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Pateriarchy and Paternalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pateriarchy and Paternalism - Essay ExampleHowever, by the end of the American Revolution, most states in blue America had already done away with the practice, but in southern states, the institution of slavery was thrive especially in the greathearted plantations that formed the major economic mainstay of the regions (Allport, 1954, p41). In this respect, Southern states back up slavery while the northern states opposed the practice, resulting to the civil war that was eventually won by the northerly side. For long periods, historians and social researchers have delved on how the slaves related with their masters to ensure that they coexisted peacefully without undue conflicts in such a uncouth and dehumanizing working environment. This paper discusses similarities between paternalism and patriarchy in context with slavery practice in the United States. Before discussing the similarities and differences between paternalism and patriarchy, it is important to consider the demogr aphic composition of slaves in both the southern and northern parts of the country and then establish their working conditions. According to Allport (1954, p 47) a slave was a property of a master purchased to provide free and forced mash to the master in the plantations and at homes. Southern states in America and the Caribbean relied heavily on agriculture and large plantations of crops such as sugarcane and tobacco required intensive human labor. To ensure that slaves remained productive at their place of work, the white masters first applied patriarchy during the early periods of slavery and later pick out paternalism in 18th century (Oakes, 2010, 567) Patriarchy was a strict code that emphasized on obedience, discipline, domination and severe punishment of the slaves towards their masters (Oakes, 2010, p573). However, patriarchy provided the slaves with protection, guardianship and reciprocal obligation. According to Altemeyer (1988, p 26), patriarchy specify the image of t he slave owner and it set the standards of judging slaveholding among the white farmers. The transformation from patriarchy to paternalism in the 18th century was enhanced by the benevolent inclination of the slave-owners towards their black slaves. Consequently, the masters began expecting similar give-and-take from the slaves and their outlook towards the slaves became more sentimental (Oakes, 2010, p 575). In this regard, the masters tried to create the image of beaming and contended slaves, who worked to get protection from their masters. In response to patriarchy, many slaves rebelled against their masters in attempts to resist the work and the harsh treatment. The slaves resisted by feigning sickness, sabotaging, stealing from the masters, arson, destroying tools, mistreating animals among other behaviors. Their resistance was mainly collective, structured to undermine the system in order to facilitate change or validate escape from slavery (Altemeyer, 1988, p 39). This occa sionally resulted to revolts that were drive by a common sense of victimization. However, the revolts were not intended to change the structure or the equilibrize of power but provided avenue for expression or execution of retribution directed at an soul but not on the larger system of power (Oakes, 2010, p 583). In this regard, the slaves revolts were not subverter since they lacked collective

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Communication Issues Paper (Individual) Research

Communication Issues (Individual) - Research Paper ExampleThe union ought to clog melody, whereby since FBi is independent and has fanatic volunteer, the pack need to listen to the music the radio station plays. This is because, as Somerville (2011) states a company rear be a way of organising the societal relationships, having a desirable quality of mutual regard and sociability. The fiber of the conjunction involves summons to undertake in joint, mutual action. This implies that the community, which is the target group, should play a considerable government agency in ensuring that the music played by the station, which mainly is local, receives audience so as to promote the talents of local artists. The music as well as undertakes that the social relationships are strong and binding as seen in the research exploit of Howley (2010). For these issues regarding to music, the stakeholders include, the volunteers who work for the radio station and the whole community who a re the listeners. The radio station requires support from the community to pay for radio. For the radio station to stay on air, the station needs financial supporters. To make this real, the community should be able to make pledges to support the station by contributing a small get along at the end of every month. jibe to Somerville (2011), commonality is the requisite imperative that helps in the foundation of the community, which has a common project or goal. Since it is the aspiration of the community to get a radio station which is non-profit, accordingly it is also their obligation to finance it to ensure its smooth operation. The non-profit organization requires support from the community to remain independence. According to Parada & Homan (2011), the radio station plays unique music, which is new(a) and local. Other stations do not have this music genre. Since the radio station is a community sponsored un bid other radio stations which are commercial, the ratings or the p rofits do not dictate the music the radio station plays. The station plays music since they like it, and it is the urge of the station for people to like the music. Music, which is independent and local, helps scan the community well. According to Secomb (2007), there is a need to consider the community perspectives brought about by the music played so as to understand the community. The music also describes the community subsystems, the peripherals of the community, the functioning of the community and community characteristics which are basic. To be able to support the non-profit organization and the local music, the people around the community should make a regular contribution so as to keep new music on the air waves. To elaborate more on the community engagement issue that the radio station needs, the station requires more volunteers. The radio station will ensure that the volunteers have their rights to be treated as co-workers, have all the details regarding to the organizat ion, receive orientation regarding to new developments. There station is also to provide advance notice of changes which affect the work of the volunteer and also provide guidance and direction. According to Albert, Flournoy and Lebrasseur (2009) to seek change and stability within a community, it is vital for the people in the community to live collectively, play, worship and work together. Since the station is an initiative by the

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Business law - situational question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

line of credit law - situational question - Essay ExampleIn circumstance, the terms of the owners of the position garage could be considered to be legally ill-considered and therefore there could indeed be grounds for a law fount against them.This is due to the fact that within the UCTA 1977 Act and the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, there prolong been galore(postnominal) clauses within company terms rendered ineffective due to the fact that they are tout ensemble infeasible (MacDonald 2004, p. 69). Of itinerary there have been many cases that have been variant from this one which have been found to hold unreasonable terms and therefore the party of each case was held responsible for the adversities that arose to the suspects. These could be cases of faulty goods and the terms of sale unreasonable, or it could be of cases stemming from an even simpler nature.One case that was found to have unreasonable terms and of which the defendant won was in AEG Ltd v. Logic Resource Ltd (Bradgate 1997, p. 582). Of course though this was not a case that mingled any form of dishonor to the defendant it could have resulted in loss of profit and adversity for the company. consequentlyce based on the laws of the UCTA 1977 Act, the defendant was awarded that which he was asking in the case due to the unreasonableness of the plaintiffs terms in the contract. This could be viewed in a similar light in regards to Helens case and the terms in the parking garage. ... Therefore, for reasons such as these and others similar, the UCTA 1977 Act looks at all occurrences, not simply injury related ones. In Helens case the terms are obviously unreasonable(as has been stated) and in that regard can not be masking as a form of protection for the owners to not have to face negligent charges and restitution remediation by the defendant, which is Helen. Furthermore, because the notice in the garage and the memo are not incorporated logically then there is a d efinite unreasonable factor being presented. Helen might have assumed that the curse of injury or danger to her body or car was only slight because she was not sure of the falling debris in the garage due to the grammatical construction. However, the London Shoe company was aware of the construction and therefore, as was stated should have known to shut down the parking garage until the construction was totally completed so that there would be no unfortunate accidents or injuries. Yet the company failed to do this and it resulted in a very adverse outcome for Helen. The owners of the parking garage definitely can not deny a sense of liability to Helen due to the fact that they did not properly post rough the construction in the parking garage and the construction in itself deviated far from any minute injury or adverse occurrence that could have taken place at any other prison term in the garage (Barmes 2004, p. 435).Furthermore, since the contract with the parking garage assig ning parking privileges to employees seemed to be breached then the owners themselves have a liability to the defendant as has been stated. The reason that there was a breach is due to the fact that the circumstances surrounding the parking garage changed when the construction took

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Corporate Social Responsibility College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Corporate Social Responsibility College - Essay Example(Marrewijk 2003 p 95).The European Com commissioning (2001) defines CSR so that it incorporates sociable, environmental and economical aspects CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business trading operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. (European Commission 2001)Companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL and a large fleck of other multinational and smaller organisations argon beginning to, or indeed already beat interpreted the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously.The logistics and transportation sector plays a positive use in the economic development of societies, spreading opportunity and acting as a backbone for world(prenominal) development and communication, as well as contributing to communities.However, this sector also faces some strong rising challenges to its perceived social responsibilities. The core busin ess of this industrys direct relation with major sustainability issues such as environmental impact, traffic congestion, energy waste, safety and security, and sustainable infrastructure, puts logistics firms under the careful inspection of various stakeholders.There is a group of consumers who consider CSR in their buy decisions (Mohr Webb Harris 2001 p 45). 0ver the past few years, socially responsible consumers have been studied in relation to boycott behaviour (e.g. Klein 2003 p10 ) and cause related marketing (e.g. Polonsky 2001 p8) and it has been found that detrimental CSR associations squeeze out have a detrimental effect on overall product evaluations, whereas positive CSR associations can enhance product evaluations (Brown and Dacin 1997, p. 80).Recent surveys in Europe, the U.S. and Australia also suggest consumers do consider CSR policies in their purchasing decisions. The majority of surveyed consumers say they would pay more for goods and services marketed by social ly responsible companies. (MORI 2001 Lloyd 2003 p58). Furthermore, as Kotler (1972) predicted, socially responsible consumer behaviour is growing .UPSUPS is one of the most active corporations in logistics sector on CSR issues. They are the biggest of 8 logistic companies in the world with a full triple bottom line deal which is aligned with GRI both sustainability and CSR are mentioned in their annual report for the last 3 years.The UPS website states that sustainability is in the gist of their business strategy. All CSR programs and initiatives are seen as business-as-usual in a well-managed company. Both the Chairmans statement and company mission statement explicitly states the importance of being a good corporate citizen. The Annual report includes a section called Our Sustainability Statement. UPS has consistently ranked among the most admired companies in the country. They have reinforced the reputation of dependability and reliability by being conservative financially, be ing good corporate citizens and emphasizing social responsibility in the community. UPS is a tough competitive company but they understand the responsibility of a market leader. UPS policy promotes initiatives with the United Way, developing sustainability, increasing diversity, and limiting

