshops other than automobile workshops that also carryout some sort of repair works like motor cycle or bicycle repair. They are our form competitors. 5. 3. 4 Generic Competitor: Ours generic competitors would be anyone taking away our customers. The roadside restaurants, towe r vehicles, public transports are few of our generic competitors. 5. 4 Company Analysis Our company will have numbers of static points (service centers) each after 60-80 km distance on the highways. Those static points will remain under direct control of Head office located at Dhaka.We will also have offices in other major cities. They will deal with membership, complains, suggestions for operation and future expansion of the business. 5. 5 Customer Analysis 5. 5. 1 On the basis of buying Roles 5. 5. 2 On the basis of customer Buying Behavior Our service falls in the complex buying behavior group as it is a high involvement service. Customers normally don’t come to the workshops unless they need it. Again for yearly membership one has to pay Tk5000. Thereby, it is a service that involves a good amount of money. Customers will think twice to be a member of Safejourney.Thus, our customers buying will follow complex buying behavior. 6. 0 MERKET PRODUCT FOCUS 6. 1. Financial, Mar keting and Service Objective 6. 1. 1 Financial Objective 6. 1. 2. Marketing Objective. 6. 1. 3. Product / Service objective 6. 2 Target Market 6. 2. 1. The Selection of Target Market The Underlying logic and hypothesis dictated us to select the specific target markets: 6. 2. 2. Market Segmentation To attain the objective of our business plan, bases for our market segmentation is Demographic and psychographic factors. Under the demographic, the segment variables are social class and occupation.In social class the upper class and upper middle class is our focal point. And under occupation we have mainly focused to the business class. Under the psychographic bases we have considered the social values to be our main segment variables. People who are highly security concerned and highly time concerned are the point of concentration here. 6. 2. 3 Specific Target Group Basing on our logic/ hypothesis, our market segmentation has led us to select the following specific target groups as our customers: Private car owners. Business class traveling in personal/ official car.Taxi cab companies Transport owners/ Agencies. The target groups as per the segmentation can be categorized as under: |Market segment |Customer group | |Market segment 1 |Private car owners | |Market segment 2 |Business class | |Market segment 3 |Transport owners/Agencies, Taxicab companies. 6. 2. 4 Effectiveness of the Targeted Market Segment. Effectiveness of the segmentation can be measured using five useful criteria. These are Measurability, Substitutability, Accessibility, Differentiability and Actionable criteria. Testing of our segmentation based on these criteria is shown as under: Market Segment |Measurable |Substantial |Accessible |Differentiable |Action-able | |MS 1 |Very Good |Large and highly |Easily Accessible |Good |Effective and | | | |profitable | | |feasible plan can | | | | | | |be formulated | |MS 2 |very Good |Large and Profitable |Accessible |Good |Effective and | | | | | |feasibl e plan can | | | | | | |be formulated | |MS3 |very Good |Very Large and profit |Accessible |Good |Effective and | | | |able | | |Feasible plan can | | | | | | |be formulated | 6. 3 Point of Difference One of the most important factors for launching any new product/ service is the points of differentiation. We will differentiate our service from the competitor in respect of service, personnel and image differentiation. 6. 3. 1 Service Differentiation The key to success of our business will lie in adding value to the services and continuous improvement of quality. SafeJourney will differentiate its service from others in respect of following attributes: Ordering Ease |Any one facing the problem in highway can easily call us | | |simply making a phone call. Need not to take the trouble of | | |searching around miles together for someone leaving the | | |vehicle in uncertainty. | |Delivery |The mobile workshop of SafeJourney will be committed to solve | | |the problem in a speedy manner with adequate care and | | |accuracy. |Special service and Maintenance |Any one calling SafeJourney for a mechanical problem of | | |vehicles will be provided with free wind shield wash to that | | |vehicle and the assurance will be provided that any further | | |problem for same reason will be given free service in that | | |particular journey. | 6. 3. 