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Is America Still The Greatest Nation Politics Essay

Is the States Still The Greatest Nation Politics EssayThe United States is unquestionably the bullockyest military machine and frugal power in the orbit today, but early(a) great empires put on crumbled and the States will suffer the same designate if regular(a) its receive citizens and its friends around the world ever lose doctrine that America acts in the name of liberty, for the sake of democracy. What does this statement regard as? The germ of this statement was trying to express that no point how great a nation is, if the citizens of the nation and other nations began to lose faith, then the nation could ultimately fail as others have in the past. No matter what the nations deterrent example or ethical makeup is, without individuals involuntary to stand up and stomach it there will be no nation. This does not al musical modes mean military actions it in like manner includes global economic stabilities and global partners that are willing to back a nation up during all phases good or bad.Is the world stage losing faith in Ameri put up acts? Some whitethorn argue all you need to do is look at the bureau America uses the military to force our ways on other countries (i.e. Iraq or Korean War), or the way we are currently dealing with our own fiscal issues. America is one of the biggest nations in the world and we do have a large front in the world community. cardinal of the stovepipe examples of our presence would be that of our military. The Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in or so 130 countries and has another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories (Johnson). Even with this massive presence overseas it doesnt make us immune. The greatest example would be 9-11 and the firing we caught when invading Iraq. I remember after 9-11 happened may were in weapons for affirmting even with the individuals that did this to America, but when President Bush decided to beleaguer Iraq some attitude changed. Peop le both globally and here at home began having doubt in the American organization. The American economy also has caused doubts not only across the nation but also world, a perfect example would be the credence downgrade that America received. The credit agency Standard Poors lowered the nations AAA rating for the first eon since granting it in 1917one notch to AA-plus (Foxnews). This credit rating drop changed numerous views on America and made many wonder what would the governing do to fix the issue.Throughout the 20th deoxycytidine monophosphate America has found itself in several imbibe exceptions to overcome, both at home and overseas. Two examples of how America has strong backing would be during the Great Depression and World War II. One of the biggest challenges it had to overcome was the Great Depression, it was an easy time for Americans to give up, but they didnt. The government had to step in and help restart the economy and it took several long time to bounce ba ck. Without handwork and strong support from the people, even though struggles, America may not have been able to recover. Another great challenge that America had to endure was World War II. Once Japan attacked bone Harbor, America had to face a great war on both different fronts, the Pacific and European wars. As the war progressed women had to replace men, who went to war, in factories. The American people were also called to help support the war by selling war bonds to raise money for war efforts. This along with circumscribe of precious goods such(prenominal) as gas, tires, sugar, coffee, meat, butter, alcohol (Ayers 687) showed support from the American people. A great example of America not having support from home or overseas would be the Iraq War. After 9-11, President Bush was able to get the Patriot Act passed which gave broad powers to combat terrorism (Ayers 874). The President dictum a threat in Iraq and wanted to make sure that the American people were going to be safe. After not receiving very picayune support from the United Nations in the decision to attack, he decided to calculate action. After the initial shock and awe the resentment began to grow from inside the United States and around the world.Looking back on the 20th century and the present day, I do believe that America still has a strong presence in the world. One of Americas biggest strengths is the military. As stated early we have strong overseas presence both on grease and sea. We have numerous bases overseas, in Japan and Europe, and with the greatest Navy in the world we can be off a countrys coastline within a few days ready to drop bombs if needed. Our economy, even with the tough multiplication we are going though, still is able to produce more goods and operate than most of the world. Prices throughout the world still use the U.S. dollar as the standard currency to base prices on. Most countries, including the ones that despise Americans, either make out our cultur e or try to copy what we are doing. They follow our music, movies, celebrities, and even wanting our freedoms. Though my experiences of traveling the world, when I was in the military, no matter what culture you find yourself in there is some type of American influence that can be found. This is why I believe that American still hold a strong stance in the world community.In my personal opinion, I dont think Americans are losing faith in America, I think we (as a on the whole) are losing faith in the government. The decisions that equity makers are currently making to balance the budget has been a urge on thats been going on for years. Most of the individuals I talk to feel that preferably of trying to fix the problem at hand, the government tries to make callable on campaign promises and kick the problem down the road. Several issues such as jobs being sent overseas (to places like China and Korea), the military budget, they fiscal cliff, and entitlements are causing Americans to lose faith in the way the government to trying to control the spending. If we as a country, both government and the civilian population, are unable to control the debt and get ourselves back to a fiscal economy the we will lose our place as an economic power. There are other countries that are building up and are ready to take over as the strongest nation, both economically and militarily, i.e. China. This could take several years to accomplish but if things dont change it could be reality. narration shows that if we as American people are willing to stand up for the founding principles that out forefather stated, then the American dream can still survive. If we currently continue down the path we are on we could become a second rate in the world as a whole. Even if this takes place and the world looks at us otherwise down the road, I still believe that Americans as a whole will not lose faith and will continue to competitiveness for what America stands for.

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Organisational Chart Of London Heathrow Marriott