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Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership - Essay sampleStudents need to be motivated to acquire knowledge through the use of scholarly material and ascend appropriate skills of critical thinking to compound teaching to optimize learning experience. The role of education leaders therefore becomes hugely important for creating a facilitating environment of learning within and outside academia for students. meaning of Information literacy Turusheva (2009) has broadly defined knowledge literacy as the ability of individual to locate information and critically evaluate it for using it efficiently to improve learning experience. Scholarly material is important for advancing knowledge and technology greatly helps to access myriad information at the shortest possible time. Google has become major political platform for accessing information on internet, both by students and people at large. The teachers become key facilitators for im factoring skills and promoting rough-and-ready mechan isms of locating pertinent information in academia. Indeed, the leadership initiatives of educators have increasing become critical ikon that shapes the mindset of young scholars and encourage them for information literacy that can exploit their ability to think critically. Indeed, it has been acknowledged as important educational goal that promotes critical thinking and effective decision making for solving problems base on informed choice (Li & Lester, 2009). Information literacy has therefore emerged as vital tool for developing skills and capabilities for get the hang the academic content and obligeing the same in learning processes as well as in their lives. The theatrical role is to enhance scholarship through practice and inculcate skills for life long learning. Information literacy is intrinsic part of education that should be fostered from the early education so that later on, students are better equip to synthesize information from various sources for maximising their academic achievements (Badke, 2009). This is a very pertinent issue because unless the habit of information literacy is inculcated within students from their early years, they would not be able to discern the importance of credible information and apply it successfully within their education or use it in their lives. Russell (2009) has also corroborated that many students lack information competencies when they go for higher education. The gap makes it difficult for them to maintain their grades. Thus, it call for to be part of curricula as it broadens survey of education and offers students with more opportunities to differentiate the important issue from the irrelevant whizzs. Technology has considerably contributed to information literacy. The Google wait engine is the most popular tool to locate academic and no-academic source of information. But internet needs to be used judiciously for optimizing learning. While it has made it easy for students to seek information, it has also reduced ones power of concentration and reshaped intellectual capabilities. Carr (2002) says that internet surfers have increasingly developed the habit of paring the text. This adversely impacts their learning processes as lack of focus and concentration also leads to lack of in-depth knowledge or so important issues. Scholars concern on the validity of the same is therefore genuine when they question the accuracy or credibility of the information and critical evaluation of the same (Badke, 2009

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Americas Railroad System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Americas Railroad System - Essay ExampleThis method however has some shortcomings, and there was need to come up with better conveyance of title systems, in terms of security of the transport means, speed and efficiency. Railroads are one good example of much better transportation system that was invented in many countries. This paper examines the expansion of the dragoon in the United States of America in the late nineteenth century, and its effects on the American economy. Railroads are said to have existed as early as the sixth century BC. But it is until the 16th century that railroads were put to extensive use in Europe. Europeans started using the railroads in transporting coal and charcoal from the mines. The first mechanically worked railroad was in Britain, during the second decade of the nineteenth century, and thus the railroads were introduced to America in 1829 (Jensen 13). This led to many changes in America it improved transportation and communication engineering s o much, that it could be viewed as a revolution in America. It advanced technology it expanded and colonized Americas borders further to the west, improved economic development and communication, as well as toil and immigration. It also introduced new management policies and technology. There are three factors that reshaped America in the late 19th century. ... The civil conflict was however the stand-out event in the 19th century and the railroads played an important contribution in it. Railroads were used in the movement of soldiers and ammunition to war zones. There was rapid industrialization in the north in the period between 1820 and 1860, and the railroads helped create, and ultimately benefited from the rise of factory production and the agriculture that was cosmos conducted on a large scale. The railroads in the south were not as well maintained and strengthened as the ones in the north. Still, they played a marginal role in the tobacco and cotton cope that was the bac kbone of the south economy. The north therefore developed more than the south and therefore in the end, cod to its industrial supremacy, was able to defeat the confederacy into submitting. The leaders of that time, president Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davids, recognized that the railroads will be very important in the war, and this was evident by how the soldiers on both sides of the railroads tried to use it to their wages (Jensen 59). The south, however, did not have industries that had the ability to build new locomotives for the war, nor the political power to improve the railroads and networks in their area, to enable them to function well and therefore put up a credible fight. The north decided to adopt full advantage that access to the railroads provided, by creating the United States military railroad that had the powers to take any railroad it considered strategic and important into its control, so that its soldiers could use them. This body was put under the control of ranking officers Daniel C McCallum and Herman Haupt. They were given a lot of power to ensure

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Running Header Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Running Header - Essay Example run-in is the tool for expression of thought. This is the central idea whereby this paper is conceived, since we want to establish the affair that language make in the action of deeming.My family have been blessed with opportunity and a particular fascination with travelling, my mother industrial plant for a magazine company and she writes articles about the places she visits while my father works for an executive corporation that a good deal has offices in almost each(prenominal) major cities in Asia. We do family trips e actually summer and this year we visited Shanghai, ace of my memorable trips in the Far East. One of the things I immediately notice, the first solar day we arrived is that the city was sound with different kinds of noise. Their streets were as busy as the time square in New York, and most of the population drive bicycle to get them to their destination. I had difficulty going around town since most of them notwithstanding speak their native tongue and there were few people who can converse in English. I had to cut my first day short and went back to our hotel to catch some sleep. The next day was filled will breathtaking scenery from ancient China we visited temples and monasteries, and saw few artefacts and went insides old palaces with big statues of ancient Important Chinese personality. It made me feel same(p) I did time travel, like I was in the time those dynasties and the emperors. I never thought I could relive and personally spectator the evidence of ancient Chinese civilization, that I saw the things that were written only in the academic books I read in class. Now I understand what culture does to a country, I can at a time relate better to the lessons learn from the mistakes of the past. We returned home with rich memories of ancient China, I immediately framed all the still photos I took and hanged it in one corner of my room to constantly remind me of the knowledge I acquired durin g this trip.Language no matter how diverse and difficult and in spite of its diversity, play an important role in our critical thinking because it is the key to understanding, according to Philip Atkinson. It is the expression of thought, an act of translating thoughts into words thereby nicety understanding (Atkinson. 2004). Language enables man to define the process of his thoughts and make sense of it. Language is the software that allows our brain to think the way it does, without language the cerebral cortex lies largely unused (Kirby & Goodpaster. 1999). With advance technology and globalisation, language highlights the naming of a major medium of communication that is comprehensible to many, this will define the aims, goals and intention that the thought process wants to attain, it will clarify the subject matter to discuss and set aside the non-issues. Language can in like manner be limiting in the sense that the capacity to ascribe a particular word to a meaning can some times be inadequate owing to the inability to completely convey the marrow it wants to convey (Chomsky. 2004). Language can also empower our thoughts in the sense that enables us to identify the very core of an idea, an

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Term Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Assignment - Term Paper grammatical caseThe political sphere today is manly dominated, as shown by the high numbers of males participating in political relation (Lawless & Fox 2012). In the USA, women account for only 16.6 percent of congress. On the other hand, women make up only 8 percent of the mayors of the nations largest cities. Similarly, Britain registers lower representation of women in politics, compared to the U.S.A. (PressTVGlobalNews 2011). Globally, in July 2006, women accounted for 17 percent of parliamentarians worldwide, and a woman headed the government in only seven countries (UNICEF, 2007). According to Anne, Deckman, and Swers (2011), the under-representation of women in politics is not blamed on legal restrictions, but probably on the bias of voters and parties, which favor the male politicians. Nonetheless, despite women under-representation in politics, a number of women in different countries have risen in the political scene, with impeccable performance, w hich is responsible for their influence in the politics of their countries and the world.In 2011, the Forbes Magazine published a enumerate of the most powerful women in the world. Among the first top five most powerful women in the list, tierce were female politicians. The most powerful woman in politics was considered to be Angela Merkel, who . . . directly controls the $2.9 trillion gross domestic product of Germany and influences the $14.8 trillion economy of the European Union (Goudreau 2011, para. 2). Besides being the first female chancellor of Germany, Merkel is alike the party leader of Christian Democratic Union in Germany. She has held this political office in Germany since 2005, and re-elected in 2009. Merkel is also responsible for overseeing the operations of the Eurozone, ensuring stability, and unification of the members. In addition, the stabilization of the European Union is one of her nucleus duties. This makes Germany the only country among the top largest ec onomies of the world to be headed by a female leader (Gedmin

Chorley Fabrics Ltd Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Chorley Fabrics Ltd - Essay ExampleThe amount of units to produce was acquired by fetching the value of the availability of resources (from another table) and the usage of resources per product. This was divided into the former to get a quotient the maximum hold of resources. Both Stevenson (2005)1 and Middleton (2006)2 explain how to use Excel in this fashion via the Solver tool. After this, the amount of units produced was cypher by the profit per unit to obtain the value for total profit.X1, X2, X8, X9 and X10 are the profit bringers, and thus they should be placed on the schedule in order of profit received, starting from the highest X2, X8, S9, X1 and X10. The others, as there is bittie profit from them, should be moved to the bottom of the list. X4 derriere likely be eliminated altogether.From this, using the SUMPRODUCT formula, which adds the sums of products of corresponding arrays, it can then be determined how much of each resource is used per week. For example, X1 can bind 15 units produced, at a hail of 1.8 units in M/C 1. Unit 2 can have have 28 units, at a cost of 1.2 in M/C 2, and so on down the list. All these values are added up to get the total usage of resources. Alternatively, all values in the row corresponding to each product can be added to get the total cost per unit.ResourceUsageAvailableM/C 1369.75400M/C 2206.75250M/C 3280.00280M/C 4212.82270M/C 5324.00340 monotone 1600.00600 languor 2780.00780Labour182.80229This table denotes the usage of all resources, based upon the values gained from the routine described above.Going by this, it can be seen that M/C 3 and both cranky materials are used to optimum efficiency. There is no surplus or deficit. M/C 2 and M/C 4, hwever, are lacking there is a a period of 44.3 hours left all over for 2, and a period of 57.2 hours for 4. M/C 1, 3, and 5 are used efficiently there is poor available time left for them.5. Marginal BenefitsResourceFinalValueMarginalBenefitsConstraintR.H. rampAllowa bleIncreaseAllowableDecreaseM/C 1 Usage369.750.004001E+3030.24822533M/C 2 Usage206.840.002501E+3043.15699565M/C 3 Usage280.007.932807.30325278814.80479303M/C 4 Usage212.840.002701E+3057.15903366M/C 5 Usage322.010.003401E+3017.99473323Mat 1 Usage600.0013.9860065.7068965561.87637795Mat 2