2 Personnel Differentiation ‘SafeJourney’ will gain a strong competitive advantage by developing a better-trained people. For attaining this we will emphasize on the following aspect: Competence: The engineer/ mechanics of ‘safeJourney’ will possess the required skill and knowledge to deal with any mechanical/ technical problem of any type of vehicle. The mechanics will be grouped in such manner so that they can deal with any problem of the affected vehicle for which they are called for. ? Courtesy: The employees of our service will be trained to behave in a friendly, respectful and considerate manner in re sponse to any problem given by the customer. ? Credibility: The trustworthiness of the service will be developed by providing price rate card from the company along with the specific identity card for the employees. ? Responsiveness: The Company will have a quick response in any call by sending the mobile workshop within half an hour on the spot. Communication: ‘Safejourney’ will keep the system of communicating about any problem/ comments by giving a comment card while solving the vehicle problem. This will be used by the management for further improvement of service. 6. 3. 3 Image Differentiation Our service will give adequate emphasis on building an image of quick and quality service. To do this, we will express our messages in symbols, written and audiovisual media, different events and also by employee behavior. 6. 3. 4 Unique Selling Proposition (USP) This is the factor which will attract the customer to accept our service rather than the competitors. We will conc entrate on the following USP of our service. Caring about customer's time. Greater attention on safety measures. First to provide reliable mobile repair/ recovery service in the country. 6. 4 Positioning To attain a distinctive position in the customer’s mind we will give adequate emphasis on our unique selling proposition. We will create an image of the company by promoting the idea â€Å"SafeJourney–for people who cares about time and safety†. 6. 4. 1 Positioning strategy For attaining the desired positioning in customer's mind we will adopt the double benefit strategy. We will claim two benefit in this regard: The fastest. The safest 7. 0 MARKETING PROGRAM 7. 1 Service Strategy 7. 1. 1 Type of Service This is a utility service for providing mobile mechanical/ technical support to the vehicles facing problems in highways.This will ensure a quick and easy service which will allow the travelers to reach to their destination safely without wasting the time. 7. 1. 2. Features of service The service will be provided both in membership and non membership basis and have the following features to provide: Repair and Recovery a. The first effort will be given to reach to the spot with mobile workshop by half an hour of receiving any call. b. The main effort will be in repairing the vehicle on spot as quickly as possible. c. Relatively difficult cases will be handled by the static service point d. In case of major difficulties the option will be given to deliver the vehicle to the desired destination after necessary repair works. Emergency Service a.Providing first aid to the accident injuries. b. Evacuating the serious cases to the nearest hospital/ clinic. c. In case of criminal act, providing support by informing highway Patrol Police. d. To provide transportation service to anyone on payment only in emergency cases. Communication service a. The company will establish an internal communication system for its operation. b. The company will rende r this facility to be used by the transport companies on the basis of payment. 7. 1. 3 Brand Name The brand name of the service is given ‘SafeJourney. ’ This is done to create a favorable brand image and brand familiarity by adding the safety as a sensitive issue.All necessary exposure and promotion activities will be done to uphold the different attributes, benefits and values related to the brand. 7. 1. 4 Special / After Service offer To create favorable positive response to the mind of customers the following special offerings will be kept: ? The provision will be kept to provide free windshield wash for the vehicle where applicable. ? Once given service by any mobile workshop the free service guarantee will be given if any problem faced for same reason in that journey. ? For dealing with the emergency situation, the service will be rendered 24 hours. 7. 1. 5 Sources of Spare parts Contacts will be made with the authorized dealer of various motor parts to keep the su pply of spare parts available.The amount of the various spares parts inventory will be decided basing on the requirement. 7. 2 Price Strategy 7. 2. 