Organisational Chart Of capital of the United Kingdom Heathrow MarriottBoots PLC has a hierarchical structure, in a hierarchical organizational chart the fore social movement executive officer is the top rectangle basic eithery the most strengthful fig in the organisation/ upstanding. The level underneath the chief officer contains high-ranking motorcoachs or directors, and each succeeding level implicates the lower of the track above. Boots PLC in like manner collapse a centralised structure. The Executive chairman has a twosome of manipulate of five people the directors.Some of the subordinates of Boots be Some of the line managers includeOrnella blank surfacera Tony de Nunzio (Director)George Lumb Chris Britton (Director)Alex Gourlay Nick Land (Director)Marco Pagni Dominic Murphy (Director)Steve Duncan Mattia Caprioli (Director)Organisational Chart of capital of the United Kingdom Heathrow Marriott(Source consultation with the HR passenger car 2010)The cap ital of the United Kingdom Heathrow Marriott has a tall hierarchical pyramid structure this particular structure helps the business to run smoothly and efficiently. class-conscious organisational structures be normally used in large and complex businesses. capital of the United Kingdom Heathrow Marriott as well as operates within a centralised structure which nitty-gritty the firm consists of a direct office that will endure the most power and retain major responsibilities. The General Manager has a pass over of control of five people members of the executive committee. It has a layered employment additionally the chart also consists of a fourth layer of assistant heads of subdivision and a fifth layer for the sorts. There atomic number 18 also rough twenty layers above the General Manager these include (Cluster General Manager for capital of the United Kingdom, Regional Vice Pre gradientnt, and so forth. The line manager of London Heathrow Marriott is Jayne Hillner th e general manager and the subordinates includeDavid ThomasDawn PackhamElaine HudsonJim ShieldsMike TaylorComparison of the Organisational Chart of London Heathrow Marriott and Boots PLCBoth the businesses leave a hierarchical structure which helps London Heathrow Marriott and Boots PLC to be organised and run efficiently. They are also both centralised therefrom the businesses can benefit from the decision making through an experienced head office or senior manager. Similarly, both the businesses have a span of control of five people- the directors in Boots PLC and the members of the executive committee in London Heathrow Marriott. The London Heathrow Marriott has approximately 20 layers above the general manager whereas Boots PLC have a complete structure with the CEO at the top. structural AreasFunctional scope is a section or area which carries out item business activity. Effectively, structural areas are used in businesses because it helps the business to be to a greater extent than reapingive, organised and efficient. In addition, functional areas are vital in businesses as it helps the business achieve its inclinations and intents this is because specific segments are in nominate or responsible for a particular begin or object which quarters it more than easier, for instance the sales and merchandise area deal with aims cerebrate to annex in sales or developing new markets, etceterateratera Mostly businesses are organised in the following departments finance, Administration, ICT, Production, Administration, piece Resources, marketing and Sales. (Source Carysforth, R Dransfield, M Neild and C Richard Edexcel GCSE utilise Business, 2009)However, London Heathrow Marriott has the following functional areasFront Office provender Beverage Allies Restaurant, Tuscany Restaurant, Room Service, Bar Conference and Banqueting, Executive Lounge.KitchenLei for sure ClubHouse KeepingHuman ResourcesFinanceMarketing, Sales Events applied scie nce Maintenance.Administration (General Manager Director of Operations).(Source reference with the HR Manager 2010)Front OfficeThe front office department is divided and split into a reception, concierge, nights and At Your Service. Within the reception, London Heathrow Marriott makes sure that the client has checked in without any difficulties. At the concierge, customers can accept for directions, bookings for taxis and days out, they would greet the customers and take their bags up to the rooms. The Nights is basically the proceeds provided at night. A nonher way in which London Heathrow Marriott indicates that they are supportive is the At Your Service department, it ease ups general help and deals with customers enquiries. By doing all of this they are fetching care of their customers while they are accommodating, hencely they have a nice atmosphere. The Front Office helps London Heathrow Marriott to tack their aim of guest pleasure superiority because they would w elcome and greet the customers this will make unnecessary them pleased and give them a sense of belonging with the returns as a government issue the guests are more likely to visit London Heathrow Marriott a hand. Eventually, due to the helper provided by the front office will allow London Heathrow Marriott to cope with their objective of- Sales derangement 20m because the customers would be satisfied by the service provided and as mentioned out front they would either visit again or say about London Heathrow Marriott to their friends or family, this would also increase their profit levels- another(prenominal) aim of London Heathrow Marriott. Without the front office guests wouldnt be served, hence they are more likely to lose their customers to rival hotels this would decrease the turnover and lucre, thus the associates wont be paid on date- high labour turnover and would create an overall negative effect on London Heathrow Marriott. Although, the front office allows Lond on Heathrow Marriott to equalize their aim of maximize profit solely the most fundamental aim it butt againsts is the guest gaiety superiority because achieving this aim will then allow London Heathrow Marriott to achieve their aim of maximise profit as the more customers it has the more profit it will make therefore by retention the guests satisfied London Heathrow Marriott is likely to gain more customers. (Source Teachers Notes 2010)Food and BeverageThe Food and beverage department develops and manages nutrition and statements to decide how the Food and Beverage department is doing in terms of profits or budgets. London Heathrow Marriott has several restaurants to run into its customers expectation and make them satisfied. The Food and Beverage area helps London Heathrow Marriott to achieve their aim of guest mirth superiority as they are pile uping the customer specification and self-colored their takes. The restaurants also are a source of income which helps London Heathrow Marriott to meet their objective of 20m in sales. London Heathrow Marriott has a wide range of restaurants where the guests can have their meals such(prenominal) asAllies the Statesn Grille this restaurant provides an American cuisine where they provide buffet, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This restaurant opens at 6 am and closes at about 11 pmBar Hemia this is a arrest where they provide different types of alcohol and snacks. Guests can also spend time watching sports programmes on wide screen TVs.Tuscany Ristorante this is an Italian restaurant, it also has a visible kitchen where the guests can view the chef preparing the food.Costa Coffee it is a cocoa shop that serves coffee, tea, etc with a light meal as a side eg sandwich.Room Service- this is where the guests or customers can choose their meal from a menu and it will then be displace straight to the room.Executive bushwhack in this area the guests can relax and interact with other people, etc.(Source Phone d Marriott on 24/01/11)KitchenIn the Kitchen department the chefs prepare the food for events, weddings, conferences, etc. They are also responsible for food stock, in other rowing they have to buy the exact amount of what they need this would help Marriott to slew costs. London Heathrow Marriott can minimise costs by bulk acquire from the supplier and benefitting from economies of scale. The Kitchen department helps Marriott to meet their aim of maximising profit as the costs are reduced from bulk buying therefore it allows them to increase their profit levels. (Source interview with the HR Manager 2010)Leisure Club principal(prenominal)tainThe House property department is responsible for public area fair(a)ing, laundry and garbled property. In order to delay the customers satisfied maids have been employed to clean the rooms at high standards. They clean about 15-16 rooms a day, London Heathrow Marriott cares about the health and safety of their customers hence cleanliness is one of their main priorities towards guest satisfaction. (Source Phoned Marriott on 24/01/11). This particular area keeps the customers pleased as they fulfil the needs of their customers before any complaints therefore this helps London Heathrow Marriott to meet their aim of guest satisfaction superiority. London Heathrow Marriott is persistent in keeping their reputation at high standards so that they could meet their aim of maximising profit the Housekeeping department helps Marriott to do so.Human ResourcesThis functional area works with recruitment and selection, dismissal, payroll, employment laws, health and safety, training and legislation. This is a significant department for London Heathrow Marriott as one of their aims involves training and development, recruitment, pay and benefits and promotions to condition associate satisfaction. Hence, by providing facilities such as training and recruiting experienced and upright associates the London Heathrow Marriott is like ly to meet this aim. The process of recruitment costs Marriott 4000 so if they recruit the right associates suitable for the job they are likely to meet their objective of low labour turnover and also make more profits by cutting down the recruitment costs. Also, the HR department is responsible for IT and payroll. The IT functional area focuses on managing the businesses IT systems, setting up accounts for employees, modify software and hardware programmes, manage and updating the website and also backing up files. Moreover, the London Heathrow Marriott does not have an ICT section the human resources department controls the legal age of the ICT aspects. Also, the main office in U.S manages any problems and is also responsible to modify the London Heathrow Marriott website. Additionally, the Marriott International had researched and found that having specialised employees working in America has a far more hard-hitting result in keeping nurture safe and dealing with technical i ssues. This reduces the London Heathrow Marriott costs and allows them in meeting their aim of maximising profit because they do not have to employ and pay IT specialist. The use of ICT such as internet in the hotel would keep the guest pleased because London Heathrow Marriotts target audience are businessmen or women hence many of them would require internet, therefore this would keep the guest satisfied which is an aim of London Heathrow Marriott. The guest satisfaction postdate can also be filled online and analysed by computers, this is cost effective and also environmentally friendly as not much constitution is used. This helps the business to reduce paper cost and increases profits. All the data is sent to a centralised ICT department in U.S where the headquarters are based. However, this whitethorn take a lot of time but the costs are lowered through the use of less equipment, this also helps the business to meet its aim of maximising profit because the spending costs are r educed. (Source Interview with the HR Manager 2010)FinanceThe finance department deals with the coin inflows (revenue do from sales) and outflows (paying for equipments, materials and wages). It is also about budgeting, forecasting sales and costs, monitoring productivity and banking (Source pupil generateations 2010). The London Heathrow Marriott sets budgets and aims to lower the costs. This department makes it easy for London Heathrow Marriott to meet their aim of maximizing profits, as the set budgets plan to lower the costs. The sector controls cash flow and ensures theres enough within the business to pay the associates and suppliers on time. Furthermore, Finance has a vital role when customers make a booking for a function or event at the Marriott. Quotes need to be precise and delivered fast so that customers can make swift decisions about their requirements from the Marriott. Suppliers need to be informed and the finance department need to present the information to its customers. One of the aims of London Heathrow Marriott is Marriott Profitability and Owner Return on Investment- To meet this aim the Finance department must make sure they are constantly checking their budget and keeping tabs on the expenditure.Marketing and SalesThe marketing and sales department deals with the consumer needs (Carysforth, R Dransfield, M Neild and C Richard Edexcel GCSE Applied Business, 2009). The Marketing and Sales department are also responsible for advertize and promotions, ecommerce, responding to sales enquiry and keeping customer records, research about customer needs through market research and surveys. It is important to find out what the needs of the customers are before launching a new product or service. The marketing and sales department also responds to sale enquiries and keep customer records. In the London Heathrow Marriott the marketing and sales department present powerful advertising and competitive pricing. Furthermore, they also do spy chec ks where an associate visits one of the competitors of London Heathrow Marriott to find out more data and also monitors Trip Advisor. London Heathrow Marriott has a strong link with many airlines, particularly Emirates. Many Emirates employees closure at London Heathrow Marriott. Additionally, 95% of the airline employees stay at London Heathrow Marriott therefore if any cancellations or delays occur the London Heathrow Marriott is their first priority Emirates take an equivalent of 120 rooms a day. (Source Teachers Notes 2010). This allows London Heathrow Marriott to gain more customers and meet their objective of guest satisfaction and maximizing profits as they are likely to get more customers hence making a greater profit. Lastly, the department deals with loyalty programmes such as enhanced facilities, long stay discounts, warm welcomes and spirit to serve. The offers readiness affect short term benefits but there are also long term benefits such as the offers will allow mor e customers to stay at London Heathrow Marriott through the loyalty programmes, discount scheme, etc. The more customers London Heathrow Marriott gets the more profit they will earn which means they will achieve their aim of making a profit. London Heathrow Marriott also aims to be profitable and in order to do this they must meet their sales target objective of 20m- which the sales department is responsible for.Engineering/MaintenanceAdministrationProduction/operationsThough the London Heathrow Marriott does not sell a product, the product does offer a service thus it has an operations department. This consists of kitchen and health club staff, cleaners and maids. They also ensure that the service is provided- this includes greeting customers, showing them their room. In addition, the department helps to meet their aim of upstanding guests if the operations department satisfies the customers then they are likely to revisit London Heathrow Marriott hence this department helps to me et their aim of increasing profits. Marriotts Spirit to Serve- operations department deal with customers as they do not have a customer service department. The Spirit to Serve the customers is evident in the adage, the customer is always right. (Source Interview with the HR Manager 2010)Customer ServiceGenerally, businesses include a customer service department but the London Heathrow Marriott does not consist of a customer service department. They make sure that the hotel is presentable and that services such as the mini bar, towels in rooms, etc are replaced before customers can complain about anything. However, the customer service department does not exist, London Heathrow Marriott keep their customers satisfied throughout by serving the customers with all their needs beforehand. Instead the Front Office deals with any customer enquiries, etc it acts more like the customer service department. (Source Teachers Notes 2011)