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The Annuncistion by Francesco Bissolo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Annuncistion by Francesco Bissolo - Essay ExampleThis was a celebrate and popular technique employed mostly by the Venetian School. The employment of this technique is palpable in the painting through and through the social occasion of color richly especially in the room of Mary. The use of barmy tonalism is as well present in the painting through the light that illuminates her chamber during the morning depicted in the painting (Zirpolo, 23). The painting is rich in shade, and use of bright colors is evident. This technique is appropriate in the message it was depicting since it creates an atmosphere of manners and joy that characterized the actual event in the bible. The deviceist uses the Venetian style brilliantly to this effect through the incorporation of color and light to show the mystery of holiness in craft. His technique causes the viewers to reflect on the painting since it looks to have an inner meaning, which the viewer tries to decipher. The use of this tec hnique enabled the painter to put elaborate details on the painting. This is evident in the painting through the appearance of Marys room, and the landscape on the background. The characters faces exhibit the use of silhouettes with both Mary and the angels faces are illuminated by the artists use of light. The painting was fabricated during a period where Venice was at its peak as a European trade center. This facilitated for the development of art in the city, and whizz of the notable contributions was the creation of the Venetian School. During the Renaissance eon in Europe, each School was noble-minded using its own peerless style that was studied to excellence by the artists (Bourdua and Dunlop, 37). The Venetian style, evident in the painting, was distinct through its style in the use of color and lighting techniques that made its paintings unique. The School also employed the use of the oil medium to perfection through the mastery of its use. This School was also character ized by the interweaving of the Byzantine styles and Gothic influences. This involved the use of rich color creating a festive feel in the paintings. The development of the painting during this period also saw it assume some Renaissance inclinations, which were bolstered by the interpenetration of Florentine influences, in that the style had extended towards Padua (Duby and Lobrichon, 57). Religion was a key element in the art during this eon. Most of the issues that the artists painted about were influenced significantly by religion. This is evident where the painters depict an event in the bible. This is because life during the period was heavily inclined to religion, and the church had a foothold on the art in the period. The bulky painters of the time used the pretext of religion to describe the daily life of the inhabitants of Venice. Nevertheless, the School was affected adversely with the diminishing of the position of the city as a business hub. The church also was key in the ebbing of Venetian art, with the feudalism employed by the church during this period (Dubyand Lobrichon, p68). This decline saw titian, one of the great painters at the time, show sighs of crisis in his work in that there was a presence of psychological conflicts in his work. This was because of the different influences dominant at the time and their conflicting interests. The School of Venice boasts some of the greats in the art world during the Renaissance period. The esteemed list boasts of names like Titian, Michelangelo and many more. This shows the

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Taoism, The Principle of Wu-Wei Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Taoism, The Principle of Wu-Wei - Research cover ExampleThis paper will shed more light upon Taoism and the principles of Wu-Wei. Confucianism is a term which is very closely related to Taoism, a lot of can be learned about the Chinese flock tho by knowing more about Taoism and Confucianism. These are terms which reflect the spirit of the Chinese people and what they are made up of. The ancient Chinese society must be given reference work for coining the term Taoism, the ideology and the beliefs of the Han nationality is often portrayed when people talk of Taoism. Ancient people in chinaware used to worship spirits and gods and this was how this term originated. Daoism encompasses thought and practice that sometimes are viewed as philosophical, as religious, or as a combination of both. While modern scholars, especially those in the West, have been negligent with classifying Daoist material as either philosophical or religious, historically Daoists themselves have been uninte rested in much(prenominal) categories and dichotomies.(IEP.UTM) Taoism has raised a debate for the scholars across Europe they have been completely discombobulated as to whether Taoism go under religion or whether it falls under philosophy. Some scholars in Europe say that it should be classified under religion while some others say that it should be classified under philosophy so there is no general consensus when it comes to the classification of Taoism and much debate is going on amongst summit meeting scholars in Europe. It is very important to know more about the Han dynasty in order to know more about Taoism, no traces of Taoism were entrap when the Han dynasty ruled China but the beginning of Taoism can be found in important texts like Daodejing and the Zhuangzi. The Chinese people unanimously believe that a teacher by the name Laozi was mainly responsible for writing Daodejing, he was a very dedicated teacher who as well as opened a school for the Chinese children and single-handedly wrote Daodejing, it was a great achievement but not too many people know of this incredible achievement. People who followed Taoism were called Taoists and they had some similar beliefs, they understood the connexion between nature and their bodies and this again was a great achievement. They similarly knew that God had not made them timeless and they trotted on the difficult path to become immortal. Taoists also believed in experimenting with their bodies, they found new exercises to keep themselves run low they were also responsible for discovering interesting and new sexual positions. Chemistry was one subject which fascinated the Taoists and rather a few of them tried new experiments to discover something new which would help them but these experiments did not go down too well and many of them lost their lives trying to do too much. There were emperors who were also fascinated with Chemistry and they met with the same fate when they tried doing the same expe riments, this clearly goes to show that there were starved for success and wanted to find new things which would help their fellow human beings. Self-cultivation was a major(ip) objective of Taoism, every Taoist wanted to inculcate this quality in him and pass it on to their family members. The teachings that were ulterior called Daoism were first known under the name of Huanglao Dao in the 3rd and 2nd cent. BCE. The thought world transmissible in this stream is what Sima Tan meant by Daojia. The Huanglao School was a center of Taoist practitioners in the maintain of Qi (modern Shandong). Huangdi was the name for the Yellow

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Global Marketing Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Global Marketing Strategy - Essay ExampleAs a result, almost housing industries adopt been on the rise. This has also attracted growth in the transport sector and computer systems. closely of the industries in this sector opt not to use market-oriented approach. According to Walker and Mullins, the competitive nature of the surround does not necessitate ultra sensitivity of the take of the buyers. However, these companies produce mastered the economic needs of customers and atomic number 18 moving speedily to calculate them. They have identified a growing need for assets as the spanking driving force for consumer appetite. They have also dealt with the long-term consumer needs and are working on set structures and increasing consumer demands. Companies like The Home Depot are cognise to have adopted that approach. The automobile manufacturers have increased sales by having to re-look at the international trends and the changing consumer demands and the economic conditions in key taper markets. According to Morningstar, poor mid to long-term performance strategy can cost companies if not hale handled. A good casing point is the Nissan Company compared to the general motors. Market positioning is essential when it comes to long-term consumer strategies and brand differentiation (Walker&Orville, 2011). General motors have made its reputation in conducting research on consumer needs and attitudes with helps them in developing products that are appealing to consumers (Bartlett & Wozny, 2005). Nissan is accused of not coming up with differentiated products that do not stand out. This is due to inadequate through market research when it comes to consumer needs. Successful marketing is known to affect organizational productivity directly. This necessitates companies to take... This paper proclaims that the growing global marketing strategy demands that the next contemporaries of organizational leaders get employees who have a large knowledgebase. Organi zations are looking for a numerosity of talents and experience. Such a workforce is known to maximize productivity and minimize organizational costs.The new global marketing strategy demands the employees engage in critical thinking and take up their roles with passion and understanding. Organizations have taken to training workers with an aim of enhancing leadership skills and innovation. However, training alone is inadequate. Employees must be directly obscure in decision making, in the own portfolios. They must become part of the solutions to the organizational challengers through employee association in the leadership process. In conclusion, the paper aproves that the modern day aspect of managing market and strategy calls for stakeholder net and long-term strategy in marketing. The new market myopic of viewing the customer as upright short term consumer is changing fast. The consumer must be viewed as a member of the global connection who has complex needs and long term ta rgets. Organizations have begun paying close attention to research found on culture and consumer perception to avoid imposing consumer needs. The link between the roles of stakeholders in marketing organizational products is being addressed. The global market place has shifted radically, and it demands the use of both conventional and unconventional marketing strategies to address the challenge of appealing to and satisfying modern, empowered consumers.

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Swimming pools Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Swimming pools - Essay Example in that location are many reasons for beaches being contaminated. Fecal contamination occurs due to improperly constructed and operated septic systems and sewage intervention plants, manure spills, storm water runoff from lands with wildlife and pet droppings, or direct contamination from waterfowl, livestock, or small children in the water (Iowa Department of Natural Resources). Other reasons are the presence of pathogens in the intestines of warm-blooded animals including compassionate beings.The best way to identify fecal contamination is to use indicator bacteria. Escherichia coli or E. coli and Enterococcus sp. are the indicators apply by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) office to identify fecal contamination in seas, lakes, ricers, etc.The indicator bacteria, which are used to identify fecal contamination dont make anyone sick. They are found everywhere in the environment. Presence in high levels of these indicators indicates that h as come into fulfil with fecal material and pathogens or sickness causing organisms may be present. Diseases like Diarrhea may be the result when anyone comes in contact with the contaminated water. Illnesses like sore throat, vomiting, sinus infections, stomachache, fever, headache and other skin related diseases might be caused due to the fecal contamination.One of the difficult tasks for every health organization is to monitoring the beaches.

