Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Comunist China And Civil Rights Violations Essay -- essays research pa

China is famous throughout history for both Tieneman square, and capitol punishment . These are each examples of human rights violations. Communist China's one child policy Is yet another example. China's one child policy was stared in 1979 as an attempt to solve their overpopulation problem. The policy states that every couple in China is allowed only one child. In order for a couple to have a child they must first have a birth coupon issued by the government before giving birth to the child. "Birth Quotas" are determined in order to have surveillance of the people who have all ready had their single child allowed to them born. The women of China must deal with their menstrual cycle being monitored publicly to stop the possibility of having a second child. They also must face pelvic examinations if they are even suspected of being impregnated. Any unauthoized pregnancies are terminated by an aboution regardless of the pregnancies progression. Graphically, The baby's head is crushed and then pulled out of the woman, just to name one of the many grusome abortion practices, killing the baby, and torturing the woman. The Chinese law has horrible effect's on the country's major population. Many Infant's are abandoned, or brutally killed at home to cut down upon expenses and fines issued by the government. In 1993 ultrasound machines were in mas importation to China, however in 1993 the use of these machines ...

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