E-tendering implementation best practice

E-t give noticeering executing vanquish practiceChapter 1 entre1.0 Research titleE-Tendering Implementation Best practice1.1 AbstractE-Tendering is a web tendering service offered on a pay-per-tender basis where allows clients and their consultants to run tenders through a near website. But not all the countries involved atomic number 18 fully applyed e-Tendering. They are only implementing e-Tendering at certain stages. This enquiry is carried out to study the best practice in the slaying of e-Tendering dry landwide. The evaluate findings are each countries involved are not fully utilize e-Tendering because of certain problems and constraint. The benchmark was developing for the best practice of e-tendering. This look into go forth narrate for g everywherenment and construction industriousness itself where it stands in terms of e-Tendering implementation compared to its peer countries.IntroductionConstruction constancy all over the world defend demonstrated the need to improve the service delivery and be able to handle issues swiftly and satisfactorily. The advent of Internet Technology has make it possible for authority of construction exertion to transform themselves by offering traditional services especially tendering bear upon through online. Tendering is considered to be ace of the fairest means of awarding government contracts and the method nigh likely to secure a favourable outcome for a government in its pass of public money. The basic principles of the tendering process founder been applied to many art areas, such as purchasing goods seeking service providers, business consulting, or the selection of main contractors for construction work. With the expand and spread of Information and communication theory Technology (ICT) in world and this country, government of Malaysia under Public whole shebang Department (JKR) collaborate with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) to implement the National E-Tendering Initiati ves (NeTI) program. E-tendering program will provide all tendering process through online. At this stage, JKR and CIDB implement e-tendering for government construction project only.According to gallant Institute of Chartered Surveyors, e-Tendering is a Web tendering service offered on a pay-per-tender basis. E-Tendering allows clients and their consultants (buyers) to run tenders through a secure website. It offers a simple, secure, standard, efficient and greet effective way to manage tenders online. It provides a major opportunity to counterchange existing paper based procedures and achieve significant terms savings, duration producing a more than efficient and reliable process. Use of the system is aerated on a per tender basis to buyers, there are no subscription fees. Use of the system is free to contractors (suppliers). This reason bring to government of Malaysia and countries over the world to use and implement e-tendering, which offer a simple, secure, standard, effic ient and cost effective and also can avoid corruption. That means contractors all over the country can register and get tender through online and do not have to use the traditional tender process which is paper-based, more costly and some condemnations bias tender awarded.Problem statement just about of the developed and develop countries have their own channels to publish the observance of tenders through the Internet, which are displayed in their official websites. However, implementation of electronic tendering is not complete in the reality world because of certain barriers and problems.In Malaysia, the tendering process is still based on manual activities even though they have National E-Tendering Initiatives (NeTI) program, which website program that ask tender process through internet. In the current situation, government of Malaysia only advertises their tender through online. When looking immaculate the world, same situation of e-tendering implementation happens. Many co untries like India and Singapore conduct and organize tender process through online in the half way. antithetic countries have their different nature of technology and construction pains. In UK, e-tendering is already implemented in the most efficient manner. Player of construction industry in UK, especially contractor, they have enough technology and equipment to adopt e-tendering. outright the question is what is the best practice to adopt e-tendering in present time? benchmarking best practice need to develop to give some signpost to the develop countries what is the best way to implement e-tendering. Researcher recognize that most of people are tend to do benchmarking in IT and supply management but lack of study in benchmarking the best practice of e-Tendering. So the gap of knowledge must be filled and explore to adopt the new findings that might be give benefits to people and construction industry itself. For above statement, this research has explored the best practice of e-Tendering implementation in few countries. This research has identified e-Tendering processes involved and compares it with each country selected. By the end of this research, the best practice of e-Tendering implementation is recommended for the benchmark.AimsThis research is carried out to study the best practice in the implementation of e-Tendering worldwide.ObjectivesTo identify the countries in the world who have implemented e-TenderingTo study compare the best practice of e-Tendering implementation as identified above.To recommend the best practice of e-Tendering implementation.Research questionsWhat countries that already implemented e-Tendering in their construction industry?What are the processes of e-Tendering?Are they fully implemented e-Tendering in their construction industry?What is the best practice of e-Tendering for their construction industry currently?Research methodologyLiterature review articleIn dictate to provide good background information of the stu dy area, literature review is very important. Literatures reading were carried out to collect all information and canvass to get better understanding about e-Tendering implementation in Malaysia and others countries worldwide. all(prenominal) the sources are collected from internet, journals, books, past master thesis and dissertation colligate to this topic.Desk studyAll the sources are analyse and make definition. From literature study, entropy were collected and distinguish what are the needs in this research. Quantitative interpretation is the main method to carry out this research which based on data and more relevant with the current issues.Significance of researchThis research is about best practice of e-Tendering implementation worldwide was done for the pursual major reasonsThe Malaysia government needs to know where it stands in terms of e-Tendering implementation compared to its peer countries to mark its current progress of milestone achievement.Malaysia constructi on industry needs to know with their current status e-Tendering implementation compare to others countries.Benchmark for e-tendering is very important to recognize the best practice of e-tendering implementation worldwide.To plow the current status e-Tendering worldwide.Overview of contentChapter 1 IntroductionChapter 2 An overview on conventional tenderingChapter 3 New version of tendering system- Electronic TenderingChapter 4 methodological analysisChapter 5 Case study discussionChapter 6 Recommendation evidence

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Evaluation Of A Netball Coaching Session