1 List Price Transparency in transaction is considered as one of the most important issues of our business policy. To maintain the trustworthiness and transparency, list price of all types of service will be kept/ hanged with the mobile service team and other service centre. The list price will be also published in the advertisement in print media. A minimum fixed charge of Tk. 250 will be charged for every vehicle calling for service. Other charges will vary basing on the intensity of the job. A model of list price is shown as under: PRICE LIST SERIAL NO |SERVICE DESCRIPTION |PRICE | | | |(In Taka) | |01 |Call charge |250 | |02 |Membership Subscription |5000 | |03 |Servicing |250 | |04 |Oil change |100 | |05 |Air Lock Clearance |250 | |06 |Fuel line Clearance |250 | |07 |Tappet Clearance |800 |08 |Cylinder Head Leakage Repair |100 0 | |09 |Timing |2000 | |10 |Spark Plug Change |600 | |11 |Self Starter |500 | |12 |Fuse Box |100 | |13 |Carburetor Cleaning |200 | |14 |Gear Box Repair |500 | |15 |AC pump Repair |300 | |16 |Break Repair |500 | |17 |Steering Gear Repair |500 | |18 |Electric Circuit |250 | |19 |Lighting |250 | |20 |Spare parts |As per mkt price | 7. 2. 2 Discount To Increase the membership number and attract the customers a 65% discount will be given to the members of safeJourney. 7. 2. 3 System of payment The Payment system will be on the basis of cash payment before delivery. However, the payment may be made at any zonal / area offices also. 7. 2. 4 Different Price strategy. We plan to adopt different price strategies in different situation. ? At Launching Stage.As this is a new service in this country, our company being first to enter in this business will have a pioneer advantage. And as we will not have any brand competitor at this stage so we will adopt cost plus policy at this stage. Th e assumption led us to follow this policy is the substitute awareness effect which tells that customers are less price sensitive when they are less aware of substitutes. ? At Brand competitive Stage. In Brand competitive stage it is likely that new entrants will also come in this business. If we face challenges by the new entrants in terms of price strategy, we will face this by adding new values and better quality through more promotional activities.As the new entrants are likely to face huge amount of initial investment expenditure, it is likely to be difficult for the competitors to snatch our significant market share. Again a substantial amount of revenue in the business will come through the membership subscription which is given yearly. So due to involvement of high switch over cost customers are less likely to switch over to new competitors. ‘The difficult comparison effect’ of price sensitivity also supports our strategy as it speaks — customers are less price sensitive when they cannot easily compare the quality of substitutes. However in this stage we may have to go for the price cut strategy basing on the market condition. 7. 2. 5.Pricing Method Basing on the market survey and the result of our hypothesis we have used a combination of both perceived value pricing and going rate pricing method to select our price. 7. 3 Promotion Strategies Promotion is considered as one of the greatest market winning factor to increase the sales of own product/ service. It consists of different promotion mix i. e. advertisement, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Direct Selling and Public Relation (PR) . The promotion activities also varies basing on the product/Service life cycle through which a product/ service comes from introductory stage to growth, maturity and at last at declining stage.So our promotional activity will also vary in response to different life cycle of our service in following ways: 7. 3. 1 Introductory Stage In this stage our main strategy will be to create the customer awareness about the brand name of our service. Since the service involves the complex buying behavior, the main emphasis will be given to the print media. The promotional activities include: Regular advertisement in daily newspaper and magazines. Using Billboard in the entrance and exit of the petrol pump. Using Billboard in highways with repeated intervals. In TV and radio highlighting our USP during the commercial slot. ? Providing attractive and colorful posters, calendars etc to the car sales centre. 7. 3. 2 Growth StageAt this stage the strategy will be to create brand familiarity to keep the present customers satisfied and to attract the new customers. This will be done as follows: ? Differentiation advertisements in both print media and loud media frequently. ? Create value chain for the existing members by sending small gifts like calendars, cards etc containing the brand symbol Arranging different types of PR programs. 7. 3. 