Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Quiz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 11

Quiz - Essay Example 2. Mainly, there are three levels of technical audience to whom a technical document addresses. These are the lay persons, the technicians and the experts. When creating any documentation, there is a need to consider the targeted audience in that their level of mastery in the field differs. In other words, a document that targets the lay persons should not contain too much technicalities, while one that targets experts has to be in a sophisticated level of technicality. Experts possess advanced knowledge in the field and they do recognize one another by decoding the advance jargon and technicalities to make meaning from a document. On the contrary, the lay persons and the technicians may need synthesizing of some technical elements to make adequate meaning of the document. 3. The use of visuals is important in any technical document. Visuals and images do communicate major elements and facts that may take long to express through words, or which may be difficult to express. The benefit is that not only does the use of visuals shorten the documentation, but it also offers concise understanding of the presented concepts and brings out the different communicated concepts in a simplified manner by stressing how the different components of an item relate to make whole. 4. An example of a technical document is given above. The document would be more likely to be used in symposiums and in institutions of higher learning targeting experts and technicians in audio technology. This is because; the document highlights major developments and directions in the field of audio technology. The document serves the above audience best in that it offers concise understanding of what has been done, what is being done and the future direction in the field. The aim is to place students and experts in a better position to research future in the field equipped with the previous, current and expected future

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