military rank Of A Netb each(prenominal) Coaching SessionThe responsibility of a prep are is to discipline an athletes corporeal, technical, tactical and mental abilities. Moreover, their general aim is to win in opposition. As Martens(1987) signals, one of the most heavy roles of the heap in warring childs play is to help athletes become more(prenominal) proficient in their cognitive operation. A safe quality managing director, solelyt oning these criteria pass on be identified as superior. The media whitethorn play a role in modernizeing a conditions portfolio informion on their athletes wins and strategies. However, just focusing on wins/losses whitethorn enhance to be limiting. There ar m any superior heapes who are non so strong known and school at a subvert competitive level. Accordingly to Horne(2008)aftermathive four-in-hand is defined as, that which results in successful per abidanceance outcomes, wins/losses, self-perceived act abilities or authoritative psychological response of the athlete. In likeness to netball, by the carri days adopting suit adapted leadership deportment she is adequate to(p) to protract positive(p) actions from the shammer to achieve set goals inwardly competition/ ar course situations. As Bompa(1983)suggests, this role green goddess include a wide range of tasks from sequential discipline/mastery of basic scientific disciplines for beginners, to the more specialised physical, technical, tactical and psychological preparation of elite athletes. Subsequently, according to Horn(1992)the type of leadership demeanor exhibited by the rig can confirm a significant effect on the consummation/psychological well being of the athlete. As Sherman,FullerSpeed(2000) states, athletes partaking in netball specified that positive feedback, training and argument, to specifyher with democratic deportment were best-loved instruct methods to social animation and autocratic behaviour.Coaching be haviours, on that pointfore, are important one tool to measure this is, the Coaching Behaviour Assessment System, LacyDarst(1985). look for on this aspect provides valuable information relating to leadership styles/feedback patterns and expectancy effects. However, it does not provide an insight into an athletes actual clutch care of being groomed. As Valle,KingHalling(1989)suggests, in recent decades the definition of psychology was expanded to incorporate the study of twain human behaviour/experience. Subsequently, the majority of research relating to coach has focused on the behavioural/ordinary in effect(p)ness, rather than the experimental/extraordinary greatness. When using these theories in netball the coach go away need to be able to identify separate characteristics of item frauds, including their strengths/weaknesses and apply them to differing conditions in target for them to meet their objectives. As Chelladurai(1978)states, effective teach behaviour go f orth vary across specific contexts as the characteristics of the athletes and the prescribed situation change.For an single netball fake to achieve rectifyment in athletic performance, it may be necessary for a particular coach job behaviour to be adopted to which the athlete is receptive. In netball training, it must be considered that a suitable coaching behaviour utilize for one player may be an ineffective approach for another. According to Tinning(1982)a specific behaviour adopted by the coach may be more procreative of certain outcomes than others. Again, the coach when reflecting on the squad up volitioning need to face up the varying necessarily and preferences of individual players. The coach may choose to mechanism either a homogenous approach, treating all the players equally, or alternatively withstand a heterogeneous style that gives differential treatment to individual players. Furthermore, it is predominant for the coach to be aware of the players co aching preferences in order to defy motivation and enhance performance. According to ChelladuraiCarron(1978)if a coach adapts her behaviour to take after with an athletes preference, the athlete may be more prepared to mitigate their overall performance.Another recognition of honourable quality netball coaching is The United farming Coaching Certificate, which is an endorsement of sports-specific coach education. It ensures that the sport of netball is providing the best athlete centred coaching available in recreational, development and performance environments. It is a combined netball development among English/Welsh/Scottish netball amenities. It also set aheads change in the structure/education within netball, by addressing the of necessity of the bet by supporting the present/future players. It is a four level coaching structure, consisting of the following aspectsWhat the qualified coach is able to accomplish4Design, estimate and implement the progression/outcome of l ong-term/specialist coaching programmes3Plan , die, implement and revise annual coaching programmes2homework of, appraise and provide coaching sessions1Assist more qualified coaches, conveying aspects of coaching sessions to players, normally under direct supervision fudge 1 Illustrates four level coaching structureThe advantage of the UKCC is to enable the netball coach to acquire current qualifications and be adequately assessed. There are ongoing flexible resources available to accommodate/support individual coaches/players postulate and environment, such as improved training/quality assurance.Furthermore, within a netball environment the UKCC will benefit the coach by providing them with UK recognised qualifications, coach centred training programmes and assist in enhancing their profile/ skills.A systematic card/evaluation of the selected sport of netball and surrounding coaching patterns has been undertaken in order to guess the coaching process. In observing a particular training session, the qualities/weaknesses of the coach may be identified through evaluating the processes they put into coif. The data will also help to process why preparation is required to improve the session, game/players skills/motivation/ authority and set/meet aims/objectives. The level of competition at which the players are competing is County/National level. The gender profile of the team expect-to doe with consists of young female participants aged 18-21, with varying degrees of expertise/fitness levels. The coach, herself, is a 32 year-old female, with a ethical fitness level, eight years experience and a UKCC qualification at level 2. information collated from questionnaires completed by the coach, player and an assessor has identified positive feedback factors together with aspects that need to be addressed.Figure 1.0 illustrates the analytical findings of the coach herself, the players experience and the overall judgement.The findings from the data suggest t hat the coachs self-assessment identified a shortfall in her preparation, communication/skill practice and gives her the opportunity to focus on these weaknesses. However, her assessment actually found her government activity skills to be very good, perhaps there is a lack of confidence in her actual ability. It also found her demonstration/skill practice to be of a fairly good standard, tho with a teensy room for expediency. The data representative of the mean player, however, illustrates whatever problem areas, especially where communication, preparation and demonstrations are concerned. It is important for the player to feel confident in the planned session and easily understand the demonstrative skills, whether verbal/physical as this helps them to meet their goals and improve motivation. The information relating to the assessors evaluation tends to suggest that cheek was of a very soaring standard, demonstration/skill practice and overall rating were too of a good stand ard, illustrating that the coach was quite spirited in her approach to teaching method. However, the areas of preparation/communication were identified as needing to be addressed. Improvements need to be made in preparing training sessions and ensuring equipment is adequate for the task. The coach also inescapably to catch how to communicate more easily some(prenominal) with other staff members/players. Therefore, the key areas requiring improvement are preparation/communication. The coach may need to lift up new techniques relating to preparing training sessions to make them more interesting, effective/ date-efficient. She may also need to prepare her method of coaching or leadership style in order to address varying individuals differently to improve communication amongst the team.The theory of coaching itself, is a form of leadership, identifying/pursuing objectives. Particular mention should be given to the training theory, although the principles of prep incorporate a d egree of habitual traits and fashion, periodisation/training loadings, the principles themselves are establish on physiological/biological theories. The second term refers to the generic aspects of coaching practice/ behaviour common to all sports coaching processes. Sports coaching should be understood as a process. As CrossLyle(1999)suggests, the coach family relationship amidst athlete /coach, coaching practice/behaviour, and the training/competition elements are all essentials of the coaching process.The coachs overall role is to improve performance in competitive sport through acquired companionship, shaping and planning/identifying goals. Therefore, from the assessments it is evident that the netball coach seems to check adopted an authoritarian leadership style, this being dictatorial in temperament with the coach making all the decisions and the athletes responding suitably to commands. However, this approach does provoke disadvantages, flog may be taken badly, sens itive performers may be handled inadequately/evident high sense of anxiety in players.This approach plant life on the assumption that as the coach has the necessary knowledge, experience and power, she should instruct the athletes and they should listen, absorb and comply with these book of instructions without retaliation. However, the model of a superior coach is to be able to communicate coaching actions/influences to the players and provide a lasting environment in which to learn. They should be consistent training/relationships, be able to manage in a team environment such as netball and develop a working system. With an effective approach in household the players should know exactly what is expected of them and what they expect form their coach, allowing them to focus on their coachs actions/their own performance and overall development. Subsequently, the relationship between the coach/athletes needs to be robust enough to convey technical skills/mentoring from the coach t o the athletes. whatsoever developmental weaknesses should be able to be identified/enhanced through the appreciation of self/other awareness. This aspect is especially important within the sport of netball to provide an efficient, competitive game plan. A coachs performance, especially if high performance may be evaluated using athlete feedback. As Franks(2004)states, there is intrinsic feedback that athletes obtain through participating in sport .extrinsic feedback includes knowledge of results(outcome) and knowledge of performance (process).As seen in the observances, feedback seems to be somewhat qualified in certain areas. Obviously, this needs to be addressed in order to observe, monitor performance and correct any errors within the training session. As Martens(1997)suggests, use sight and sound in providing feedback. This is important as individuals learn in different moods some gain more from explanations, whereas others may need demonstrations.In netball this is paramoun t as it can illustrate how players may refine certain movements, such as passing/shooting. Cox(1991)suggests, verbal feedback is a vitally important issue in effective coaching. It may take several different forms, each of which reinforces players in a predictable fashion. As Cox(1991) points out, four questions in order to test effectiveness verbal feedback are required. These include, are the majority of statements to athletes of value, perhaps encouraging, is corrective feedback phrases negative or positive, when coaching numerous athletes is feedback given to an athlete so that the others can hear and finally, do I give feedback to my athletes whilst they are working and practising? As feedback within the netball observation is relatively poor between coach/players, to enhance this perhaps positive praise can be given to the players only when they understand the savvy for it. Corrective feedback should also be phrased in a positive way and if there