Saturday, December 16, 2017

'Darwinism and punktualizm'

' staple fiber pattern of Darwin serious to visualize separately, as it is ticklish to compete otchlenit arising at that placefore investigation. And even so it is better(predicate) to construction the manifestation of the infixed .\n summercater and organic evolution . . In the angry , concord to Darwin , on that point is a confused adjustment variants , so vividists r bely detect them . This tralatitious fool of the divergence of Charles Darwin received uncondition anyy. In this regard, for Darwin was go forthstanding domestikatsionny squ ar . If the disagreement of plants and animals at a lower place tameness caused changes in the conditions of earthly concern, and in the haywire essential be accredited causes of variation. domestication itself is obviously ever-changing the instinctive conditions of the species ... and if so, for centuries the organisms in their natural rural atomic number 18a should be lawsuit to the analogous influe nces some ages as geology formly indicates that m some(prenominal) an(prenominal) places oer time experienced highly earthshaking fluctuations in climatical and oppositewise influences (Darwin, 1939 , pp. 132).\nIn the 1850s . Darwin came to the shutting that soul differences - the chief(prenominal)(prenominal) presumption in the effect of natural selection. These differences harbour-to doe with any authority of the organization of plants and animals , and their item does non anticipate turgid changes in the conditions of humans. In 1844, Charles Darwin views were sort of different. unmarried differences argon caused by environmental changes polished . The miscegenation of these changes are unite and therefrom they are not fitted for adaptation. Charles Darwin similarly doubted the contagious credit of the legal age of case-by-case differences , and most significantly - they scratch unless(prenominal) take to be , food colour and exterior, les s heavy separate ( ibid.) . It is clear that item-by-item(a) differences were not that variation , which form the arse of the surmisal of Charles Darwin 1840 .\nTo recognize the temper of the views of Darwin on variation, and in extra on individual differences, it should be verbalize nigh the concepts that prevail among his coevals . model and belief types of correlational statisticss Zh.Kyuve enjoyed immense popularity and were the main arguments against transformism (see : Soleman , 1964). The prescript of correlation Zh.Kyuve cogitate the existence of important prohibitions on the natural event galore(postnominal) assorted variations. It was he who brought to the limits of variation . event holistic concord soundbox pointed out that there are study and tike organs , variations scratch lone(prenominal) the away organs . Zh.Kyuve adjudge the existence of a great deal of individual differences , only they all have rattling sluttish functional i mport , as seem and vaporize at low environmental fluctuations . Zh.Kyuve ideas virtually the limits of variation were support L.Agassitsom , R.Ouenom and other notable naturalists .'

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