3Ma turity Stage At this stage the strategy will be to keep the people conscious about our product by various remainder advertisement and other programs It includes: Remainder advertisement in both print media and loud media. ? To increase brand preferences providing advertisement with celebrities. Arranging various PR Programs.Sponsoring different games/ sports cultural programs etc. 7. 3. 4 Decline stage Starting from the maturity stage onward, the amount of our market share is likely to decrease. At decline stage it will tend to reduce more. But the human psychology about time and safety will always exist. The market is also likely to expand. Even though, the company may face difficulties due to more number of competitors. To overcome the problem, the following strategy will be adopted: Providing new features to the customers by making differentiation. Giving reminder advertisement both in print and loud media Arranging PR programs using satisfied customers etc. 7. Placement (Distrib ution strategy) The Placement strategy is very important to ensure that the company’s product/ service are passed through the right channel to achieve the objective of the company. 7. 4. 1 Places to Serve Initially the service will be started only in three important routes. These routes are: Dhaka – Chittagong highways. Dhaka – Jessore – Khulna highways Dhaka – Bogra- Rajshahi highways Subsequently basing on the feedback and market condition the number of routes will be increased. 7. 4. 2 Channel Strategies The channel of our service will be direct. ? Head office -Zonal service centre – Static Point- Mobile service workshop We will also increase the number of zonal offices/ service centre to most of the district towns. ? We will also acquire the local agency to act as the local representatives in zonal offices. ? The detail distribution channel is illustrated in Appendix E. 8. 0 FINANCIAL DATA AND PROJECTIONS | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |8. Initial Investment | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Fixed Expenditure | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Item | | | Tk in Lacs | | | | | |Construction/Office | | |7 | | | | | |Office Furniture | |7 | | | | | |Vehicle Procurement | |223. 4 | | | | | |Tel/Mobile | | |9. 4 | | | | | |Tools and Equip | |25 | | | | | |Promotion | | |10 | | | | | |Training | | |3 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Total | | |284. 54 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 8. 2 Yearly Expenditure | | | |Tk in Lacs | | |Salary | | |85. 3 |Details Shown in Appendix F | |Tel Bills | | |9. 48 | | |Fuel | | |35 | | |Rent-Office/Outlets | | |81. 4 | | |Promotion | | |12 | | |Electricity/Gas/Water |5. 64 | | |Miscellaneous | | |6. 4 | | | | | | | | |Total | | |235. 69 | | | | | | | | 8. 3 Projected Yearly Return in 5 Years From providing highway Service | | | | |Yearly |In 5 Years | |Per Day 30 Cases X 3 Routes X 500 X 365 |164. 25 |821. 25 | | | | | Tk in Lacs From Membership Charges Year | | |Tk in Lacs | |Year 1 |1000 |5000 |50 | |Year2 |2000 |5000 |100 | |Year 3 |3000 |5000 |150 | |Year 4 |3500 |5000 |175 | |Year 5 |3500 |5000 |175 | | | | | | |Total income in 5 Years 650 | 8. 4 Calculation of Payback Period | | |Taka In Lacs | | | | | | | | | |Year |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 | | | | | | | | | |Opening Bal |-284. 54 |-305. 98 |-277. 42 |-198. 86 |-95. 3 | | |Cash out flow |-235. 69 |-235. 69 |-235. 69 |-235. 69 |-235. 69 |-235. 69 | |Cash in flow |214. 25 |264. 25 |314. 25 |339. 25 |339. 25 |339. 25 | |End Bal |-305. 98 |-277. 42 |-198. 86 |-95. 3 |8. 5 |103. 56 | | | | | | | | | | |Fraction of years=330. 99/339. 25=. 975 Years. | | | | | | | |Total Pay back Period =4+. 975=4. 975 Years. | | 8. 5 Projected Profit |Expected profit in year 5 = Tk 8. 25 Lac | |Expected profit from year 6 onwards = Tk. 103. 56 Lac | 9. 0 IMPLEMENTATION PLANImplementation is the key success factor for any business. The business planning may be the best but if implementation plan is wrong the business will fail to achieve its objectives. To achieve our business objectives we plan our business in the following way: 9. 1 Services Strategy Safejourney will provide services to the customers as and when they call. Someone may get services if they come directly to the static points. Our efforts will be to establish strong communication network to reach our customers using existing T & T facilities and mobile networks. We will also have our own communication network to ease our customers to reach us at anytime.Practice of mobile patrol on the highways to find out and meet any eventualities will also be there. Besides repair, we also plan to provide some additional services in following ways: (1) For ensuring smooth first aid service, our employees will be specially trained on first aid. (2) Delivering the vehicle at desired place after repair will be accomplished with the necessary co-ordination with zonal offices. (3) Evacuation to accident injuries will be provided by mainta ining a good will and liaison with the local hospital and clinics. (4) On establishing our own communication facilities it may be rented to the transport agencies. 