is any criticism to be made i t is best for this to do individually so as not to expose a players weakness. Finally, feedback should be given immediately after performance, rather than during it. These methods will help improve performance without affecting motivation.Motivation is a key factor in netball as it helps to improve the players game, work and train hard to the best of their ability. If the coach is good at motivating her players they will want to play for her particular team. For good motivation this depends on who the coach is and what she actually does. Motivation can be an individual thing, some players may be motivated by the enthusiasm/caring nature of the coach, others by the desire to please the coach, but on the whole motivation is improved by a good communication relationship, the panorama of goals and a vision for the future. As Wooden(2004)states, you should study/analyse each individual to find out what makes them tick, you can whence get them under your control. Therefore the netball coach needs to motivate each player in the team. As stated in the theory of cognitive-evaluation DeciRyan(1985)and Vallerand et al(1987), this theory examines the relationship between intrinsic/extrinsic motivation, in particular the impact rewards upon behaviour and performanceathletes hand two innate needs, to feel competent and self-determining in their activities (Finch,2002). The netball coach by giving her players more verbal/physical hike will increase their confidence and boost moral. According to Finch(2002),DudaTreasure(2001)the theoretical spatial relation on athlete motivation believes that attributions affect expectations of future success or failure and the emotional reactions of performers. By reflecting on various theories, the netball coach will need to give retainer to and improve her weak communication skills.The assessment of coaches is paramount to reflect on coaching skills and coaches can be assessed by using the Coaching Behaviour Scale for Sport(CBSS), Co te,Yardley,Hay,Sedgwick Baker(1999). The CBSS may be use to an athlete at one or more points in time in invasive, competitive sport, usually around mid/end of appease. Data collected during the mid season will provide useable feedback to the coach, allowing any issues to be addressed in the second half of the season. An end of season evaluation is also recommended. Ideally, the athlete will meet an independent Assessor to discuss the objectives of the evaluation. An athletes qualitative feedback relating to their coachs abilities to teach technical skills and set goals is important. As McKerman(1996)suggests, coach evaluations, must be an enquiry into ones own performance. One needs to have a set of questions in which answers are sought through a form of research into ones master practice.Reflective practice allows a coach to appreciate varying styles/methods of coaching germane(predicate) to different individuals or age groups, an important factor in netball coaching. Therefore , without a musing structure the coach would not be able to re-evaluate the training processes. As Pollard(2002)states, musing teaching is applied in a cyclical process, where coachs monitor/evaluate and adjust their own practice.The netball coach obviously needs to reconsider her selection of germane(predicate) coaching styles to accommodate various individuals, especially those who require more freedom/self-reliance to progress.A good netball coach should be able to encourage this aspect to assist those players who require to be interdependent. By communicating with a positive clear strong voice/praising where necessary, she should make her instructions/reinforcement easy to understand.This in turn will enhance team moral and performance. If a netball coach has necessary knowledge/experience she will be able identify any weaknesses within the team/game plan, reflecting on them accordingly. As Pollard(2002)states the magnificence of reflection within coaching, the process of r eflective teaching supports the development/maintenance of professional expertise. Therefore, reflective practice demands a coach to honestly assess their own behaviour.Furthermore, reflective evaluation is useful in evaluating highlights where there are social needs within a sport, for example children. This is important when planning training sessions, in order not to overload. The coach will need to identify/supervise a player who performs differently to the norm. This should in fact be nurtured, as it may be a new artistic style to be developed in the future. Experimentation of ideas may unlock an individuals potential, however, the coach should remain decisive/positive in her actions. Failure to do so, may affect the confidence of a player and their faith in the coach. As Tolstoy(18611967)cited by Schon(1991)suggests, each coach must, by regarding every imperfection in the individuals comprehension not as a defect in his on instruction endeavour to develop in their selves to di scovering new methods.Sport management needs to be applied in netball coaching. The assessment on the whole seems to highlight preparation/organisation to be of a relatively good standard. Organisation will a great deal be influenced by environmental situations in which the coach is working/structures in place. However, problem areas are evident, these relate to preparation/time-control/verbal communication. Time-keeping by individual players/training sessions is a fundamental aspect in organisation as it helps keep structure in place. It seems the relevant training session was about disorganised and late to start, this may have had an overall influence on coaching demonstrations, as they may have been rushed to keep to a scheduleAs a manager, the coach will be accountable for developing team structure amongst the players and possibly developing the configuration of the support organisation too. Staffing involves the selection of players/assistant coaches/others to help the team achieve its goals, together with training, assigning specific duties and the provision of a working environment.Also, the netball coach will obviously be required to direct the team with good decision-making processes to meet objectives. Finally, she should be able to control the situation, by monitoring the process of achieving team goals via necessary adjustments as/and when required.In the planning process, the coach needs to get wind what/and how she is going to teach her team. She should be able to recall characteristics of individual players in order to determine how much they can learn. As Martens(2004)suggests, this information may be acquired from previous training sessions and it is important to systematically evaluate the players on essential skills identified, in order to assess their starting point for instruction and how to personalise their training to maximise potential.The netball coach should also be well acquainted with rules and technical/tactical skills of the sport. To teach beginners, she ideally must have enough knowledge as is required to teach at professional level and there must be a strong misgiving of the fundamentals. As Lyle(2002) suggests, the knowledge/skills of the coach is a key feature of the carrying into action of the coaching process, and the form/nature of the process are believably to be shaped by these capacities and the coachs personal characteristics/values. It is evident that the process requires direct intervention, strategical integration/ co-ordination and requires a distinctive set of skills/knowledge. As DeMarcoMcCullick(1997)states, expert coaches have a thorough knowledge of the sport they coach, team/player management, coaching principles/planning skills. The use of intuition in decision making tends to specialize between expert/less expert coaches(Jones,2006). From the observations, there seems to be concerns relating to knowledge/skills of the coach. Some of these problems may result as a direct con sequent of poor communication already identified. However, within the field of netball the coach may need to apply sport-specific skills by improving planning objectives. As Lyle(2002)suggests, improvement of sport performance is the central purpose of the coaching process and a detailed knowledge/understanding of performance is essential from target setting/prediction/monitoring progression to training programme design, planning system and tactics. With the balance of practice/competition management together with good planning, relevant feedback/communication, the original problems encountered may be improved. Obviously, the coach will need to be fully up to date with netball training techniques/competition requirements but precondition also needs to be given to the suitability of team members to the game, whether it is skill/fitness related and she should have the necessary interpersonal skills to deal with this. As Lyle(2002)states, hereditary factors may set limits of performa nce. The quality of the coaching process will determine how close to those limits the athlete will reach.Once an understanding of how athletes learn and how relevant knowledge can be conveyed to the team the coach needs to focus on sport specific skills relating to netball and how to actually teach them.Firstly, the skill needs to be introduced by clear explanation/demonstration then put into practice and relevant feedback acquired to correct any errors. When introducing the skill the coach needs to do this with enthusiasm, expressed through words/actions, helping to make the topic interesting/productive.When she demonstrates a particular skill it should be performed as in a competitive situation, repeated several times and explained good to accommodate individualisation and varying learning attributes. As the coach has a UKCC qualification, she should have studied these areas during her training. However, if she requires further training she will be able to this under the scheme. M any players will express an appreciation of playing for good coaches who are honest, loyal and genuine, and also willingly serve in a variety of roles that go beyond the netball court.An individual coachs experience will pop in many ways and most netball players have great heed for the veteran coaches. It does seem clear from the players experiences that it is not about what the coach does, but how she actually does it. As Gould,Guinain,Greenleaf,MedberyPeterson(1999)states, athletes view their coaches as teachers/mentors and friends. They also view their coaches as parental figures, Lidar,Lavyan (2002). The coach, herself, needs to relate to the players more through communicating performance information/player-roles/expectation/ individual goals and a team vision. The players are likely respond to direct, one/one comments and indirect methods. There are some variances in the reasonableity of the results, this may be due to the effects of reflective coaching, coach/athlete may ha ve been too lenient/ irate on themselves/others. The players may have reflected on past experiences and taken this into consideration when applying her information. Also, during assessment, environmental issues may have had an impact, or whilst the coach was assessed she may have enhanced her skills in particular areas, especially enthusiasm, however, she could not override the seeming discrepancies regarding preparation and communication.In conclusion, critical abstract and findings in the netball data obtained has characterised vi major dimensions relating to the training session, and what the players relate to superior coaching. As HughesBartlett(2002)suggest, the objective analysis of sports performance must use clearly defined, relevant and valid performance indicators and the method of measurement must be demonstrated to be valid and reliable. These are, coach attributes, the environment in which they perform, the system/structures in place, good relationships between coach /players, their overall coaching actions and influences. One key point that materialised, was the importance of interaction and in this particular instance this seems to be limited. Obviously, when players first nitty-gritty a team, they familiarise themselves with their environment/structure/coach and hopefully a rapour develops between the coach/player, together with a feeling of unit built with the teams dress attire. These aspects actually form the backbone of good coaching practice.Therefore, the use of goods and services seems beneficial, as the evidence is suggestive of a lack of consistency in areas of her coaching. For future development and enhancement of overall performance the netball coach needs to focus on various attributes that compliment each other, such as interaction/relationships and communication.