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Vietnam and the Eisenhower Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Vietnam and the Eisenhower Era - Essay ExampleThe Vietnam insurance of Eisenhower may therefore be summed up under the two following headings(a) a reluctance to actively go to war in Vietnam using the encompassing power of the American attack force, in enkindle of the fact that he acknowledged the Communist threat from China in south east Asia. This created domestic political friction within the Republican Party. It caused a split between those who fiercely opposed Communism, favoring full shield war with Vietnam and Eisenhower, who held back for reasons of safety and preventing loss of life in war.(b) using air attacks instead than focusing the strength of the attack on land forces. This created initial setbacks in the war as the Vietnamese showed their superior land power, that later led to the defeat and withdrawal of American forces. This is why the Eisenhower policy is important. on the whole the ambiguities, uncertainty and losses generated during the Vietnam war were due to the policy that was followed by Eisenhower. It also gave the Democrats an opportunity to attack the Republicans for their weak policy in Vietnam because they did not take strong effective action to go to full scale war in Vietnam. Bipartisan politics and bickering was the result. Eisenhowers policy made the clear turn off division between Republican and Democratic to blur and become less well defined. His policy in Vietnam was most unlike the Republican witchhunt of Communists, in fact it was more a pacifying policy like the Democrats had.

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Benchmarking - Amgen Corporation Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Benchmarking - Amgen Corporation - Case lease ExampleAPQC provides Amgen with a list of 40 potential benchmarking companies from which Amgen selects the best seven. Amgen gets a chance to visit quaternity of the companies while the other three are interviewed oer the phone. After scaling itself against these companies, Amgen restructures its sales training and reading department.After realizing the positive results from the benchmarking, Amgen sought to use the same concept to evaluate its mode of movement of the products from the product stage to the end user. In the process, it has been able to learn many lessons. For instance, Amgen has learned that one of the hindrances to effective benchmarking is a failure to draw off effective implementation of the learned concepts. Finding suitable companies willing to participate in the benchmarking is a challenge though APQC comes in handy in such instances. Through benchmarking, Amgen has been able to make a milestone development in v arious aspects of its operations.The best decision Amgen could ever have through was to initiate the benchmarking concept in their business. It would have been disastrous for Amgen to continue with their business operations and ideas without measuring themselves against the direct performers. Other competitors, who are performing better in human resource management, would have overtaken them. It is always authorized to keep a constant evaluation of strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of business and then execute benchmarking to comprehend the weaknesses. Amgen integrated the benchmarking idea just in time when it would have lost total control over the increasing number of employees.Certainly, Amgen will continue reaping the benefits of benchmarking even in future. For any business to be successful, it has to grasp the change of events that are prevalent in modern business conditions. Competition is on the rise and solely the most competitive and organized businesses will rem ain in business.

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Healthy living Essay Example for Free

Healthy active EssayHealthy lifestyle for both adults and children is more important than anything else. Healthy lifestyle habits will inhibit your encounter of getting diseases you will feel better, have more energy and prevent the risk of degenerative diseases. Living powerful also helping you to feel happy and have more self federal agency which results in a better quality of life . in todays The term red-blooded lifestyle encompasses several factors that need to be brought together in order to gain the benefits, namely practice session, sinewy consume and a body mass index (BMI) in a normal range. Healthy lifestyle, peculiarly for children is their insurance policy for a lifetime of good health, and as research has shown, may signifi mountaintly garnish the chance of contracting chronic illnesses and diseases. Regular physical activity is important for a rubicund growth, instruction and well-being of children, the British Heart Foundation has carried out researc h into the fact of living a salutary lifestyle, eating intelligent sens stop you gaining weight, which means reducing the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.It can also help lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of some cancers. Chronic illnesses associated with obesity, lack o exercise and a poor diet include the following * Coronary heart disease * crab louse * Stroke * Diabetes * High blood pressure (Hypertension) * Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease (COPD) 2. Healthy consume along with a healthy BMI and exercise is the third element of a healthy lifestyle for children is eating a healthy diet.A healthy diet is again protective against a whole horde of chronic illnesses, eating fruit and vege turn offs everyday helps childrens grow and develop, boosts their vitality and can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases And children ar especially susceptible to behavioural problems due to deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals that are derived from the food that we eat. Educations by example in the young child greatly improve their chances of eating a wide variety of nutritious foods as they move from childhood into adolescence.Children who eat meal around the table with others are more likely to try different foods, therefore lowering the possibility of them becoming grouchy eaters. In order to eat healthily food should be selected from the various different groups to make up a nutritionally balanced plate. These groups are * Carbohydrates potatoes, rice, bread, pasta and other starchy food * Protein meat, eggs, fish, beans, milk, cheese, and other dairy products * Fat butter, oil, spreads* Fruit and vegetables * Sugars sugary drinks, sweets 3. Activities for young children, Regular physical activity are important for the healthy growth, development and wellbeing of children and young people Physical play and void activities can have a hugely positive effect on childrens healthy living. Even though IT and computer games are becoming more popular with the children instead of traditional exercises, they still need physical exercises into their everyday routines.In 2006 professors in Glasgow identified through a study of 545 nursery school children, that one hour of exercise a day was required for children to maintain a healthy BMI, in addition to eating healthy diet. Play is an essential part of a Childs development and we are focusing here particularly on the physical and mental wellbeing aspects. There are many opportunities in the local community for involving children in physical exercises for example of these * Trips to the local park * Indoor childrens play centres * Specialist activities for children at leisure and recreation centresCreative in add ion to the physical activities as a means of promoting a healthy lifestyle, cookery demonstrations and activities can have a profound effect on children encouraging them to prepare and gustation healthy foods that they may not have antecedently be en introduced to. The use of different colours and textures of food in recipes can fuel a child excitement and interest where it may not have previously been held. Games displays and the creation of posters can all assist with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for young children. 4. offbeat is the state of being comfortable healthy and happy. In child it is necessary to evaluate children regularly to nominate any children who may be displaying sings of emotional or social difficulties affecting their wellbeing. Children should feel comfortable equal to be able to express themselves in an environment that they perceive as positive and safe, and this should be encouraged. eudaimonia for families there are many public and private courses that run including the triple p programs (positive parents programs) which runs nationwide crack invaluable support to parents.Courses are available for different age groups of children and are delivered by experienced and suitably trained prac titioners. These courses have proved a lifeline for some parents who have been struggling in muteness to conquer various emotional, physical or behavioural aspects of their childrens lives. This is a fantastic tool for up(p) parents wellbeing and offers an opportunity for parents to meet in secure non judgemental and confident environment where they can discuss their own issues that they are experiencing with practitioners and fellow parents

Elastic and Inelastic Demand Essay Example for Free

Elastic and Inelastic Demand EssayI would say that when I think of a company that has inelastic aim on their products it would subscribe to be Apple. Apple charges preceding(prenominal) average legal injurys for their phones, computers and music players all with the marketing strategy of superior quality. When a company achieves inelastic demand it is because of two possible reasons. They bewilder either certain highly differentiated products or brands or they have achieved a monopoly on a market or product category. (Tedesco, 2011) If you look at Apple they have a combination of both. You wouldnt necessarily label Apple as a monopoly but they do possess a large amount of influence on how other tech companies develop their products. This is shown in various lawsuits that have been brought by Apple against other tech companies for patent violations. Apple has however developed superior products in comparison to others. Apple has marketed their high-end electronic devices to the point that they derriere introduce similar devices any few months and make people think that they are improved enough over the older models to ready a needed upgrade. The marketing is brilliant. If I was expressing to the president of Apple about what their pricing strategies should be I would bring up the possibility of a downgraded model to reach the customer base who cant afford $600 every few months for a new phone or tablet. Even though Apple has monopolized on the higher income customer base they have untapped potential in the trim back to middle income customer base.Cell phones are deemed as a necessity by many and if the price is right most consumers will spend the money on a product that is considered superior to others in the marketplace. While researching different articles for this assignment I came across an article about the elastic demand of sports tickets, especially superintendent Bowl tickets. When I was trying to think of a company with elastic demand, the NFL never cut through my mind but the NFL is a profit generating entity. The article cited the difference in ticket prices in horizontal surface seating between the Super Bowl in New York City and the Super Bowl in New Orleans. The prime examples showed that club-level tickets at MetLife Stadium would cost $1400 more than the similar seats at the Super Bowl in New Orleans. The article attributed this to the marketability of the venue. The author stated that most sports teams price their ticket inventories in the inelastic portion of their demand function because, teams charge too low a price to maximise ticketrevenues. Part of the strategy in doing this is to experience maximum imageance so as to ensure greater revenue streaming from complementary purchases associated with sporting attendancesuch as concessions, parking, and merchandise. (Rishe, 2013) If I were to talk to the president of the NFL I would suggest putting a cap on Super Bowl tickets so that a more diverse gro up of fans could attend the Super Bowl. As of now the only fans that attend a Super Bowl are the fans with a large amount of expendable income. If tickets were more attainable by the common fan they would generate as much money but also take on a much wider consumer market.BibliographyRishe, P. (2013, September 19). SuperBowl XLVIII Pricing A Lesson In Demand Elasticity. Retrieved September 27, 2014, from Forbes.com http//www.forbes.com/sites/prishe/2013/09/19/super-bowl-xlviii-pricing-a-lesson-in-demand-elasticity/ Tedesco, T. (2011, May 20). View from Mount Olympus. Retrieved September 26, 2014, from piworld.com http//www.piworld.com/blog/inelasticity-demand-your-printing-services-pricing-strategy-tj-tedesco Tucker, I. B. (2013). Survey of Economics (8th ed.). Mason, Ohio, United States of America.