9. 2 Price StrategyAs it was stated earlier, services will be provided on the basis of payment and we will have separate price strategy for our members and non-member customers. On accomplishment of any service, the senior mechanics will calculate the price basing on the minimum call charge, price of spare parts, membership discount rate and services as per price table and make the bill to the customer. Customer may pay the bill in cash on the spot or any of our offices/outlets. In the later case, the vehicle will be delivered only after the confirmation of the payment of the due bill. To deal with the competitors in the competitive stage, SafeJourney may also change the service charge or membership subscription as the situation demands but the quality will not be compromised in any case. 9. 3 Promotion Strategy:To implem ent our business strategy we will go for rapid skimming. For this we will spend an amount of Tk 1,000,000 as we launch the service. In addition to it an amount of Tk 12, 00,000 will be spent on promotional activities per year. In this regard maximum emphasis will be given to print media and using the billboard. We plan to provide advertisement on web sites also. 9. 4 Distribution Safejourney is taking all out efforts to establish a smooth, secure and effective distribution channels. Members will be enrolled either by the zonal offices directly or through local agents and few selected petrol pumps. The selected petrol pumps will be considered as exclusive distribution means. 10. 0 ORGANISATIONThe Head office of Safejourney will be established in Dhaka. The whole organisation is headed by Managing Director (MD). The MD will look after the overall planning, organizing, leading and controlling aspects of Safejourney. There are total six departments in head office, which are as follows: †¢ Operations and Planning †¢ Technical Support †¢ Administration and Medical †¢ Management Information System †¢ Accounts and †¢ Human Resource Management Under the department of operation and planning there will be one control station on for 24 hours. The three Divisional managers are responsible to control the three routes under the supervision of Operation department.Dhaka – Chittagong route looked after by Divisional Manager –1 (Chittagong) Dhaka – Bogra-Rajshahi route looked after by Divisional Manager –2 (Bogra) Dhaka – Jessore-Khulna route looked after by Divisional Manager –3 (Jessore) Under each Division there are three zonal offices and under the zonal offices there are three static points each. Each static point is equipped with at least two Highway Mobile Patrols. 11. 0 EVALUATION AND CONTROL To learn how well the company is running, we must evaluate the present strategy. Accordingly management will be taking decision on what should be done. For that we will evaluate our performance by finding the information of following aspects: 1] Is the competitive approach of the company is correct? [2] Could we differentiate our services from our rivals? [3] Could we provide our services at a broad spectrum or to a niche? [4] Is the geographic coverage of our services correct? [5] Are the functional activities of the company correct? [6] Could we make expected return/ cash flow? [7] What is the company’s image and reputation with the customers and competitors? [8] Could we make continuous improvement of our performance? We will also carry out evaluation of information continuously. This will help us to take timely decisions. We plan to carry out analysis of information on the following manner: 1] Daily earnings and expenses report. [2] Total number of customers per day. 12. 0 CONCLUSION Continuous improvement and development of new offerings is an essential part for any business s uccess in the present world. Everyday people in the business world seek for new opportunity and spending millions in this purpose. The overall paper is developed highlighting all the detail that is required to do a successful marketing of a new offerings. The alternatives are highlighted and the provisions are kept open to carry out the necessary adjustments as the market dictates. Proper implementation of the plan can make the service-SafeJourney a successful one.