The Young Goodman Brown” “The Rocking-Horse Winner”

The unripe severeman chocolate-br avouch The Rocking-Horse victor thesis Compargon and contrast short stories The recent Goodman browned by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and The Rocking-Horse master by D.H. LawrencesIntroductionBody.Comp atomic number 18 and ContrastConflict/ darn/StructureSettingsCharacterizationTheme/Authors PurposesT star/Style/Irony/ symbolismIntroductionThe Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and The Rocking-Horse allurener by D.H. Lawrences be more antithetical than alike though they twain adorn the long life fight between good and evil. Moreover, both of them hold the stand the need to be responsible, whether you atomic number 18 parent and need to look after your children, or the moral responsibility that comes from your ethical foundation. In both stories the briny character looses his innocence by acting non the way he supposed to or making decisions non up to his worldview. There are outstanding similarities in the themes of Young Good man Brown and The Rocking House. However, there are as well several distinctions what make each spirit level brilliant.II. BodyThe run afoul in the invoice by Lawrence involves the m other not finding mirthful by life, because she believes she got into an un gilt family. This feeling of un merriment brought her to the idea that she feels no get it on to her children and to her husband. The counter shoot down of the narration develops the theme her son capital of Minnesota can feel the tension in the house. What is more, he hears the house talking there must(prenominal) be more funds. So Paul rides his rocking- dollar bill until he goes trough the end, the end of his life.On the other hand, in the story by Hawthorne the dispute stays between pride and humility, what also stays close to the line or to the end ( because his journey into the woodland most of all is an fabrication which represents the mans irrational desire to leave his religious belief.) However, the mai n conflict of Young Goodman Brown is the man versus himself. The conflict that Brown suffers during his journey in the woods is internal what is shown through the details (projections of his unconscious). The devils arguments appeared from Brown himself, because when the echoes of the woods mocked him, Brown is projecting his emotional state onto the timbre.The condition of Young Goodman Brown is based on the historical background. Moreover, Young Goodman Brown takes come in during the Puritan Time Period. The action is set within borders of the Salem liquidation near the old heathen forest. This information makes the contributor think of isolation, scratch line off because the Salem Village was associated with things not similar to Christianity. What is more, the wild and heathen forest itself is the range which creates the image of evil powers and witchcraft. The forest setting symbolizes the devil, cause it was believed that the forest was the devils family unit.On the other hand, the setting is actually different in The Rocking-Horse Winner, where the author does not state the information, the date or time on the story. One can assume that the story takes tail end virtuallywhere in England, in the times after World contend I. The story takes place at home in the area contributor does not know to the highest degree (near or in London). In addition, Lawrence describes the study races in England in Liverpool, Surrey, South Yorkshire etc. Compared to Goodmans journey where the setting graduates from light to darkness as he travels, the house (the main setting) in The Rocking-Horse Winner survives haunted as it absorbs the evil emotions (greed, self-pity) of the sire. So each story is rich with symbols that represent the contrast between good and evil.The protagonist of the story by Lawrence is Paul, other characters are uncle Oscar and mother Hester. Paul is a very young boy who tries to find luck, meaning funds for his mother. He begins t o ride his rocking horse furiously, even though he has outgrown it, what shows his attitude towards his mother. later on making an outstanding amount of money, his mother stays still unhappy. Moreover, Hester (Pauls mother) is incap open(p) of loving others. She does not give much lamb to her children, so Paul tries to win not totally money but also her hunch and attention. Hester is not only haunt with money, but she is also irresponsible with the money she does get. However, instead of paying her debts, she spends the money on new things for the house. She also does not express any thanks for this sudden windfall, what defines her negative personality. On the other hand, very generous Paul seems completely unaware that he has overtaken responsibilities that are rightly his parents.In the Young Goodman Brown the protagonist is also a developing character. Moreover, the main character Goodman Brown also shows his innocence as he exists between crowd thinking opinion (belief in native goodness) and on the other hand the belief in devil who took the minds of his love ones. He goes from being confident in his ability to choose preferably good than evil, but once he stands before Devils altar, he can no longer believe that good constantly prevails. The character becomes a profoundly disillusioned man who sees wickedness allwhere, including in those closest to him. Another character of the story the Devil, is also developing character. The reader comes to see him as the darker side of Young Goodman Browns character. another(prenominal) charecters Goode Cloyse, The Minister and Deacon Gookin serve as dramatic examples of the hypocrisy that may hide in the souls of those who appear most virtuous. These three are heroic from among the crowd of townsfolk at the gathering because they represent a metre of piety and godliness that is destroyed for Brown by his experience.There are several themes in the story by Lawrence such as righteousnessThe obsession w ith wealth and natural items is pitted against the responsibilities of parenting in The Rocking-Horse Winner. It is the responsibility of the parents to depart for the children in a family.Generosity and GreedThe disparity between Pauls almsgiving and his mothers greed is another theme of The Rocking-Horse Winner. Paul generously offers all his winnings to the family, in order to relieve the familys dire need for money. When the mother first gather ins the news from the lawyer that she has inherited 5,000 pounds from a long-lost relative which will be paid out to her in yearly increments of 1,000 pounds (a scheme dreamed up by Paul), she does not inform the family of their good fortune. Instead, she goes right off to the lawyer and asks to receive the entire amount right away.Oedipus Complex.Oedipus Complex Pauls desire to earn money for the family can be said to be an unconscious desire to take his fathers place, a concept that psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud termed the Oedipus c omplex. Since the main way of earning this moneythe rocking horseis also bound up in sexual imagery, it seems clear that Lawrence designedly characterizes Paul this way.There are several themes in the story by Hawthorne also, such asGuilt versus innocenceAlienation versus communityGood versus evil.In the story Young Goodman Brown, Hawthorne unveils the moral vitiation that is a direct top from the highlighting of public morality with a Puritan Society. So the predominant theme of the short story is the inadequacy of public morality what is similar in The Rocking-Horse Winner. This theme is demonstrated in the actions of Brown. For example, when the protagonist sees Goody Cloyse, or hears the voices of the Deacon Gookin and the minister. Goodman Brown had already made the decision to go internal the forest and face the devil, but he hides when other characters enter this scene. He seems to be more worried with the way others perceive his faith, then with the situation that he ac tually made a step to meet up with the devil. Goodman Brown does not have the genuine faith, but he has one made up of the religious convictions of people surrounding him. Such faith is not conform toing and just gives a wrong foundation to the believer.The carriage and tone of The Rocking-Horse Winner reveal immediately that this story comes from the world of parable and legend. The contrasted, solemn tone of the narrator There was a woman who was beautiful, signals us that this is an old story. Quickly it becomes apparent that this is a quest narrative of approximately sort. The boy hero will try to win the love of the distant queen/mother.Themes tries to deliver the moral message to the reader what clearly reminds us of a fable. Fable is usually written with animals in it, that is told to illustrate a moral. For example, in The Rocking-Horse Winner, Uncle Oscar tells Paul, A bird in the hand is worth deuce in the bush. This suggests that what we already have is more valuabl e than what we unavoidableness but have not yet acquired. Moral message is also delivered in the short story by Hawthorne the collective thinking does not make you who you are. The morality is something what every person can hold to and not following the crowd will make you who you are.Furthermore, Lawrence uses a lot of juiceless situations throughout the story, for example the title was Paul really a success? Paul, felt unloved and unwanted, though he tried to bring happiness his mother. Love arouses the deep emotional balance and when it is lacked, brings about irrational behavior. Lawrence uses ridicule and symbols to lure the reader in and force to read all pages of the story until the last one with excitement. The symbolism in this story is very sexually oriented. The rocking horse represents both Pauls desire to make money for his mother and his own sexuality.In Young Goodman Brown the grip of deceit on both the physical and spiritual elements of life is also the theme re vealed through irony, symbolism and allegory. In the story by Hawthorne Puritanism is to be satirized, because it was the main faith of his home town Salem Village. Hawthorne views Puritanism in a way to suggest dissatisfaction with it as a system of belief.Talking about the setting of Young Goodman Brown, it is feasible to say that the story clearly provides the information on the historical brainstorm into the major characters and their lifetime activities. Thus, Young Goodman Brown takes place in the seventeenth century during the Puritan Time Period. He lives in the Salem Village, mom near the old heathen forest. This information gives the reader an idea about deviltry and isolation because at that time the Salem Village was associated with things, which were not connected to Christianity or some other good things. In addition, the forest setting (wild and heathen) supports the idea of evil and witchcraft that pervades the story. In this case, the forest setting is a symbol of the devils abode. At that time, it was believed that the woods were the devils habitat.On the other hand, The Rocking-Horse Winner does not provide the reader with the clear information (date or time) on the story. We can just know that the story takes place in England immediately after World War I. The places where the story took place include only a home in an unknown location (near or in London), Lincolnshire, Londons Richmond Park, and Hampshire County. In addition, the author of the story tells about the major races in England that were held in Liverpool, Surrey, South Yorkshire, and more.Focusing our attention on the setting of Young Goodman Brown, it is mathematical to say that it presents a gloomy standard pressure where horrid sounds, subvert stones, clouds and awful images of trees bring the reader to a horrible and dark asynchronous transfer mode, which pervades the story. Brown walks into the woods, but then soon crosses the border into Allegoryland where witches and wizards fly through the nighttime to attend a Black Sabbath (Graham 70). In this case, danger becomes very real because of an atmosphere of suspicion and fear.In contrast to Young Goodman Brown, the atmosphere of The Rocking-Horse Winner is not so much gloomy and dark. In turn, the storys atmosphere is comparatively tense due to the fact that Paul is eager to become lucky in order to help his mother since she states that her husband (his father) does not satisfy her major needs and expectations. Additionally, he is unlucky, and thus, makes her unlucky as well. Therefore, Paul decides to become lucky in order to assist his mother and make her happy. As he experiences the lack of love, in return, he expects to receive some token of love from a mother. Moreover, the story deals with how Pauls parents, especially her mother obsess with material wealth rather than showing true love to her children. She is greatly obsessed with money, very greedy and irresponsible. This story clearl y shows a certain modus vivendi where persons are more concerned about money that symbolizes the lack of love and affection. Throughout the story, we can see how Paul is eager to help her mother even to the point where he loses his own life. All these facts make the storys atmosphere bitter and sympathetic. In turn, Ege admits that The Rocking-Horse Winner contains the fairy-tale atmosphere of imagination (47). Supporting this point of view, it is possible to say that the story truly includes fairy-tale elements and opens with the singsong voice of a fairy tale (Ege 43).However, both characters are affected by the atmosphere that influences their behaviors and attitudes (for instance, making them emotional or creating a mood of fear). The major resemblance of atmosphere between these two stories is that both ones have a unfounded and mysterious atmosphere. For instance, in The Rocking-Horse Winner, Paul has a spiritual gift and is able to hear an unknown voice, which tells him the name of the next horse that will win the race. In turn, Brown communicates with the devil, who reads him preaching about wicked priests and stewards, convincing him that every person is sinful from his or her birth.Taking the above-mentioned information into consideration, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the two observed stories have some things in common in respect of the setting and atmosphere. These are the two powerful and instructive stories, which show the readers that the love of money is a insalubrious force, as well as the relationship with the evil may lede to a loss of confidence and social isolation.

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Jason Caminitis Its Like 1984 All Over Again :: Its Like 1984 All Over Again Essays

Jason Caminitis Its Like 1984 whole(a) Over Again         Most people run through written this parole off as a good science metaphor work. Says Jason Caminiti, author of the 1984 critical essay, Its Like 1984 All Over Again. What he refers to is the publics reaction to 1984, a novel discussing the political relations involvement in personal affairs. Caminiti believes that the book holds truer to modern multiplication than people believe. Although there may be no Ingsoc, telescreens, Newspeak, or even so helicopters darting in and give away of windows, the government still has their own wicked methods of autocratic and monitoring Ameri prat society. Modern technology has just helped accomplish this feat. Caminiti explains how everything acts as a monitoring tool, from the Internet to the Social Security System, and even ID separate for schools and college campuses. Our government is taking steps towards this type of Orwellian society all the time. He realizes. Jason Caminiti is right. 1984 is not just some nondescript science fiction novel, unless a reflection on life today.         Before the admonition on Jason Caminitis critical essay, Its Like 1984 All Over Again can be distributed, a few unclear terms must be defined. A telescreen is a technological advancement, allowing Big Brother to peer into the homes of those who have them (And in 1984, they are mandatory.) The telescreen watches, day and night, and can never be come together off, and can also communicate back. Big Brother is the elusive government in 1984, never seen, only heard of. The Ministry of Truth is the office where Winston, an Outer-Party component works. Ministry of Truth is an ironic title, for all that the Ministry of Truth does is lie to people, changing facts and hiding facts. Thats not truth at all, but deceit instead. A proletarian is another term from 1984, and is short for prolitariat or prolita rian. Proles are pleasure-seeking human beings, representing the set about class of society. The government rarely concerns themselves with prolish matters. Lastly, the V-Chip is not a term from 1984, but a modern day invention. Advocated by former United States president, visor Clinton, the v-chip is supposed to be used by parents to help block out any questionable material on television.

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Collegiate Sports Essay -- NCAA

Weston (2006) provided a more focused approach in describing the appreciate of foreign signings in collegiate competition. However, instead of focusing on the financial gains associated with sustained success in division 1 competition, Weston discussed the benefits of global recruitment to collegiate sports as a whole to promote globalization and integration in collegiate sports.The term multinational student-athletes was used by Weston in referring to any foreign born student recruited by a university to act a specific sport in exchange for a college scholarship. In order to gauge the benefits of international recruitment, Weston asserts that a review of pertinent factors essential be made. Factors stated by by Weston in her study includes the circulating(prenominal) standards of the NCAA, the effects of these signings to the educational opportunities and contend environment for local student-athletes and the American knowledge of internationalization of college sports ( Weston, 2006).The primary benefit of international recruitment is the betterment of an already celebrated phenomenon in the United States. Globalization in collegiate sports by means of migration and movement of foreign athletes is generally beneficial for all institutions (Weston, 2006). The presence of these international athletes provide diversity that enriches the whole educational and sporting experience in inter-collegiate sports, fostering a sense of brotherhood, international relations, and cultural integration that Weston believes would improve the political and social awareness of students that are not only moderate in the realm of sports competition.The increased number of available talent increases the persona of competition, resulting into the improvement of the sp... present for local students to have success in their several(prenominal) sports. Abbey-Pinegar asserted that the enforcement of discernible rules and regulations would process improve and standa rdized the system of international recruitment, allowing more schools to experience its benefits rather then only a few. Abbey-Pinegar cogitate that international signings of foreign student-athletes would continue for the desire of many schools is to create a winning team for the success of their sports programs. Creating policies and standards that enforce regulation and standardization of international recruitment can help create a level playing field for schools in the different NCAA divisions. Furthermore, the creation of such regulations can help alter the focus of many towards the benefits that international recruitment brings to the students rather than the institution.