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Race and Ethnicity Essay Example for Free

Race and Ethnicity EssayCrash is highly enigmatical in the depiction of multiethnicalism in American society. Almost all the ethnicities depicted in Crash nous the perception others have their particular collection, however at the same time affirm the different stereotypes meet their ethnic sort. For example, one of the black characters (Anthony) remarks that they should be afraid in a light neighborhood, due to their groups association with crime. Following this intelligent observation, he and his friend (Peter) proceed to steal a car from a white couple (Rick and Jean Cabot), affirming the stereotype whites have of them. Another example would be the Persian-American father, who is accused by a gun-store owner to be a danger to society, The father denies this fact, but ends up shooting a child. This ambiguous portrayal shows us one of the dilemmas of Multiculturalism in American society. While it strives to sleep with diversity, it also promotes color consciousness by re jecting color-blind solutions. To quote Gordon and Newfield Multiculturalism in the 1980s sponsored renewed protests against white racism and yet it appeared to replace the emphasis on carry and racism with an emphasis on cultural diversity.Multiculturalism rejected racial subordination but seemed sometimes to support it. While Gordon and Newfield also attest that multiculturalism a lot avoided race. It designated cultures, but multiculturalism in Crash inexorably comes down to race and ethnicity. The characters in Crash think in terms of race or ethnicity, not culture. Despite the fact that both major character is culturally American, race is the definitive factor in determining identity. The upper-class African-American Cameron is accused of not being black enough.The Persian-American father is angered that he is mistaken for being an Arab (traditionally considered to be part of the Hamitic race), magic spell both ethnicities can be considered part of Islamic culture. The Asia n-American characters and the Cambodian immigrants are first and foremost Asian and no attempt is made to distinguish them culturally. This can clearly be seen at the end of the plastic film Anthony drops the Cambodians off in Chinatown, an Asian neighborhood, inhabited by Chinese-Americans whose culture and language is completely foreign to the Cambodians.moreover everyone from South-American is labeled as Latino or Hispanic, despite the fact that Brazilians are culturally and lingualally Portuguese and that Argentina is more white than the United States. Detective Ria is called Mexican (the most common Hispanic group in Los Angeles) multiple times in the movie, despite having a shared Puerto Rican and El-Salvadorian background. One must run into that there is a racial divide or a perceived racial divide in American society, not just among the white American majority and minority groups but between different minority groups as well.This is best seen during Crashs opening scene, where a native Asian-American cleaning lady (Kim Lee) accuses the native Hispanic Ria of being an extralegal immigrant in broken position. Another example would be the favour African-American Cameron. After an attempted carjacking, he is mistaken for one of the carjackers, due to his belligerent attitude and encounters a racial divide that completely nullifies his privileged position.In other words, his upper-class job gave him a story of whiteness, which dissipates when he is mistaken for a black thug. The racial divide is best described by Ronald Takaki, a Japanese-American and a professor on multicultural American during an encounter with a taxi driver. The taxi driver asked how long he had been in the US Takaki interpreted his question in terms of race Somehow I did not look American to him my eyes and complexion looked foreign. Suddenly we both became sure of a racial divide between us.For the taxi driver, an Asian man speaking beneficial English was somehow remarkable and likely made his comment without any racist connotations. For the Japanese-American Takaki, it was a admonisher that the notion of Americaness was still closely related to race. Another Academic, Schlesinger notes that The bonds of cohesion in our society are sufficiently fragile, or so it seems to me, that it makes no sense to strain them by encouraging and exalting cultural and linguistic apartheid.The American identity will never be fixed and final it will always be in the making. Despite being an assimilationist, Schlesinger has a valid argument, at least with this quote. American is not a fixed identity it means different things to different minority groups. For the Asian-American woman, speaking broken English raised no questions regarding her Asian-American identity, while the Hispanic Ria was dumbfounded by the fact that the women accused her of being an illegal in broken English.Schlesinger correctly notes how fragile the bonds between the different ethnic groups are. Th is returns in Crash, where almost every multicultural interaction is the result of a crash or conflict. As Gordon and Newfield point out in their essay, multiculturalism might have placed the emphasis on cultural diversity, rather than race or racism, but it has done little to deal with the underlying racial divide that exists in American society.Bibliography Argentina Demographics indite 2010, Index Mundi, accessed 10-3-2010, http//www. indexmundi. com/argentina/demographics_profile. html Avery Gordon and Christopher Newfield, Mapping Multiculturalism (Minneapolis University of Minnesota Press, 1996), 3-4 Schlesinger, Arthur M. , The Disuniting of America Reflections on a Multicultural club (New York Norton, 1992) 137-138 Takaki, Ronald, A Different Mirror A History of Multicultural America (New York Back Bay Books, 1993) 1-2.

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Make Better Decision Essay Example for Free

Make Better Decision analyseThat the current era of economic uncertainty may have been ushered in through with(predicate) a serial of poor government and corporate decisions is implied through the rear view mirror. Could more or less of the events that shaped todays crises have been avoided through better decision make processes? Thomas Davenport (2009, p. 117) presents examples of decision devising disorder evident in both the public and private sectors and offers a framework to guide have it offrs in devising better decisions in the future.His premise lies in the ineffectiveness of the individual decision-making process resulting in dire consequences for the administration. Davenport issues a framework to guide managers in adopting a more analytical and systematic approach, resulting in greater effectiveness. He posits that the use of data, especially analytics infix in automated systems can be powerful tools when balanced with informed human judgment. Davenport pr esents no vernal information entailing the decision making process.He does, however, raise the question of why the majority of organizations continue to assert on intuition and ignore proven tools and methods without regard for the evidence pointing to their effectiveness. The author warns that without proper prioritization and systematic follow of the decision making process, supremacy remains a gamble. Article Highlights According to Davenport (2009), allowing individual managers to make decisions without a systematic analysis has severe consequences that result in languishing profit margins.In spite of the resources available, most organizations ease up to implement the recommendations that would help managers employ better decision making processes. The author nones that while these processes do not guarantee better outcomes, they certainly increase the potential (p. 118). Davenport (2009) outlines a four- quantity process to improve managerial decisions, the components of which be identification, inventory, intervention and institutionalization. He suggests mangers begin by prioritizing the top decisions required to achieve a goal.He states without some prioritization all decisions argon treated as equal, which probably means that the important ones wont be analyzed with sufficient care (p. 118). He goes on to stress the importance of identifying key decisions in in order to examine all variables through an inventory process to determine effectiveness and lay the ass for organizational communication. Subsequent to identification and pickings inventory, considering all parameters of the decision, the appropriate intervention should rise to the surface.The final step is the institutionalization of the decision making process, for which Davenport (2009, p. 119) recommends hiring decision experts in guiding managers through the process. Davenport (2009, p. 119-122) cites two examples of organizations who improved the decision making process Educationa l Testing Service (ETS) and The Stanley Works. Meeting with great success, ETS has expanded the unseasoned processes to evaluate and place all product changes as well as apply the methodology to handle new prospects.A center of excellence was developed at The Stanley Works that created an analytical tool for gross sales data and new potential sales opportunities. According to the author, due to automated decision processes created by the center of excellence, the company established a 6% growth in gross margin. Although highly in favor of analytical tools, Davenport (2009) warns of confidence solely on automation, and cautions managers to use their expert human insight to monitor how well analytical tools are working. The decision making process should always be a human endeavor with analytics only a part of the overall toolbox.Significance of the article Davenport (2009) raises a universal concern encompassing the impact of peaked(predicate) thought out organizational as well as individual decisions. The decisions of today are the realities of tomorrow, and in spite of the myriad of excellent resources available, few organizations have reengineered their decisions (p. 117). The author presents an excellent argument for the necessity of a systematic decision making process as well as the use of analytical tools to provide reliable information in order to make sound decisions. Corporate CEOs go that agree with the concepts and actively ngage in systematic decision-making processes.Donna Thompson, CEO of Access Community Health Network in the Chicago area is one example. She shares her ritual of going through the same decision-making process before taking any action, and offers good decision making isnt as much about having all the skillful answers as is using a process to ask all the right questions (Reed-Woodard, M. A. 2006p. 164). Gully, Stainer and Stainer (2006), in their study on moral decisions within organizations, have also make up a systematic process to yield the shell decisions.The authors describe an organized balance sheet designed to prevent disordered thinking as a model of cooperative business behavior. Their findings include the need for systematic decision-making and state the moral decision making maze needs ordered steps of asking questions and providing answers that can readily be applied to closure problems and dilemmas in business (p. 194). Davenports (2009) article continues with accolades for analytical tools within automated systems as long as managers thoroughly understand the models.Jim Ciampaglio CEO of NeoSpire exuberantly claims the success of an analytical sales tool used to manage charters and store sales information and states this tool helped us change who we are as a sales organization (McKay, L. 2010). Executive decisions lay the foundation for business strategy poorly thought out decisions lead to less than optimal results and systematic decision making takes the emotionality out and puts the issue in an intention framework, leading to better outcomes. Organizations integrating this type of framework reduce the risk of moving ahead with a wrong plan.Davenport (2009) states while managers are buying and most likely reading resource material providing the arse for better decision making, few actually adopt the recommendations (p. 118). Conjecture rather than interviews with key decision makers is offered to live this particular viewpoint with the implication that this may be due to the failure to connect bad outcomes to faulty decision making Conclusion Davenport (2009) does an excellent job of tying the process of decision-making to an organizations last failure or success.His thought provoking discussion as to what exactly transpires during the individual decision making process and why organizations need to gain some control over this process makes intuitive sense. The success of the authors suggested framework for making decisions is well supported by the organ izations cited in his work, with confirmations easily found in other studies such as Gully et al (2006). Further research is recommended examining the decision making processes broadly employed by organizations before conclusions that support Davenports (2009) negative assumptions can be drawn.The author does not support his claim that only a few companies employ a systematic process and is coloured in his perception of the poor calls made in both the public and private sectors in new-fashioned years. Overall, Making Better Decisions provides food for thought and raises the question that if Davenports (2009) assumptions are in fact correct, why is it that corporations continue to allow managers to use more intuition than systematic processes to arrive at decisions that impact the organizations bottom line?

