Monday, September 30, 2019

Good and Bad public speakers Essay

Martin Luther King achieved equality between black and white people. He was born in 1929 and died in 1968. I think that Martin Luther King is a good speaker because he is confident. This makes people more interested in what he is saying since they believe in him. The fact that Martin Luther King has compassion for what he is saying makes his speeches more effective. With this he achieved desegregation and equality. Martin Luther King also uses appropriate body language, which makes the audience more engaged in what he is trying to say. Martin also controlled his pitch by varying it so that the audience didn’t get bored. He used a mixture of complicated and simple vocabulary so that everyone would be able to understand him. Another reason why Martin Luther King was a good speaker was that he involved the audience by asking them rhetorical questions. This made the audience listen and think about what he was saying. It also made the audience agree and support him because they knew it was the right thing to do. Martin Luther King also used to repeat points to emphasize them. He also used to keep his speeches quite short and simple to keep the audiences attention. Overall due to Martin Luther King being a good and effective speaker he convinced people about black and white people being equal and became part of history. George Bush was born in 1946 and was the 43rd USA President. When speaking publically Bush was known for being a bad public speaker. He always used to make up words that would fill in spaces. He also used to slur a lot as well as mumbling. George Bush also wasn’t motivating and therefore his speeches weren’t effective. He also didn’t use much body language, which didn’t keep his audiences attention. From today’s lesson, which was when we discussed our chosen speakers was useful. I had to discuss my speakers with Alex who had chosen the same people as me. This meant that we could compare our work. Alex more or less had similar or the same facts as I had. She also included about MLK that he increased his volume to further explain an important point. He repeated phrases such as ‘I had a dream’, to male people remember it more. She also included that he speaks in a slow pace with pauses so people can understand him more. Alex also included some information about George Bush. She further added on that he didn’t connect with the audience since he was always looking down at the paper. She also added that he wasn’t convincing/enthusiastic and that his speeches dint flow like Martin Luther Kings.

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