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Kalevala KoruIntroductionThe history of Kalevala jewelry went hazard to the Association of Kalevala Women who aimed to safeguard ancient Finnish culture tradition. Making-making was regarded by them as one way to honour national history and culture heritage as well as one way to raise silver for the Association of Kalevala Women. The name Kalevala came from the national epic because of its strong connection established in 1937, Kalevala Jewellery started to produce jewellery in 1940. In 1940s, though facing difficulties of lacking raw materials and skilful workforce in deed, the jewellery sold very well both at home and oversea partly due to the fact that demand exceeded supply, partly due to its attendances at jewellery exhibitions which en heavy(a)d its brand fame. 1950s saw the steady offset of Kalevala till 1960s, however modern jewellery gained an increasing food market appropriate at the same time. In the early 70s situation improved a bit then replaced by a sliding d own at the end of the decade till the beginning of 80s when the Association had to give fiscal aid to help it out. Then thanks to a change in fashion in the mid-80s, Kalevala won over new customers when young women treasured big, ethnic jewellery.The main product ranges of Kalevala were ancient and archaeological jewellery, historical jewellery and modern jewellery. Bronze was used as main raw materials to tie jewellery, next was silver and then gold. Bronze jewellery contributed a large part of total employment (70%). The silver and gold works accounted for 22 % and 8 % respectively. Almost the entire Kalevala jewellery range was available in both bronze and silver. Every year over 400 models were universe produced, of which most were available in various forms, like pendants, earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings for girls and tiepins and cufflinks for men. The production process was so labour-intensive that in 1996 85 out of 143 employees worked for production section.With the joining of new CEO, Kalevala stepped into a new stage. By motivating employees, put in production machines and R&D, focusing on three market segments which targeted young women, working women and loyal users and improving customer services which include re-adjusting salesmen attitude towards retailers, automating administrative work, adapting to a changing environment, Marja Usvasalo managed to achieve best performances in the effect from 4/1995 to 3/1996 with profit increased greatly by 39% compared with previous year though it had to be reaffirmed that from 1988 till 1996 period the corporate performances had been improving.

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My Goal - A Career in the Computer Industry :: Personal Narrative Writing

My Goal - A Career in the figurer IndustryTo have a refinement, you must graduation exercise image sensation to pursue. Then, you must decide on the steps necessary to reach that goal and proceed to complete those steps. Ultimately, after all your steps are finish, you pull up stakes achieve your goal. The goal I pursue is that of becoming a freelance(a) web designer, and I have distinct on, and implemented, many steps call for to reach that goal. Having started college, I have begun an important step towards my goal. However, I decided on many of the steps years before I started college. ontogenesis up, I strongly desired a career in the data processor industry. I enjoyed working with almost anything related to the computer field, tho I was non sure specifically which area of this broad field I would enjoy most. Though my interests were so extensive, I ground myself strongly canted towards computer graphics. I decided to pursue a career in web design, an area with a gre at demand for imaging skills, as well as a diversity and abundance of job opportunities. later deciding on my goal, I started to research what my next steps should be. The first step was to choose a degree pertaining to web design and to find a college that offered this degree. I decided to obtain a Computer apprehension (CS) degree, as it covered a broad area of computer study. I researched colleges within the state of Montana, in order to avoid the costs of out-of-state tuition, and found two colleges that looked promising Montana Tech in Butte, and Montana land University (MSU) in Bozeman.Before deciding which to attend, I took nine credits at Carroll College in Helena and three credits at the Helena College of engineering science to get a head start in my CS program. I tried to take classes that would transfer into both Montana Tech and MSU, but in the end, MSU would non accept all of my classes. This fact, combined with scholarship incentives, support my decision to attend Montana Tech in pursuit of a CS degree.Having started college, I have begun the next step towards achieving my goal, but not without complications. Although I remained in the CS program for much of the first semester, I switched degrees about two-thirds of the way through. I found that I would be learnedness mostly computer programming in the CS degree and would not learn many useful skills pertaining to my goal.

Following The Article In The S :: essays research papers

Following the article in the Standard Newspaper go out 8/07/1998 on client C are Improvement by Robert L Fousler (MD) Consultant s for Effective Training, I am in add agreement with him concerning the points that he has put forth concerning Customer Care inside pedigree plaques.Customer Care is an heavy point in wariness and should be carried out by any manager within any business presidential term irrespective of what departments he is directly of indirectly in charge of. It is important to note that a business or organization cannot effectively attract customers / customers if it cannot deal with its internal clients. In any business/organization, internal clients are the employees within the organization. Mr. Fousler notices that in Kenya, many industries in the mart and developing from a Sellers market into a Buyers market. This means that the only passing between wiz Seller and another will be in the quality of the service rendered to them. In addition to this, the e xpectations and demands of clients shake up been increasing and realise been rapidly dynamic over the past five years and in order for you to please, and indeed, maintain a client then the services rendered to them should be adequate and ready to fulfill their needs.Most service industries, if not all, are all client/customer oriented and they depend on the client to pay for their services that are intangible. With this in mind, it is in their best elicit to ensure that the services they offer are useful to the client and that the Customer Support is highly advanced and effectively operational. In reference to this, it is important for organizations, particularly those in the service industry, to realize that their future success is subject on managers viewing their staff as the most important assets they have and that everything depends on how they work as a team. He goes on to mention that Customer Care skills should not only be offered to staff in service-oriented organizatio ns but to all organizations in general. If people can serve one another and each department serving the other, then the Customer do skills will be extended to the External customer. He also highlights the splendor of Customer Care in any organization and says that it is not perspicacious to train only certain sections in the organization since everything everyone does in the organization has an impact on the client in one way or the other.

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Nigerias Rigid Expectations of Men :: essays research papers fc

In family 1997, in Oslo, Norway, a meeting was organized in co-operation with the Norwegian case Commission for UNESCO where international observer B. Mustakim said, Highlighting masculinity may be seen as a way of excusing violent men, since their behavior is attributed to a masculinity which macrocosmy believe to be "natural" and unchangeable. Georg Tillner, author of Men and Masculinities, responded, male monarch is the maven aspect all variants of masculinity have in common, non necessarily as the real possession of power, but rather as a "demand for dominance" or an "entitlement to power". Masculinity is an indistinguishability (Mustakim). Throughout Things happen upon A fall apart, written by Chinua Achebe, masculinity takes an impressive procedure in molding the clans male-dominated society, and plays a vital part in influencing characters decisions. In the novel, Achebe reveals the definition of what it means to be a man in Nigerian society he should be masculine and protect his family and friends in that he is willing to fight, earn his good reputation, and preserve and detonate the honor of his family.In Nigerian society, a man was responsible for the trade protection of his family and friends in that he was willing to fight. No character in Things Fall Apart demonstrated this ideal better than that of Okonkwo. This was apparent in the very(prenominal) beginning of the novel when it is brought to the readers attention that Okonkwo had, at much(prenominal) a young age, already taken two titles and demonstrated undivided skill in two inter-tribal wars. At the closing stages of the novel, Okonkwo yet over again attempted to protect his clansmen when five court messengers arrive at unmatched of the clans meetings. Without any hesitation, Okonkwo pulled out his machete and killed the head messenger. Okonkwos father, Unoka, however, did not fit the same mold of masculinity as that of his high-achieved son. plot Unok a and his neighbor, Okoye, were sharing a kola nut (a symbol of life and vitality) one day, they talked about several things including that of the impending war with the village of Mbaino. Unoka did not overlook war, but not because he believed that it was barbaric. He was simply a coward and could not stand the sight of blood. Thomas Alva Edison, a great inventor, businessman, and true rebirth man, once said, The successful soulfulness makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesnt like to do (Woopidoo). Okonkwo became an important and successful asset to his clan by achieving things in which his father refused to partake.

The Problem of Plagiarism Essay -- Ethics

ProblemAs American education enters a time when the ability to use technology becomes imperative, a time when students will become expected to communicate and work via the Internet, and a time when students will need to be able to find and represent information efficiently and correctly, secondary school teachers are searching for ship focusing to provide their students with assessments that mirror the expectations those students will face in the workforce. One way to do this is to have students research topics and create position papers, presentations, and various otherwise forms of written expression that require students to synthesize and analyze information. However, in the thick of researching topics and sharing ideas, these same students are faced with the temptation to simply model and paste information as they find it. Instances of plagiarism are on the rise, yet teachers are in a position where they cannot discontinue this instance of assessment. Therefore, teachers fa ce the question How can we stop the rise of plagiarism among students? infixSince teachers have given assessments of any kind, students have attempted to find ship canal to cheat. Whether they were looking at another students paper, attempting to gain answers prior to the test, or directly copying another students work, these students were try to gain a favorable grade without performing to the required standard. immediatelys digital age has not only added more probability for students to copy the work of another, but it has also added an air of ambiguity to what is and is not darnel, or plagiarism. Some of this stems from, as Taylor (2003) states, different mores and values than in the past that all contribute to cheating therefore, working to understand underlyin... ...arch 11). New esteem codes for a new generation. Insidehigerhed. Retrieved June 25, 2009, from http//, L. (2006, April 1). Online plagiarism detection function saviour or scourge?.Assessment & Evaluation in higher(prenominal) Education, 31(2), 155-165. Retrieved June 25, 2009, from ERIC database.Slobogin, K. (2002, April 5). Survey Many students say cheatings ok. Retrieved June 12, 2009,from http//, K.R. (2003, November). Bracing for cheating and plagiarism. The EducationDigest, 69(3), 54-59. Retrieved June 25, 2009, from ProQuest Education Journals database.Villano, M. (2006, October). Taking the work out of homework. T.H.E. Journal, 33(15), 24-26,28,30. Retrieved June 25, 2009, from ProQuest Education Journals database.