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The Public Need to Know Essay Example for Free

The Public Need to Know proveResearch has shown that children born in the 2000s have a 1-3 chance of developing type both diabetes, and 7% of obese five to seventeen year olds has at least one risk instrument for cardiovascular disease. Over the past 30 years puerility obesity has more than tripled in the get together States. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, obesity in children is one of the easiest medical conditions to separate but most difficult to treat. (Wittman,2010 pg.75). be now federal guidelines now in place that every last(predicate) tame are required to meet. These new federal nutrition guidelines are now tough, due to the changes in state and federal laws the government has banned the use of pesticides in crop growing.The federal government has at last step in and made new laws to save the children of our future. Infusing the new health and nutrition program to pick up repasts are well balanced and nutritionary for st udents growth and development is one of the best thing they incur have ever implemented, many of these new meal requirements as part of their program nutrition standards localise forth by the USDA require most teachs to increase the availability of whole grains, fat- isolated and low-fat liquified milk in school meals reduce the levels of sodium, saturated fat and Trans fat in meals and meets the nutritional commands of school children within their calorie requirements (Johnson, RK, et al. 1998). This brochure will identify the economy issues, redundant need for the students been served, developing a standard health and nutrition batting order for schools and the benefits of changes thats have been made in the school lunch menu. Some of economy issues for school lunch and breakfast programs were re-authorized with significant improvements to make it easier for desirable children to be enrolled. By doing the re-authorization will allow underprivileged children in families tha t receiving government asseds to automatically receive free school meals without having to complete an application, and school districts will have to review a sample of applications more guardedly to make sure families areeligible.With nutrition and health meals in school that are high in fat, sodium, cholesterol and they were very unhealthy meals. All of this was done to cut the cost of foods. The National School dejeuner Program (NSLP) that started in 2006 was the second largest food and nutrition assistance program which and provided over 28 meg low-cost or free lunches to children on a typical school day at a Federal cost of $8 billion for the year (Economic Research Report 1998). The NSLP report provides background training on the, including historical trends and participant characteristics. It also addresses steps being taken to meet challenges facing administrators of the program, including tradeoffs mingled with nutritional quality of foods served, costs, and participat ion, as well as between program access and program integrity.The special need is for students to be offer a variety of healthy foods in school meal and raciness programs that will prevent childhood obesity and diabetes. Schools are required by law to offer school meals and snacks that are consistent with the federal governments dietary guidelines. Having these programs has allowed students to develop healthy eating habits and to apprize to enjoy many different foods. Healthier meals provide competency and nutrients for students. These are special needs because schools where disposed students food that was unhealthy and causing childhood deaths. These new programs that have been enforced has help decrease childhood diabetes and obesity. FIGURE 5-1 Excerpt from a late version of the Menu Development spreadsheet for estimating and evaluating the average daily energy and nutrient content that would be provided by possible meal patterns for breakfast, using preliminary targets for sc hoolchildren ages 510 years kindergarten through grade 5. (Johnson, RK, 1998 pg. 295)TABLE M-6 Sample Lunch Menus High SchoolMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYhebdomad 1 Choice of Choice of Choice of Choice of Choice of Sloppy Joe (3.6 oz) on WW barf uninterrupted or Spicy Chicken Strips (3oz) Pineapple Glazed Turkey Ham (2 oz) Nachos Grande with Tortilla Chips (2 oz) Teriyaki Chicken Dippers (3 oz) with White strain (1 c) Cheese Lasagna (1oz) with Marinara Sauce ( c) Chicken Patty (2.5 oz) on WW Roll Hamburger (2.7 oz) on scroll Chicken Patty (2.5oz) on WW Roll give Dog(4oz) Assorted pizza (6.3oz) Assorted Pizza (6.3 oz) Assorted Pizza (6.3oz) Assorted Pizza (6.3 oz) Assorted Pizza (6.3 oz) Cheeseburger (2.7oz meat, 1 oz RF cheddar cheese) on Bun Grilled Chicken Salad (2 oz chicken, 2 oz black beans, 1 c spinach, cherry tomato) Chef Salad (1 oz turkey, 1 oz ham, 0.5 oz LF cheese, egg, 1 c dark green leafy blend, cherry tomato, cucumber) Taco Salad (2 oz taco meat, 1 oz shredded cheddar, 0.25 oz tortilla chips, 1 c dark green leafy blend) Black Bean Salad ( ccosine, 2 oz black beans, 18 c corn, 18 c pineapple) Deli Roll Salad (1oz turkey, 1 oz LF cheese, 1 c romaine blend, tomato) Sub Sandwich (1.5 oz turkey, 0.5 oz RF cheese) on hitman Bun (4) Roast Beef Sub (2 oz poke fun beef, 1 oz RF cheese, romaine leaf, tomato) on WW Hoagie Bun (5) Veggie Sandwich (2 oz RF cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber) on Hoagie Roll (5) Deli Turkey Sub (2 oz turkey, 1 oz RF cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion) on WW Hoagie Roll (5) Sub Sandwich (0.75oz turkey ham, 0.75 oz turkey salami, 0.75 oz turkey bologna, 0.5 RF cheese) on WW Hoagie Roll (5) Veggie Wrap (romaine, 2 oz monterey jack cheese, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, matchstick carrots) in WW Tortilla Buffalo Chicken Wrap (2.5 oz chicken, 1 oz LF cheese, romaine leaf, 1 oz ranch dressing) in WW Tortilla Turkey Club Wrap (2 oz turkey, 1 oz RF cheese, lettuce, tomato, 1 oz ranch dressing) in WW Tortil la Italian Wrap (1 oz turkey salami, 1 oz turkey ham, 1 oz LF cheese, romaine leaf, tomato) in WW Tortilla Green Beans ( c) Sweet Potatoes ( c) Baked Potato Wedges ( c) Vegetarian Beans ( c) Fresh Mini Carrots ( c) Fresh Zucchini Slices ( c) Golden Corn (c) Sliced Summer Squash ( c) Developing a standard health and nutrition menu for schools pertain there were five major steps taken to help develop the menu (1) consideration of the sufficiency of the meal planning glide pathes in current use(2) the selection of the new meal planning approach(3) the identification of an established food pattern guide to serve as a basis for school meal patterns for planning menus that are consistent with Dietary Guidelines for Americans(4) the design and use of spreadsheets to test possible meal patterns against the preliminary nutrition targets established in Chapter 4and(5) the testing of a series of possible standards for menu planning and evaluation of the resulting menus in terms of nutrien t content, cost, and suitability for school meals (School Meals Building Blocks for HealthyChildren) The benefits of these programs are typically acquired during persons childhood according to The Dairy Council. Therefore, fitter school lunches would lead to healthier nutritional choices throughout childrens entire lifetimes. By making healthy school lunches the norm as strange to the exception, children will inadvertently learn about nutrition and healthy eating. The reverse is also true children who are provided with sugary, fatty foods at school can develop poor eating habits that can last a lifetime but by have this program is has decrease childhood diabetes and cholesterol.ReferencesWittman, Demand Media Candy Vs. Vegetables Healthy, stark(a) Lunch Choices, 2010 Johnson, RK, et al. Journal of Child Nutrition and Management, 1998. 295-100. Gettlinger, MJ, et al. Journal of the American Dietetic Association,

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Learning a Foreign Language Essay Example for Free

Learning a Foreign lyric poem Es placeWhats the best age to learn a new language? researchers say that you shouldnt wait in like manner long before introducing a baby to foreign languages. According to the critical period hypothesis, theres a certain window in which flash language acquisition skills are at their peak. Researchers disagree over equitable how long that window is some say that it ends by age 6 or 7, while others say that it extends all the way through puberty but after that period is over, it becomes much harder for a mortal to learn a new language. Its not impossible, but children in that critical period have an roughly universal success rate at achieving near fluency and perfect accents, while adults results are more(prenominal) hit-and-miss. Because children are so much more skilled at picking up a second language than adults, immersion preschools and elementary schools are a popular choice for parents. Students at these schools have math, drool time and social studies the way other students do, but their classes are taught in a foreign language.not only does this give the students ample time to practice the foreign language, but some research indicates that such(prenominal) a program might have other academic benefits, such as higher math scores and sharper critical thinking skills. And learning a second language at such a young age doesnt hinder any abilities in the childs native language it seems a childs mind-set is wired so that all linguistic rules, be they native or foreign, are picked up quickly.However, meet because a child becomes fluent in Italian, Russian and Portuguese doesnt mean that he or she volition be speaking those languages 50 years later. Without extended exposure to a language, the childs abilities diminish, so its important to add continued opportunities to practice these skills. anguage is too complex for children to understand. All the people know that if one wants to learn a foreign language, one must understand its grammars and vocabularies. These things support not be easily understood by a child who does not have enough experience.Children are simply reciting the rules of grammars and vocabularies. The mountain like join of rules and vocabularies are difficult for every people, especially children. As children are reciting the rules of grammars and vocabularies, they are forgetting them gradually to none. As a result, there is no good result for both children themselves and parents. Not everyone is a genius, and so almost of the children can not hold as many languages as their parents hopes. So, from my view children should not begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school.

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The Supernatural and the witches Essay Example for Free

The Supernatural and the witches EssayThe story of Macbeth, order c atomic number 18 most of Shakespeares plays, tells a story that has a moral lesson attached to it. Macbeth was essentially a man who lust power but even when a prophecy was revealed that he would gain, Macbeth still wasnt truly satisfied. Instead, he went to cracking lengths to ensure that his power lasted longer than it should book. He submitted to the evil whims and plans of his wife, Lady Macbeth, and put himself in a stance that destroyed his self respect, ruined his pride, degraded his honour, and spoiled his integrity. For my essay I amaze decided to instal it on the witches and the super natural things, which take part in the book MacbethOne will continuously notice the many forges that Macbeth encounters before his downfall. Each one of these may give birth had some(prenominal) bit of impaction on the final place rally. The three most popular causes of the tragedy of Macbeth are the main cha racters ambition, the witches prophecies, and Lady Macbeths influence over Macbeth. in this case, it is obvious that at that place was some other force behind him that helped him to change from a respectable, trustworthy man, to a deceiving take bulgeer. In his encounters with the witches, Mabeth was introduced to that incident that he could have more than power, and in hearing what he had to do to earn it, he was scared. However, with the witches making this power sound so grand, he was eventually win over that his dignity was no longer essential. The witches, therefore, were what caused the legacy of Macbeth as a heroic individual to lead to his last death and destruction.At the very beginning of the play it clearly shows that the three witches can foretell the future. They come into the play in the first paroxysm during a horrendous storm and they have fore nabn the revenge that Macbeth is exhalation to pay them. During Macbeths meet all three witches spoke in rhyme a s if they were putting some sort of spell on him for example When the hurly-burlys done, when the battles lost and won They also give Macbeth a prediction, they did this because they knew it would win Macbeth to kill because they knew how ambitious he was and what lengths he would go to become king.At the end of the first scene it tells me that the witches have opposite values to us fair is foul and fouls is fair meaning good is grownup and bad is good.The witches are very evil and vengeful. I know this because they send a sailor out to sea in a constant thunderstorm for several months. They do this because the sailors wife would not give them one of her many chestnuts. A sailors wife had chestnuts in her lap, and munched, and munched, and munched, and munched. Give me quoth I Aroint thee, witch the rump-fed ronyon cries. Her husbands to Aleppo gone, master O the tiger But in a sieve Ill thither sail, and, like, a rat without a tail Ill do, Ill do, and Ill do. The quote explains w hy and how the witches gave such a terrible punishment.The witches are described as not looking like typical women. They are very ugly, old and they have beards. Obviously your typical woman would not have a beard. I know this due to the fact Banquo give tongue to to the witches live you? Or are you aught? This tells me that the witches are very old. Banquo said to the witches you should be women, and to that degree your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so Clearly this shows that the witches have beardsThe witches prediction was correct Macbeth did ultimately murder Duncan and his guards. He murdered the guards just incase they saw something and they were to people about it. Lady Macbeth helped Macbeth murder the guards by putting something in their drinks so they would sleep. Personally I think that Macbeth cannot be held totally responsible for the cleanup of Duncan and the guards. I think this because other characters did motivate him to murder them such as Lady Macb eth and the witches. So furthest in the play Macbeth has become Thane of Cawdar by winning the battle against the Norwegians and Macdonald.The witches give Macbeth three Prophecies, which are Thane of Glamis (which Macbeth already is) Thane of Cawdar and the last prophecy that the witches gave to Macbeth is King of Hereafter All hail, Macbeth That shalt be king here afterThe witches prophecies have already taken a big influence over Macbeths life. Glamis and thane of Cawder The greatest is behind This meaning for Macbeth the conterminous step is even better than the one before. Macbeth wants to become king but Banquo doesnt trust the witches he refers to them as the devil can the devil speak true Banquo believes that evil spirit would not tell them the truth. Banquo thus said to win us to our harm meaning the witches are going to lead Macbeth and Banquo to their own destruction.Banquo was adequate suspicious of the death of Duncan. Macbeth Realises that Banquo heard the witches three prophecies he doesnt like Banqos suspicion so he arranges for him and his son Fleance to be killed. Macbeth wants his son murdered as well as Banquo because the witches have told him that they were the future King.Unfortunately for Macbeth there was a mistake in the killings of Banquo and his son. Although the killing of Banquo was very successful it was very brutal murder it consisted of 20 gashes to his head. His son escaped.That night Macbeth held a big celebrity banquet. This is the scene, which Banquos ghost appears. Macbeth being the only person, who can see him, turned and said to him Thou canst not say I did it. Never shake thy gory locks at me Obviously he does not react well to seeing a ghost at the feast. He denies having anything to do with the murder. When Banquos ghost reappears Macbeth begins to go mad and said to himself Avaunt And quit my sight Let earth secrete thee Lady Macbeth makes excuses for Macbeth to cover up for his behaviour My lord is often thus, a nd hath been from his youth pray you, keep situation the fit is momentary In the quote lady Macbeth is trying to say that her husband is ill and that the feast must come to an end due to this. Macbeth again visits the witches for one last final time.Whilst he was there he mentioned that he had gone so far into his murders that he might as well mail on I am in blood stepped so far, that, should I wade no more Also during his visit, the witches are joined by Hecate, who is the queen of witchcraft. This shows the importance Macbeth had in the forces of evil. Not long into Macbeth visit the witches start listing ingredients for some sort of potion, which contains guts, a toad toe, snake, eye of newt, a frog, bats fur, dogs tongue, a humans lips, nose and liver, a wolf tooth, and a finger of a prostitutes baby strangled at birth Fillet of a fenny snake, in the cauldron boil and bake eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog, adders fork, and blind-worms sting, lizar ds leg, and howlets wing, for a charm of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubbleThe witches put all these ingredients into a cauldron to make a potion, which is made for Macbeth to drink. Once Macbeth had drunk the potion he begun to have apparitions. He saw an image of a head with a helmet this symbolised Malcolm coming towards the castling.I think the bloody child represented Macduff being born by a caesarian, the child with a crown on its head holding a branch I think represented Macduff becoming King as he was the only person who could kill Macbeth due to the fact that he was born by caesarean and not by a natural birth and the branch represented Macduffs army approaching Macbeths castle camouflaged into the woods hence the witches prophecy Macbeth shall never vanquished be until bang-up Birnham Wood to high Dunsinane pitchers mound shall come against him and Banquo holding a mirror represented Banquo beginning a dynasty of royals.Due to Macbeths previous visit to the witches he proceeds to burn Macduffs castle to kill all his family but he fails to kill Macduff because he had gone away to rally an army somewhere in England. The castle of Macduff I will surprise, sequestrate upon fife give to th edge o th sword his wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls that trace him in his line. No boasting, like a fool this deed Ill do, before this purpose cool.When Macduff found out about the tragic, and brutal murders of his family he and his army returned to Scotland to kill Macbeth. Each person was carrying a branch from a tree, to form an illusion that they were a moving forest. Just as the witches prophecy said. As I said earlier Macduff was the only person able to kill Macbeth because he was born not of a woman, a lot of the army members have trouble trying to kill Macbeth but eventually Macduff killed Macbeth. Even in his final uttered words before his death, Macbeth refers to two of the witchs apparitions, these being the second and third ap parition concerning the Great Birnam wood knocking at his door and his inevitability to anyone born of a woman

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Migratory & people Essay Example for Free

migrant people EssayMigratory patterns are examined on a general as well as a regional level. In addition to the descriptive analysis the article discusses possible reasons behind the migratory drawencies. The study emphasises on devil different aspects. First, the nonage situation of the Antigua, Carolina rice, slave families, Red-Black people, Louisiana houses is investigated in terms of urbanisation and cultural-linguistic environment, reflected in the interior(a) and external migration behaviour.Together with an increasing out-migration to other foreign countries, the mobility of the Antigua, Carolina rice, slave families, Red-Black people, Louisiana houses could contribute to the lessen vitality of the group. Second, the demographical characteristics of the migrants are explored in the perspective of migration as a central part of the individual keep course. During the study period the features of the migrants have changed in correspondence with changes in the labou r market.The migrants originating from city regions now tend to be older and nightimes more highly educated, thus implicating career-oriented migration. Migration from less urban regions, however, continues to be committed to nest-leaving events such as getting a university education. It is suggested that the migration pattern is a cultural expression due to the ethno-linguistic minority situation and the cultural closeness.Among the distinct effects of migration are the stimulation of further migration with the displacement of other peoples a reduction in the numbers of the migrating group because of hardship and warfare changes in physical characteristics through intermarriage with the groups encountered changes in cultural characteristics by adoption of the cultural patterns of peoples encountered and linguistic changes, also effected by adoption.Anthropologists and archaeologists have traced the routes of many prehistoric migrations by the current persistence of such effects. Blond physical characteristics among some of the Berbers are thought to be evidence of an early Nordic invasion. Ethnic and cultural diversity is a fact which can and should enrich social life in all parts of the world.One focus of research under most is on the nature of change in multi-cultural and social societies in which issues of education, refinement and religion, identity and human needs, democratic governance, conflict and cohesion interact in complex patterns. These issues require interdisciplinary, comparative, and culturally sensitive research which may furnish information useful for the peaceful and democratic management of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies.

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The KBR Swindon Essay Example for Free