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Awakening the Woman Inside Essay -- Literary Analysis

In the late 1800s, a grounds began that campaigned for the rights of women across America the Feminist Movement. exploitation this heading as inspiration, Kate Chopin bewitches her mainly female readers with a opus genius that emphasizes the importance of emotion and encourages the liberty of women in a world dominated by men. In her novel, The awaken, Chopin flawlessly illustrates the radical yet alluring share readation of her protagonist, Edna Pontellier, as she struggles to overtake marital and societal conflict in the hopes of creation reborn.To fully range of mountains The Awakening, it is important to understand both into the breeding of Kate Chopin and the time period in which it was published. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Chopin was raised by her mothers all-inclusive French family after her fathers death in a train accident. Her great grandmother evince a special captivation with Kates advancement into womanhood and ensured that Kate unders tood how women s lives were split in the midst of responsibility and desire and the significance of women being independent (Toth 13, 15). These lessons were not incapacitated on Kate, and they materialize throughout her written material which focuses on the struggles of women in a world dominated by men. When The Awakening was being written, the Feminist movement was just beginning, and many female authors were writing pieces about the improvement of womens social conditions however, unlike these women, Chopin did not border her exploration of freedom to natural emancipation, but also intellectual self-reliance (Guernsey 46). It was this exploration of womens emancipation which created turbulence in the literary participation when The Awakening was published in 1899. Unfortunately, Chopin was ahead of her time, ... ...Chopins character, Edna Pontellier, serves as a reminder that if a suburban housewife can seize and transform her destiny so too can the rest of womankind.Works CitedChopin , Kate. The Awakening. The heath Anthology of American Literature. Vol. C. N.p.Wadsworth, 2010. 425-515. Print.Chopin, Kate. The Awakening. New York capital of Delaware Publications, Inc., 1993. Print.Golding, William. Kate Chopin, Modern Critical Views. New York Chelsea domicile Publishers,1987. Print.Guernsey, JoAnn Bren. Voices of Feminism Past, Present, and Future. Minneapolis, MNLerner Publications, 1996. Print.Jones, Suzanne W. Place, Perception, and indistinguishability in the Awakening. Perspectives on KateChopin. Natchitoches, Louisiana north State University Press, 1990. 59-74. Print.Toth, Emily. Unveiling Kate Chopin. capital of Mississippi University Press of Mississippi, 1999. Print. Awakening the Woman interior Essay -- Literary Analysis In the late 1800s, a crusade began that campaigned for the rights of women across America the Feminist Movement. Using this movement as inspiration, Kate Chopin bewitches her primarily female readers with a writing style that emphasizes the importance of emotion and encourages the independence of women in a world dominated by men. In her novel, The Awakening, Chopin flawlessly illustrates the radical yet alluring character transformation of her protagonist, Edna Pontellier, as she struggles to surmount marital and societal conflict in the hopes of being reborn.To fully grasp The Awakening, it is important to understand both into the life of Kate Chopin and the time period in which it was published. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Chopin was raised by her mothers extended French family after her fathers death in a train accident. Her great grandmother expressed a special fascination with Kates advancement into womanhood and ensured that Kate understood how womens lives were split between responsibility and desire and the significance of women being independent (Toth 13, 15). These lessons were not lost on Kate, and they materialize throughout her writing which focuses on the struggles of women in a world dominated by men. When The Awakening was being written, the Feminist movement was just beginning, and many female authors were writing pieces about the improvement of womens social conditions however, unlike these women, Chopin did not limit her exploration of freedom to physical emancipation, but also intellectual autonomy (Guernsey 46). It was this exploration of womens independence which created turbulence in the literary community when The Awakening was published in 1899. Unfortunately, Chopin was ahead of her time, ... ...Chopins character, Edna Pontellier, serves as a reminder that if a suburban housewife can seize and transform her destiny so too can the rest of womankind.Works CitedChopin, Kate. The Awakening. The Heath Anthology of American Literature. Vol. C. N.p.Wadsworth, 2010. 425-515. Print.Chopin, Kate. The Awakening. New York Dover Publications, Inc., 1993. Print.Golding, William. Kate Chopin, Modern Critical Views. New York Chelsea House Publishers,1987. Pr int.Guernsey, JoAnn Bren. Voices of Feminism Past, Present, and Future. Minneapolis, MNLerner Publications, 1996. Print.Jones, Suzanne W. Place, Perception, and Identity in the Awakening. Perspectives on KateChopin. Natchitoches, Louisiana Northwestern State University Press, 1990. 59-74. Print.Toth, Emily. Unveiling Kate Chopin. Jackson University Press of Mississippi, 1999. Print.

The Challenge of Communication between Men and Women Essay -- Personal

He looks at me with big puppy dog look and says,Kate, do you really want me to stay? HELLO Now, you score to figure that I dont want to make decisions for him, and I dont want to be controlling, so I say, Its your decision. Wow, that is the number one clue if you recover that line youd remediate stay with her.Why cant you honorable listen to me? I dont want your advice I just want you to listen I yelled.I did listen to you you could have done something to prevent that problem my boyfriend replied.That was the gist of our last argu custodyt. We reason out that we were just different people. Well, of course we are different people. I am a wo opus, and he is a man. Thats right I am a cleaning woman, and why cant a man understand what a woman wants? accompany on--we give them all the right clues we basically feed it to them. (They might as well just roll over and drool.) The truth is, men and women slip away in different ways we talk, listen, and act differently. This fact can fabricate some major misunderstandings and even arguments. I am a woman, so I have a pretty good idea of what a woman wants. So listen up boysMen and woman really think differently. For example, a man and a woman are having a professional conversation. As the man talks, the woman nods her head, and the man thinks, Oh great, she agrees with me. (Where the heck does he get off thinking that?) The woman actually nods her head to show she understands what is waiver on. Now why dont men pick up this good raiment of nodding the head? I mean, come on, when I am seek to explain something to a man he just stares at me. (Do I have to repeat everything ten times before a man says or shows me that he understands what I am saying?) Being a woman, I understand ... ... play dumb, so men you better produce picking up the obvious clues we lay down in comportment of you.There is no other way to explain it--men and women are just simply different. We think, act, and talk differently, and overa ll we communicate differently. Its no wonder men and women get in so many arguments. To severally man and to each woman, their point of view is very clear. However, every woman knows, just as every man knows, that a woman is always right, and that what a woman wants is just what she should getWorks CitedEnglish Language by Gender. Geocities.Com 26 October 2000http//, Julia. Communication in Our Lives. New York Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, 2000. Center for Applications of Psychological Type. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Gainesville Consulting Psychologist Press, Inc., 1988.

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Romeo as an Irrational and Impulsive Young Man Essay -- Papers

Romeo as an Irrational and automatic Young Man Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespe be in 1592. It is set in Verona, were a bitter feud amid 2 rival families, the Montagues and Capulets. The main characters, Romeo and Juliet, are the children of the two rivals, who meet and fall in love at the Capulets testicle. Nevertheless, the relationship of these star-crossed lovers ends in tragedy as they are unable to fulfil their love. The feud between the two families forces the two lovers to fetch their own life. hitherto this act allows the families to forget their pointless feud. Romeo described to us by his cousin, Benvolio, as irritable. gladly shunned who gladly flied from me Benvolio is saying Romeo is avoiding him. This is because Romeo says he is in love. In sadness, I love a woman Romeo says he is in love but is he really? Romeo uses dull and depressing row and a series of oxymorons cold fire, heavy lightness, sick heal th Romeo is down in the mouth because his love for Rosaline is not returned. Romeo first irrational act is when he enters the Capulets ball despite their bitter hatred and the fact they would kill him if they find him in their house, he still enters the ball. He is prepared to take a venture to see his love, Rosaline. But, when he lays eyes on Juliet he falls in love with her. I never saw true beauty until this wickedness It almost seems as if Romeo is being inconsistent in that he crowd out forget Rosaline so quickly when he was infatuated with her equitable a couple of minuets ago. Was he really in love with Rosaline? If his love for Rosaline finish so quickly could... ...irritated beyond endurance but, when he realises what he has just done, he is shocked. At this point, we see Romeos actions reflect his love for Juliet. Finally, as he stands before Juliet and gazes at her, he shows no sings of synthetic emotions or vain behaviour he displayed at the start. In a respectful speech, he addressed Juliets death which has dealt such a cruel blow. As he takes the poison Juliet arouses and kills herself when Romeo dies the depth of his feelings for Juliet is finally established Romeo is being true to his convictions. boilers suit Romeos has an irrational and impulsive nature this got him into a great deal of dilemma. However if Romeo was not irrational and impulsive he would have never instal or experienced true love and the bitter feud between the Montagues and Capulets would persist.