The KBR Swindon Essay triggerThe KBR Swindon w arhouse inst all(prenominal)ation is responsible for the receipt, memory board, maintenance and out-loading of equipment in support of KBR global contracts. It is also the long-term repositing and logistic facility for UK KBR based projects. The storage warehouse Manager has over alone health and recourse responsibility for all the projects tameing out of this facility. The Swindon Safety perplexity System is based on BS OHSAS 180012007 certification. As leave-taking of KBR Management System review, the Swindon Warehouse completes quarterly Project Status Review (PSR) to feed information in to the overall KBR solicitude frame review. AIMS AND OBJECTIVESThe aim of this herald is to determine that all projects working(a) in this facility are in compliance with the KBR health and Safety management system and is meeting legal destinys. This report testament also provide an opportunity to review the effective communicati on and cooperation between different projects share-out one facility and identify the effectiveness of the management system, conclusions, recommendations and an action plan if improvements are required.METHODOLOGYThe methodological analysis of this audit is to review the policies, objectives and management system of the KBR Swindon warehouse facility for the safe receipt, storage and maintenance of equipment. This go out entail reviewing the implementations of risk judgings, communications between the management and the workforce which holds compliance with current legislation, KBR Instructions and Procedures, unlike golosh meetings and the KBR Safety form _or_ system of government.The documentation that allow for be employ in the audit will includeThe warehouse Health and Safety plan to reckon that there is management commitment to health and natural rubber in the warehouse.Emergency procedures to curb desirable and sufficient procedures are in place in national of an emergency.Minutes of meetings to review whether Health and Safety concerns are being discussed and review the outcome and corrective actions. virgule records to assess whether there are all trends and signifi goatt near miss incidents.Risk assessments to ensure that all risks has been assessed and that mitigation notes put in place is suitable and sufficient to break the risk as outset as reasonably practicable.Method statements to ensure that the tasks are being conducted in a safe path. readying records to ensure that all employees and visitors are aware of the Health and Safety arrangements.DESCRIPTION OF THE ORGANISATIONThe building is a large 240,000ft2 open-plan warehouse containing two-storey offices on the North end of the warehouse. The warehouse also has 2 inbuilt two-storey offices, welfare and canteen units. The warehouse is a rented facility and the Warehouse Manager has regular meetings with the landlord representative to visual modality with issues regarding t he fabric of the buildings, services and surrounding hard standing within the tenanted estate. The occupancy of the warehouse consists of vi KBR staff including the warehouse manager.Approximately five agency employees are employ dependant on the activities schedule for the week. Main work patterns for the warehouse staff are to move the equipment in to the testing area, test the equipment, new and fix all defective equipment to ensure the readiness for deployment. The main risks to the warehouse staff include forklift transport operations, manual handling and mechanical hazards working with power tools.In addition, the offices at the warehouse are used as a chew the fat tenderness which is completely separate from the work being conducted in the storage facility. This is a secure access area and is set up in an open-plan office surroundings with approximately 30 desks. This call centre is manned 24 hours a day and will perpetually have a minimum of 2 occupants. However, occ upancy could increase to 30 for training days, interviews and meetings. The main risks to the call centre operators are proceed Related focal ratio Limb Disorders as a result of woeful ergonomics and lone working hazards.LEGAL ENVIRONMENTThere is no Health and Safety decision maker (HSE) or Environmental Agency (EA) censures or improvement notices placed on the site by the HSE or EA. Pertinent hazards addressed by risk assessments at this facility are categorised below.There is a certificate of indebtedness on the Warehouse manager to ensure that adequate arrangements are in place for work equipment as described in The Provision and Use of produce Equipment rules 1998 (PUWER). A lot of different types of machinery will be used in the warehouse area which the warehouse manager will need to ensure complies with the PUWER before they are commissioned for use. Regulations 4 to 10 sets out the management duties of PUWER covering the selection of suitable equipment, maintenance, i nspection, specific risks, information, instructions and training.Seeing as the equipment has been bought second hand, it will need to be inspected by a able someone, producing a risk assessment and providing information, instruction and training to all warehouse staff on the use of the machinery. Regulations 11 to 24 of PUWER cover guarding of dangerous parts of work equipment, the provision of attach wear and emergency stop controls, stability, suitable and sufficient lighting and suitable warning markings or devices. The inspection of machinery will identify dangerous parts of the equipmentand the warehouse manager will need to ensure that the guards are fitted to the machines before the machines are commissioned.The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) apply in relation to all work activities infrataken by KBR where lifting equipment and operations as defined by the regulations are used. This legislation expands on the universal requirements of the Health and Safety at prune etc. Act 1974 and complements the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). KBR has a duty under these regulations in situations where lifting equipment is used by employees at work, to ensure that the lifting equipment and associated lifting operations are carried out safely. In addition, persons who have any control of lifting operations, or who supervise or manage the use of lifting equipment also have a duty under the Regulations, but only to the extent of their control. LOLER requires the Warehouse manager to conduct a risk assessment on the forklift trucks which will be used inside the warehouse and the measures needed to eliminate or control the risks.Regulation 6 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and its supporting Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) provides the warehouse manager with general requirements about ventilation of the warehouse and equipment used to ventilate the w arehouse.Regulation 7 of The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) requires the warehouse manager to prevent or control the exposure of employees to substances hazardous to their health. Compliance with this Regulation is in particular important as incident reports from the warehouse has indicated a near miss incident where an employee took receipt of a delivery and spilled a chemical due to poorly packaged bottles.If any of the risk assessments identifies that personal shield is required, then the Warehouse manager will need to ensure that personal protective covering equipment (PPE) is provided in congruity with the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. The Warehouse manager needs to ensure that a banal of PPE is available for visitors and employees who donot have the right PPE when entering the warehouse.The Warehouse manager also has a duty under The Regulatory Reform ( ignore Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) to conduct a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment and to ensure that Fire arctic arrangements are in place to elimination or reduction of risks from dangerous substances. The warehouse manager faces the challenge to manage both the warehouse and the call centre employees during an emergency.Under the same regulations the Warehouse manager should ensure actor are available for elan-fighting and ignition perception and that there are adequate emergency routes and exits from the warehouse. KBR will have generally assessed exhaust evacuation routes, means of detection and raising the alarm at all of its sites. Details of these arrangements are usually contained in the fire risk assessments kept at each site. KBR managers are required to do the complying to maintain fire prevention measuresEnsure that a suitable fire risk assessment is in place.Ensure that any actions arising from external inspections are acted upon in an appropriate and timely manner. Often this will mean monitoring improvements to be carried out by the client, and in all cases will require the addition of information to local health, natural rubber and environmental plans.Carry out regular housekeeping checks to ensure that items are not being stored inappropriately, specially near hot or electrical equipment, that escape routes are not blocked and that fire safety equipment has not been interfered with.Ensure employees do not increase the fire risk at an office or similar by using faulty electrical goods, smoking in a non-designated area or storing refuse inappropriately.Ensure that records are completed whenever there have been any checks or maintenance of fire safety equipment/fixtures using Fire Equipment Inspection Sheet.Ensure fire prevention measures are communicated to staff, contractors and visitors.The Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 (HSCER) requires the Warehouse manager to consult employees on the information required about risks to their health and safety and blockading measures in place.All management and staff in a working environment need to follow the KBR FIRST AID guidance as a minimum standard in order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of KBR employees and other persons who may be affected by our undertakings. First forethought at work covers the initial management of any injury or illness suffered at work. First Aid can save lives and prevent minor injuries becoming major ones. Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 (as revise 2009), all workplaces must make provisions for first aid, to be readily available at appropriate times.The Control of ASBESTOS Regulations 2012 requires KBR to prevent the exposure of its employees to asbestos so far as is reasonably practicable. To achieve this KBR must ensure perform suitable and sufficient assessments in accordance with HSG 264 Asbestos the survey guide that determines whether asbestos is present on the premises. This was pose by the premises possessor prior to KBR occupying the premises and Asbestos areas were identified within the warehouse. KBR must ensure that the warehouses owner Determines the risk from the asbestos. Prepares a written plan identifying the area of the premises concerned and the measures necessary for managing the asbestos risk. Implement the measure in the plan. Record the measures taken to implement the plan.These measures should include adequate means for Monitoring the condition of any asbestos or suspected asbestos. Maintaining the asbestos or its safe removal. Providing information identifying the location and condition of identified asbestos to any person likely to disturb it and making this information available to the emergency services.The Control of NOISE at Work Regulations 2005 will need to be considered for a backup generator placed inside the warehouse where Warehouse staff will be working during their normal working day. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 places the following duties on t o the Warehouse manager Carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risk to the health and safety of employees who are liable to noise exposure at or in a higher place any Lower Exposure Action Levels. Record the significant findings of the assessment and ensure that it is reviewed regularly and rewrite as required. Record any measurements taken. Ensure that the risk assessment has been carried out by a competent person. Reduce noise exposure to as low as is reasonably practicable, by means of organisational and technical measures other than personal hearing protectors, where any employee is likely to be expose higher up any Upper Exposure Action Levels. Hearing protective covering is to be available on request for any employee exposed above the lower exposure action value, and must be provided to any employee exposed at or above the upper exposure action level. Designated areas where employees are likely to be exposed to or above the upper action level as hearing pro tection zones. Ensure that no employee enters designated hearing protection zones unless they are wearing ear protectors. Provide employees with information, training and instruction about risks, control measures, hearing protection and safe working practices.Warehouse staff will be conducting manual handling activities during their normal working day so the warehouse manager will need to ensure compliance with the MANUAL discussion Operation Regulations 1992. The Warehouse manager need to ensure a suitable and sufficient assessments of all such manual handling operations are undertaken and have taken into account all foreseeable risks.In addition to the legal environment in the warehouse, the Warehouse manager needs to ensure compliance with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to minimise to eliminate or reduce possible eyesight or musculoskeletal disorders due to the effects of continual display screen equipment use.REVIEW OF THE HEALTH AND SAFETY M ANAGEMENT bodyThe KBR Swindon Safety Management System is based on BS OHSAS 180012007 Standard and follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology.DESCRIPTIONThe general requirement of the Planning stage is to define and document the scope of the management system. This information is captured in the KBR Corporate HSE Policy which is a global document and is written in a very general and broad manner in an effort to comply with all possible projects on a global level. The management system has a process in place for hazard identification, risk assessment and determining controls covered in variouswork methods. The HSE Risk Assessment work method provides guidance on the specific duty placed upon KBR to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of all risks to the health and safety of employees and others, arising at or from a work activity. The Identification and Evaluation of HSE Legislative and Other Requirements process play identifies relevant HSE legislative requirements appli cable and is recorded in the HSE Requirements Register.The KBR Swindon HSE Plan contains an organisation charts which clearly identifies roles, responsibilities and accountability for everyone working at the warehouse. KBR needs to ensure that everyone working in the warehouse is competent and experienced for the work that they are doing. The KBR Swindon Training Strategy contains a Training matrix to ensure appropriate level of competence at different levels of authority. The HSE Management system is available to all employees on the KBR intranet and regularly reviewed, updated and communicated via the intranet.KBR operates a three-tiered emergency resolution procedure whereby all projects and locations will ensure a Local Emergency Response Plan (LERP) is in place to manage low level emergencies. The KBR warehouse can then escalate the emergency to a Level 2 Incident Commander if it is deemed necessary and the Level 2 Incident Commander can escalate to a Level 3 global status in severed circumstances.KBR operates an integrated management system so the Audit Management System process required by the Quality Management System is used to conduct audits to determine the effectiveness of the controls in place.Health and Safety performance is mensural using incident and accident statistics and completing monthly project reviews. Each project is set a target, usually a 10% reduction from the previous years incident rate, and is monitored against this target. This information is then discussed in a management review meeting on a quarterly basis.